June 5th, 2011 | 578 Entries

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578 Entries for “plaid”

  1. a kilt. Always a kilt. Why don’t you see anything else in plaid. I’ve never worn one. I don’t think my legs are hairy enough to pull it off actually. And I don’t have one of those dirk things. Yes. Maybe when I was six years old I wore plaid. It seems like something one wears when they’re very young or very old. Bright yet dark. Crissed yet crossed.

    By kellyh on 06.06.2011

  2. His nostalgic plaid shirt, with his wonderful green eyes contrasting with his black eyes. He stood up, walking away from the bar as if nothing had happened between us. He walked away, undazed, not showing one slight reaction as to what he had done to me. He started to hesitate from walking away, but continued on like a trooper would do. I sat there, my whole body quivering as if my doctor told me I was going to die within the next 24 hours. I ran behind him, putting my hand on his shoulder to stop him from walking away again. “You’re not going to do this to me again!” I yelled at him, and the whole bar grew silent. He turned around and pressed his luscious lips against my own, silencing me into misery.

    By Roxanne URL on 06.06.2011

  3. preppy. madras basically what i wore from birth till college and i’m assuming beyond. plaid headscarves, shorts, tank tops, beach bags, flip flops, i think i may even have a plaid bikini somewhere. its what we wear at boarding school and at the cape

    By caitlin Jokubaitis on 06.06.2011

  4. As if my matching hair clip and white button up shirt wasn’t enough, my mom insisted that I follow all dress code rules and throw on my plaid skirt. The skirt was utterly disgusting, with our bright green and mustard yellow colors intertwined together. Puke. Sometimes I wonder if living in New York does make me higher class, obviously it doesn’t, if I get stuck wearing things like this every morning.

    By Cheyenne on 06.06.2011

  5. I struggled to put my red and black plaid jeans on. They were getting too tight, probably a little too snug, but they were my favourite. Finally succeeding in pulling them up to my waist, I tried putting the button in. Alas, it did not fit any longer!

    By Elly URL on 06.06.2011

  6. I just bought a plaid dress. I will wear it during my graduation. I like plaid because it is festive and colorful. THe lines are attractive and remind me of Ireland.

    By DIna on 06.06.2011

  7. i dunno what a plaid is, i reckon its what the waitresses carry… maybe not, and i’m not sure what to say about it, but yeah, i kinda like nice plaids. they can be really sweet as! wooh, how much time is left??? who

    By joana falkenberg on 06.06.2011

  8. Plaid used to be popular in the flannel wear industry. Now it is popular with the preps and the emo’s. Plaid can be worn in many different ways and styles. Not really my thing but a lot of people are really into it.

    By K P on 06.06.2011

  9. He’s bound in it every single day, and I cannot get enough of it. The way his form moves in the… it’s just too much. Everything tells me that we would complement each other nicely but is that what it’s telling him? Through the changing patterns in his shirt I see the aspects of our life together reflected in the weaving.

    By Johnathan URL on 06.06.2011

  10. Plaid is what my dipshit ex boyfriend said when asked what was his favourite colour. HE was trying to be cute. He wasn’t cute. He was a fucking idiot. Plaid is not a colour. Plaid is a kilt, an intricate web, a design signifying a clan. Plaid is not anyone’s favourite colour!

    By Sugar on 06.06.2011

  11. Could this refer to you hair? or is that plat? Phonetically it sounds like ‘played’, which is something that could follow ‘well’. I say the phrase ‘well played’ in two main parts of my life; they are after i have played football, and after I have done a gig or seen someone else play music.

    By Fred Feeney on 06.06.2011

  12. shirt, i don’t like plaids, ugly, mathematics, unfashion, old, not unattractive, jail time,

    By anna on 06.06.2011

  13. plaid, stripes, maybe even yellow in the mix” said gina to her friend.
    “maybe you should get pokadots instead”
    “tina i dont like the color purple though, and thats all they have is purple pokadots”

    By julia on 06.06.2011

  14. A certain patten usually found on clothing, i have some nice plaid trousers for example, which really set off my tartan bobble hat. Plaid probably isn’t my favourite pattern, as that would have to be tye dye. I own many tye dye shirts and suits; but my plaid all in one is usually more appropriate for day to day wear.

    By Josh on 06.06.2011

  15. a has a plaid with toy. sometimes i plaid with electronics. yesterday i plaided with my electronics.

    By just582 URL on 06.06.2011

  16. Cozy plaid flannel in autumn, huddled around a campfire sipping cider. Fire is crackling, night is setting in around the edges of the lake. The world is warm and welcoming and still.

    By Bridget on 06.06.2011

  17. I don’t like plaid. It seems very hillbillyish to me. I wouldn’t wear it, but it looks ok on some people.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 06.06.2011

  18. Plaid is fun and wild on the Scottish moors. Bagpipes playing and kilts blowing in the winds. Simmer picnics with fresh fruit and ants marching across the blanket. It is colorful and wild, crazy and fun.

    By MB URL on 06.06.2011

  19. She hated the skirt. Her mother loved it. That’s why she always wore it. Twice a week during the week. Once on Sunday’s. You think her lawyer father would be able to afford more than one skirt. He could. Her mother just loved the plaid one. She said she wore it when she was a kid. Which meant it was old.

