June 5th, 2011 | 578 Entries

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578 Entries for “plaid”

  1. i think it’s wrong that when i see the word plaid the first word that comes into my head is hipster. with a negative connotation. the phrase ‘fucking hipster’ comes up. controversial statement: gays tarnished the rainbow as hipsters tarnished plaid. it may offend, but at least its food for thought. and food that’s not stale.

    By Tyler on 06.05.2011

  2. plaid is super ugly, especially when layered on top of more plaid. guys who wear it are mega-douchers and seriously need to be stopped. will someone please start a ‘hunt down and kill every guy that routinely wears plaid’ group with me? that’d be awesome, thanks.

    By Catey on 06.05.2011

  3. Do I really have to wear a plaid skirt today, I think ot myself as I am getting dressed. My sisters have already grabbed the other 2 skirts the three of us own. I am again stuck with the kilt. It is green and the problem is we don’t have a nice sweater to match it and I will have to wear that awful mustard colored cardigan with it again.

    By melissaabbott URL on 06.05.2011

  4. Played, is how I used to pronounce this word, and how my mom still pronounces it. My arch-nemesis all through elementary and middle school was Scottish and wore a kilt to every cultural day. I think she once brought bagpipes.

    By Michelle on 06.05.2011

  5. country people riding horses that smell like poop in the middle of a desert prairie with boots that smell like leather and feel like cottage cheese little dutch kids with plaid all over their shirts and wooden shoes that don’t give them splinters.

    By Logan Taylor URL on 06.05.2011

  6. penispenispenis penis penis penis penis penis. in all honesty I don’t mean to wright penis so much. plaid makes me think of pants, which makes me think of penises. and boners.

    By Jaron URL on 06.05.2011

  7. looks like it should be pronounced “played”. it’s kind of sad how we stole a pattern that traced lineage from ancient european cultures, gave it a dumb name and sold it on pajama pants.

    By Natasha on 06.05.2011

  8. Plaid.Plaid plaid plaid. One of the ugliest patterns someone could wear. We all know your a country boy if you’re wearing plaid. Stop wearing the plaid kilts and put on some underwear, will you? Plaid. The only time it’s okay for red and green to be together on a shirt. No, don’t tuck that shirt in, please. Your beer belly looks big enough without your shirt tucked in. You usually see a guy wearing plaid, coming out of a big ole truck with his cowboy hat on and his cowboy boots. But of course that’s down south. I’m an east coast girl. Born and raised in the North. We don’t wear PLAID up here. Only if it’s on a fashionable t-shirt. Maybe Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch, i don’t know. Plaid is ugly when it’s on your shoes. It’s uglier when your pants are plaid. That’s the biggest fashion no-no as far as I’m concerned. Dear world, stop wearing plaid. Who cares about the zombie apocalypse? They’ll run away when they see you in plaid,honey.

    By Mady URL on 06.05.2011

  9. plaid shirts; started out with a trend and shit. it was never really popular until a few years ago and honestly, people look like lumberjacks. it’s kinda annoying but flannels are so freaking warm. you need like a million of those to survive the cold seattle weather

    By jane baek on 06.05.2011

  10. She fingered the soft fabric of the three sizes too big plaid flannel shirt she had woken up to. It smelled nice, like a mix of the spicy smoke she related to him and his favorite cologne.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 06.05.2011

  11. this is the sort of shirt that lesbians, hipsters and lumberjacks wear. I’m not a huge fan, it must be said. It’s all checkered and reminds me of the kilts at school. Besides, I’m not a fan of shirts regardless, I think we should all be shirtless and free, and wear only fig leaves and big smiley faces. It would be a beautiful, plaidless world, and it would be mine.

    By Charlie on 06.05.2011

  12. Plaid is a complex thing. Lines intersecting each other again and again to form a uniform pattern. The Scots use plaid in their kilts and other clothing. I wouldn’t want to see a bunch of men in kilts on a breezy day though. But at least the pattern still shines true. Plaid can also be seen with the school kid uniforms. I never had to have a uniform, but still enjoy plaid. It’s also the preferred pattern for lumberjacks. Big, strong, burly men swing axes while wearing this pattern. Such a diverse pattern.

    By Kimberle on 06.05.2011

  13. hair, and stuff. in plaits. Rope too. string. When you want to make fibres into something more substantial. Not really sure what else. Maybe this is entirely wrong and I need to read a dictionary

    By James Hope on 06.05.2011

  14. Plaid. The color of perpetually out of style shirts that you cant remember buying, yet hang in your closet nonetheless. Well, perhaps not a color. Rather a horrid mishmash of completely random samplings of colors. All the same, it is hideous.

    By Dale Harrison URL on 06.05.2011

  15. I was really sad about waht shirt I wanted to wear so I decided on a plaid shirt because I really thought that it would look good with wahtever I wanted to wear it with that is my story.

    By DeJaunae Siders on 06.05.2011

  16. As I dug through my closet searching for my jeans, a sudden thought came to my mind. “Where is my plaid shirt? I’ve been wanting to wear that!”
    The search for my pants was temporarily set aside as a new one began: the hunt for my favorite plaid shirt.

    By Rachel Lanae URL on 06.05.2011

  17. i once had a plaid shirt and i got it when i was little i am wearng a plaid shirt right now i got it at costco it is sort of big on me but i like it because it is soft it is purple and blue and i always see other people wearing it but i dont mind because it is such a lovely shirt i love plaid it is ery classy if i do say so my self

    By jamie on 06.05.2011

  18. plaid is lines and squares with colors and shapes that form as we imagine them. its irrelevant to anything but fashion but draws the eye as we see fit, it makes us think of Scottish kilts and Europe and their fascination with the pattern. I think of my old green and pink converse.

