August 30th, 2009 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “fate”

  1. I don’t believe in fate. That’s all I have to say about that.

    By Tessa on 08.31.2009

  2. Fate decreed early that I should work with animals, politics, and writing. I ignored the fates as long as I could. Now I have written laws for animals, and work with animals. I fought it the entire way and ended up right where I was supposed to be anyway

    By alisa haller on 08.31.2009

  3. Fate is one of those double edged swords. Its comforting to know that no matter how bad you’ve screwed up, you will arrive exactly where you are supposed to be. On the other hand, you were destined to screw up…

    By Daniel on 08.31.2009

  4. I spend my day waiting for something great to happen to me, but I realize that I am in control of my destiny and that fate is something that you depend on only if you don’t have to the desire to control your destiny. It’s easier to blame fate than yourself when things don’t work out.

    By Clint Pidlubny on 08.31.2009

  5. funny how we
    in things

    like a clock hitting the point
    where we
    are expe –

    i say fate is like a dice set on fire
    same red as your
    the stuff i chose to

    By c on 08.31.2009

  6. fate. that’s a pretty funny word. because some people believe in fate and others don’t. i am not really sure what I think about fate. because i firmly believe that we all have free will, because God has given us free will. but i also believe that sometimes things just fall into place for us, like it was designed that way: fate.

    By Christie Andrews on 08.31.2009

  7. fate is a funny thing. it is usually used to talk about the end of something or quite ironcially it can also describe something that is new. So what exactly is fate? is it a bad or good thing? how exactly does it describe a situation. Fate is something that is tangible and worth figuring out.

    By kelly on 08.31.2009

  8. Fickle and much like a hurricane. All the weathermen are talking about the cone of uncertainty. There is a 1 in 4 chance everything you think you know is wrong. That is what I learned in project management class. Fate doesn’t exist, just bad choices you try to pass off that way. What do you want to believe?

    By aliasoctavia on 08.31.2009

  9. Everyone’s fate is their own. Except mine. My fate was predetermined when I was born in the smallest town of the smallest county in Minnesota. Never will I see what I’m capable of if I don’t leave immediately.

    By skip on 08.31.2009

  10. It began as a mystery. No one knew where it was going, or where it had come from. Did it have a beginning, or was there always just the end? He pondered, pondered for hours, for days, until time flew by like a whirlibird. He was alone with his thoughts.

    By Murph on 08.31.2009

  11. What’s meant to be. Destiny. The thing you dread and hope for most. There’s no escaping it. Embrace it. Be good. Do good. And good will come to you.

    By Nichole Johnson on 08.31.2009

  12. there it is. that word that takes control. it ISN’T fate, it’s choice. i must believe in choice or else resign myself to insanity.

    By katie on 08.31.2009

  13. Schicksal ist Schicksal, bleibt Schicksal auch, wenn ich ihm entgehen versuche.
    Mein Schicksal der Trauer, des Trübsinns, überschattet mein Glück, macht mir Angst, Furcht, vor jedem Problem, denn es könnte alles vernichten.
    Mein Schicksal, ich weiß es, seit ich dich zum ersten Mal im Arm hielt, ist es eine gute Mutter zu sein, und ich würde sterben, ehe ich es nicht erfülle.

    By Eva-Maria Obermann on 08.31.2009

  14. we never knew exactly where we were going but we were headed towards a magnetic void that pulled us closer and closer in and stretched our bodies out until we could reach both the center of the pull and the external air that had formed the edge from which we departed. fate.

    By kat kipfer on 08.31.2009

  15. we live life and we can not predict what we come the next day. no matter the number of times we have passed through a road the experiences. differ. fate was assumed to be a proceed of forces beyond us, but i think it is our reaction to life.

    By idowu on 08.31.2009

  16. Fate. Everyone believes in fate. Not everyone calls it by the same name. Some called it God’s will, others call it a series of coincidents. But whatever it is, it defines our life. It’s what tells our story.

    By Whitney on 08.31.2009

  17. Is what we all think about. What will we become, who are we and what are we destined to be? Fate real or a Fake? Guess we will never know=]

    By Alex Farmer on 08.31.2009

  18. Fate is a funny thing. It can be wonderful, it can be horrible, but either way, we are unable to run from it, change it or ignore it. It’s one of those things that are completely out of our control. When you let you life be led by fate you are also using your faith.

    By Bridget on 08.31.2009

  19. “There is no fate but what we make” – sarah connor. Terminator one and two are the greatest movies of all time. Happy Monday, hope your fate today is to have a good day!

    By Rachel on 08.31.2009


    By Evangeline on 08.31.2009

  21. Fate means what is meant to happen. So thankful that my fate is in the hands of a loving all powerful God. He knows my fate, controls my fate. He is my fate. No need to fear fate.

    By jennie on 08.31.2009

  22. Releasing blame
    Guilt free when fate comes round

    By vabs on 08.31.2009

  23. Where are we going? It seems pointless to think about it. The idea of something leading us to some predetermined place has no logic. We have to stop believing in movie concepts, life is not written by anyone.

    By Carlos Miceli on 08.31.2009

  24. doom, doomsday, vroom vroom into the forest, into the trees how did I hit this speed
    why did i run out of time

    By Kat on 08.31.2009

  25. I was raised in a Catholic School and was told that there was no such thing as fate. I guess fate would mean that things were predetermined by God and that gets in the way of the whole free will thing. I wonder about the free will thing…does God ever get involved.

    By gabrielle illinao on 08.31.2009

  26. Was it fate? It must have been. I was cornered, with no where to go. Then all of a sudden the car roared down the road with no concern. I jumped in, just in time to avoid the shots.

    By david b on 08.31.2009

  27. one word. starts without me thinking about it. My thinking about it. One word to summarize me this instant. what word what word what word. Have to think but life moves to quickly and the bar turns red. it used to be such a calm shade of green, now its an ominous red.

    By stephen on 08.31.2009

  28. somthing like a copy .i hate what is fate.some friends could be fate..some moments, or simply a lifetime if we are not hwo we need to be!US!
    that’s the thing.

    By sbr on 08.31.2009

  29. I waited to hear what my fate would be. The judges whispered to each other in the corner, casting glances over their shoulders at me. Sweat beaded between my shoulder blades and ran down my spine, making me shiver. I was almost afraid to hear their decision.

    By christine on 08.31.2009

  30. a common destiny. we all have an individual fate but its something completely intangable and sometimes frustrating. Fate says you have no will or choice in the course of your life.

    By Kristin on 08.31.2009

  31. fate is where i will end up. where i am going. where i am meant to be. it will be a long journey, but I know i will get there one day. adam, yes he is part of my fate. my fate is my destiny. my fate is to be a family woman. to love those who love me the most. to be in a job that i love and working for disney

    By Courtney on 08.31.2009

  32. hope, love. Trust. What will happen to you.

    By Krisstiin on 08.31.2009