    By Alesia on 06.06.2011

  20. The bitchiest girl in school had the most envious pair of plaid Rocket Dogs. They were the coolest shoes that anyone had in school, and she wore them every day. I was so jealous that I ran them over as soon as I got my license.
    When she changed her shoes for gym, I hid the Rocket Dogs in my locker. She didn’t appreciate them, she forgot that she had worn them to school that day and slipped on the extra pair of flip flops that she kept in her locker. After school, I took the shoes out to the abandoned grocery store parking lot that’s located a mile away from school. I drove over the shoes slowly, I backed over them quickly. I turned donuts around them. Then I mailed them to her with no return address.
    That’ll teach her to make fun of my Keds.

    By Jane on 06.06.2011

  21. “put that down!’ my mother screamed at me.
    if only this was an unusual behavior for her. the only thing i had done in the last thirty seconds was picked up a glass plaid vase for lemon aid.

    By jinx URL on 06.06.2011

  22. so soft and warm
    a cascade of colours and shapes
    someone is hiding under it
    a shimmer of red and a blonde head appears
    a sleepy smile
    and she’s out of the plaid

    By hiver URL on 06.06.2011

  23. striped
    criss cross pattern
    old man
    60 seconds is long
    tic tac toe

    By k on 06.06.2011

  24. plaid skirts and school girls. Scots and the English. Those ugly sweaters your grandma knits around Christmas time. thats what i think when i think of plaid.

    By Bella D. URL on 06.06.2011

  25. Die scheene Maid trug ein scheenes Kleid. Es hatte Bliemchen drauf und es war sehr weit. Sehr weit war es auch bis zu ihr nach Haus, im Ummengrunde wohnte sie. Und da war es dunkel und kalt und ganz und gar ungemietlich und sie wollte nie nie wieder dahin zurick.

    By Lisa URL on 06.06.2011

  26. As she reached for the dusty shoebox, a large heavy crate fell squarely on her toe. Once the slew of curses had passed, she reached in and pulled out a worn plaid shirt with missing buttons. She stroked the collar with a sad smile and held it close.

    By Kaitlyn URL on 06.06.2011

  27. Everybody I know wears plaid. I wish I knew what it was, or how to pull it off. I guess the problem is that I haven’t found my type of plaid. There’s butch lesbian plaid, trendy prep plaid, lumberjack plaid, and every other kind of plaid imaginable. Maybe if i had my own style that was more concise, I’d be able to do plaid as well.

    By Michael Garrity on 06.06.2011

  28. That pink plaid skirt. I hated it and she loved it with so much intensity it could shatter the moon. Why my mother had to pick the most disturbing ick worthy color in the whole store? I have no idea but she did and it made shopping with her so irritating. I so wish I had my own card to shop with that would be amazing think of all the things I would buy. One thing I WOULDN’T THAT SKIRT!

    By Chanel URL on 06.06.2011

  29. Under a blanket, there is a man an a woman, they are kissing each other. But a dog enter in the room and jump on the bed. They laught. It rain.
    The ceiling is green.

    By Lau on 06.06.2011

  30. My plaid shirt is such a bother. It’s itchy and icky and ever so ugly. I heard chuckles and whispering as I tip-toed down the hall. My friends wondered ‘why does he wear such a thing?’ and ‘why doesn’t he just wear something else?’ If only I could, I would, but I can’t, because I haven’t anything else to wear!

    By Grace on 06.06.2011

  31. fun colors of the casual person and the hipsters of the world. Unites the preps, the jocks, the nerds; everyone can wear plaid. Shirts for teens, pants for the golfers, sweaters for the moms, who doesn’t enjoy a nice plaid accesorie to complete an outfit?

    By Lightly Wild on 06.06.2011

  32. He strolled down the street boasting his bright new plaid pants. He shouted Scottish accented curses at the top of his lungs as he denounced his faith in Buddhism. No longer shall I be confined to the moral inertness of this religion, he scream.

    By Jang Fames URL on 06.06.2011

  33. The mud caked layer upon layer on his cowboy boots flaked off in dusty chips as he stepped, right foot then left foot, onto the deck. He blinked quickly, his eyes adjusting to the shade from the roof above him. He reached a strong arm up to take his hat off, rubbing the sleeve of his blue and green plaid shirt across his forehead, wiping away beads of sweat. With a deep breath, he stepped twice more and lifted a heavy hand to knock on the screen door in front of him.

    By Aj URL on 06.06.2011

  34. simple. fasion. movement. ideviduality. popularity. lumberjack. hobo. famous. comfy. statement. oldfasioned. new era. love. home. unique. class.

    By Jess on 06.06.2011

  35. Plaid skirts, plaid pants, plaid shirt, plaid socks. How cool is it that a simple arrangement of lines becomes more than the individual. There’s some serious synergy when it comes to the existence of plaid as a style. It can make us look taller or fatter. That’s just how cool it is!

    By G on 06.06.2011

  36. I asked the girl to plaid my hair, she said i have beautiful hair.

    By Rozanne on 06.06.2011

  37. where the hell am i going to find anything to go with these horridly multi-colored multi-patterned shoes? i mean, i love plaid as much as the next guy, but really this is a bit excessive. whatever happened to simple, class, black and white?

    By Amanda URL on 06.06.2011

  38. plaid makes me think of andy. and drinking beers on his porch, and writing, and listening to each other’s writings. and especially of fall, and warm secret embraces his girlfriend cannot know about.

    By mallory on 06.06.2011

  39. The plaid shirt was the new beginning for me. It was saying that no matter what the people decided to say about me, it didn’t matter. I was going to be who I wanted to be. The rest didn’t matter.

    By Grisel URL on 06.06.2011

  40. this is a scottish matrial used for blankets etc i do not think that i woul weart it personally but i might just give it a try it does look good on some people but i thin k that i am too fat

    By Mo Pritchard on 06.06.2011