    By Kaitlin Hodgdon on 06.05.2011

  19. Plaid shoes, plaid shirt, but my favorite is my plaid kilt. I’m Scottish and proud, and wear it whenever I get the chance. I even have my families tartans; hunting, dress, and every day patterns.

    By Emily Claire URL on 06.05.2011

  20. her plaid school girl skirt made me cry, for the time of innocence was long gone.

    By rc on 06.05.2011

  21. I can’t help but instead of reading ‘plaid’, I read ‘played’.
    And therefore, it causes me to think about all those poor people (mostly women) who are “played” or tricked, by the people they loved.

    By Demi Chan URL on 06.05.2011

  22. I had some plaid pants once. I wore them to Bickley shows and bummed cigarettes off of people on the balcony even though I didn’t smoke. That was back before I married the drummer.

    By Lester Larkin URL on 06.05.2011

  23. She walked down the aisle, browsing carefully, to any observer with much detail and care. She held herself gracefully, with her mid-length brown locks curling down past her shoulders and her rumpled plaid shirt flattened and clean.

    By Ann on 06.05.2011

  24. I don’t like wearing plaid it reminds me of cat holic school girls w hol always thought they were bet ter than everyone else now t hat goes for cat hedral high school mopre plaid wea ring girls who think t hey are be tter t han those who go to public school plaid represen ts all of this t o me the good thing about plaid is the movie caddyshack

    By Barb on 06.05.2011

  25. Hipsters, dallas green, last summer, city and colour, guitars, music, robert, my closet, comfort, lumberjacks, farms, the country, urban outfitters.

    By URL on 06.05.2011

  26. I have always loved plaid. My favorite place to see plaid is in a man’s red plaid shirt — any plaid shirt is great, but red is the very best. Plaid is good no matter where it is — it is a happy association.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 06.05.2011

  27. the shirt was baby blue plaid and it felt like autumn and apples against my cheek; when i breathed in the air i knew it had to end eventually and i tasted sorrow but also Granny Smith’s.

    By Lilly on 06.05.2011

  28. He notices her wearing the plaid shirt more than usual. It’s red, with long sleeves and black buttons. The first time she wore it he’d remarked on it, noting he’d never seen it before. Now she wears it almost every day. It’s a bit of a shock to the system as she never wears an outfit more than once. He soon associates the words “red” and “plaid” with her, and when he tells her this she gives him a faraway look, something he can’t read (much to his frustration).

    By Lydia URL on 06.05.2011

  29. I don’t know what to say about plaid, other than it reminds me of old men golfing in poofy pantaloons and floppy hats, which I am not fond of seeing. I am not fond of golf to begin with. The only golf game I ever enjoyed was when my father threw his nine-iron to the side after too many failed attempts at a hole.

    By JS on 06.05.2011

  30. i dont really wear plaid. its kind of too loud for me. I HATE plaid shorts. they get on my nerves soooo much. plaid button downs i can handle. but shorts? like c’mon, bottoms should be solid colored, tops should be whatever else. i dont like plaid on plaid either…yuck.
    im sorry to those who love plaid shorts.

    By IMC URL on 06.05.2011

  31. They always look so good in plaid.
    I remember seeing him on the beach.
    Him in her kitchen.
    Him on the dock.

    It’s as if they are looking at me tauntingly…
    “Miss me?”

    By Jenna DeVries on 06.05.2011

  32. The plaid felt nice beneath her fingers as she ran them over the material , tips skimming lightly across the surface. It was smooth, she could feel, and utterly soft, like feather down. She couldn’t help a small smile flitting across her delicate features as she was taken back to the days of old.

    By Madi URL on 06.05.2011

  33. I stared at the plaid kilt, fascinated, before realizing how very rude I was being and belatedly lifting my eyes to the amused Scotsman’s face. I blushed bright red, a curse I’ve been haunted by forever, causing him to give in to laughter. Not my best first impression.

    By Lauren Cude URL on 06.05.2011

  34. Jackets full of wool and other things. Hipsters that do nothing but act as cool as they think they are, wearing their flannels and being cool. According to them. According to me. Because all flannels are plaid. Well, not really. But it seems that way. Plaid jackets and thick-rimmed glasses that they don’t really need.

    By Nicolyn on 06.05.2011

  35. plaid was used for girls’ uniforms. nowadays a trend of plaid shirts, skirts, shorts, and even shoes has arrived.

    By . URL on 06.05.2011

  36. He walked in the room with the swagger of a million other men just like him. He was the only person in the entire world, and he sincerely believed that. With his skinny, white jeans and his open, red plaid shirt laid over a white a-shirt, he looked like every other ‘cool guy’ in the world. But damn, did he rock it.

    By Saheli on 06.05.2011

  37. fashionable nice hipster expensive overdone exaggerated likable purple colorful clothing shirt outfit

    By kendall on 06.05.2011

  38. She wore a plaid shirt the day that I met her in that coffee shop. I wasn’t fond of it. It looked just like a shirt that everybody else wore, especially in that coffee shop. Kurt Cobain wannabes… It aggravated me. Therefore, she aggravated me. And I loved it. And her.

    By kenna on 06.05.2011

  39. It was my most comfortable shirt. Brown plaid. I didn’t care that I looked horrible in it, it was still the softest fabric I had ever felt. I wore it at least once a week over a lacy white shirt.

    By Lucille URL on 06.05.2011

  40. the shirt was baby blue and felt like autumn and apples on my cheek; when i breathed in the crisp air my lungs filled with joy, and also sorrow, why does everything have to come to an end?

    By Lilly URL on 06.05.2011