June 5th, 2011 | 578 Entries

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578 Entries for “plaid”

  1. Plaid is an english word. It is an adjective. If we remove P, it makes it ‘laid’ which is another word in the english dictionary. The word ‘plaid’ also sounds exactly like ‘played’. It also sounds like the word ‘paid’. It is a kind of cloth with a typical pattern. It is usually worn over the shoulder. It is also the name of a band.

    By Aanchal on 06.06.2011

  2. I didn’t know the deffinition of plaid so when I read it I needed to look it up in Goggle, and that took me a lot of time and I just understood that it’s a cloth but I still do not understandvery clearly. So here I am writting what I’m thinking.

    By andrea on 06.06.2011

  3. i remember the first time i met my boyfriend outside of a party and he was wearing a plaid shirt. now i will always think about how we went to his apartment to salsa dance the first time we met when i see plaid

    By outdoors URL on 06.06.2011

  4. Virginia stared into the bar mirror and nursed her martini. She watched as a man with starched blonde hair, a plaid jacket, and knit brown pants came in from outside. He stood for a moment while his eyes adjusted. Then he got a load of Virginia and made a beeline to the barstool next to her. “Howdy,” he said, “I’m Hal.” Virginia stared straight ahead, said, “You a car salesman?” Hal looked hurt. “Why no, ma’am, I’m Ray Ramsey’s protege.”

    RIP Seattle weatherman Ray : )
    Miss A

    By Miss Alister URL on 06.06.2011

  5. I don’t know what “plaid” means. It rhymes with “paid”. Or “maid”. I would like to get paid. A lot, in fact. Then again, is it really the money, that is important? Or is it the joy we seek to buy with it?

    I think, being contempt with your life is what matters in the end. To me, that is.

    By Ballaballa on 06.06.2011

  6. I was looking for a plaid skirt to my new bow shirt when all of a sudden something purple caught my eye. There to my right was Mallory, my former best friend walking down the aisle with her friends. All of a sudden a rush of emotions overcame me. Did she see me?

    By Samantha URL on 06.06.2011

  7. Plaid is not a fashion statement anymore. Not many people wear plaid, except maybe plaid bathing suits. I used to wear plaid in middle school, but not anymore. In high school, not many people wear plaid. Plaid is stupid.

    By Jessica on 06.06.2011

  8. A shirt worn for casual dress but can also be somewhat dressed up. Most Skateboarders or “preppy” people wear plaid. Huge pattern in the fashion industry and actually one of my favorite patterns to be worn. Always so comfy

    By nicole on 06.06.2011

  9. basically a bunch of stripes in different gradients of the same color… like flannels. they’re really warm… wait i’m wearing one.

    By ella URL on 06.06.2011

  10. I saw a plaid platypus. It was a funny little plaid creature. It was cute and poisonous. A poisonous plaid platypus. It’s name was Persuvius. Persuvius the poisonous plaid platypus. He was the perfect kind of platypus. Perfect Persuvius- The poisonous plaid platypus.

    By Erin Makenzie on 06.06.2011

  11. A plaid blazer is no longer limited only to the territory of lumberjacks – a young woman perched on a log, letting rain drip onto the flannel. She cries for days lost and the trunks thereafter left behind. Plaid sticks to her arms, reminds her of rain.

    By Tai URL on 06.06.2011

  12. lada mrua desde rua. fila foi vira ninguen esti que roco

    By Frédérick A. PARÉ URL on 06.06.2011

  13. Her plaid skirt swirled around her legs as she raced towards her school in a panic, how could she wake up so late on her first day of school, now the kids would surely notice her and that would totally ruin her plans of staying inconspicuous for however amount of time she would be staying. The plaid skirt and buttoned top she wore were merely a disguise she needed to fit in, do what she had to and then leave.

    By Jesse Jawbreaker URL on 06.06.2011

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    By Rachel URL on 06.06.2011

  15. Plaid always makes me think of Mr. Firley from 3’s company. He always cracked me up – even as a kid when I didn’t get any of the jokes. Somehow the show was more funny back then. Now it’s just kind of sad. Except for Mr. Firley. That plaid always made me laugh.

    By W on 06.06.2011

  16. i think it’s country, it’s stylish. pair it with some boots and you’ve got a good friday night.

    By Bri on 06.06.2011

  17. picnic table christmas sweater baby dress socks

    By Michelle on 06.06.2011

  18. I wish I had a plaid skirt, it would be like the one scottish men wore, only a lot sexier. it would resemble the one I had to wear in Yashiva, which I had cut much higher than knee-high, as a fuck you to the bastard bitch teachers for kicking me out.

    By Nana on 06.06.2011