December 15th, 2009 | 268 Entries

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268 Entries for “lantern”

  1. a lantern hanging in an alaskan wooden cabin is the only source of light during the winter. so much depends on the lantern! cooking, cleaning, walking, sleepings, etc. it makes you appreciate electricity a little more.

    By sierra on 12.16.2009

  2. Lanterns are used to drive darkness away. A lantern can be someone’s last refuge from the complete darkness of the world. In older times they were used by travellers to stave back the wilds of the dark. Why is light only important when we don’t have it?

    By Joe on 12.16.2009

  3. it makes me think of paul reveres ride and how he carried the lantern. Maybe this is due to the fact that I just took a massive exam for english but who knows, maybe i am just that much of anerd

    By Easton McNab on 12.16.2009

  4. A chinese lantern
    What makes us so bright?
    What could take hold for tonight
    China town
    Dyin frown
    Bring us love
    Drowned out hate
    Chinese lantern
    Chinese lantern
    Love and peace

    By kaoru on 12.16.2009

  5. I used the lantern to spread light in the are – there I aw; the tracks where fresh in the ground – maybe a size 12 shoe. Blood dripped a foot trail back down to the stull.

    By Matt Maxwelll on 12.16.2009

  6. She has never seen a lantern so beautiful in her life, It made you feel so alive.

    By Johna on 12.16.2009

  7. Jack o lantern was having a blooming business.
    Since the Buttermen came to knowledge about the travelling lantern, the candles were yesterday’s news.
    Mr. Lantern was a wizard at making money.
    Was selling torches as a thing from the future!

    By s on 12.16.2009

  8. If i told you one thing about a lantern, it would be a lie. The light is nothing against the darkness of a barn. The flame is thin, small, a tiny thing in a large expanse. I feel large in its shadow and small in your arms. I don’t like this lantern. It’s too bright. I would like the dark to eat it. The flame should stop fighting.

    By Sam on 12.16.2009

  9. with a carefully directed breath,
    the light was gone
    and we were alive.

    By yours truely on 12.16.2009

  10. we went up to vancouver bc and went to the lantern festival in the park. great to see people participating and being creative.

    By johny on 12.16.2009

  11. under the flickering glow,
    I saw shadows in your face
    too deep for daylight.

    By yours truely on 12.16.2009

  12. The lantern glowed in the jail cell, and all I could see were the beady little eyes of the rats that had crawled into bed with me the night before. I felt cold, and the dampness of the air caused my lungs to fill up faster,and faster.

    By torukona on 12.16.2009

  13. The lantern was the only thing separating him from the night. A cold lonely feeling that could only be solved by running, running with the light until the warmth of the sun would love him again.

    By forest on 12.16.2009

  14. lantern

    By chuck on 12.16.2009

  15. the lantern is glowing, the lantern is bright. The fire will go out if you don’t put up a fight.
    Sometimes a lantern makes me want to camp, but other times it just makes me want to find a lamp. we live in modern times why use one of those, well if you really want to, be careful not to burn your toes.

    By Bridgett on 12.16.2009

  16. My lantern burns brightly
    Like my face
    I ate a face the day my lantern went out
    I was hungry

    What was I supposed to do?

    Do not light a lantern
    It’ll only burn out
    And I’ll eat a face

    Your face.

    By RaspberryIceT on 12.16.2009

  17. lights and various other objects that give off light that was held by william tell and to warn of the british attacking who also probably also had lanterns and lights which they used to light up bogs and forests and such i guess to stop from falling so who knows they pr

    By Rich on 12.16.2009

  18. The lantern shown with a a glow much warmer than the night. He could see his breath come out in a cloud of white– like a ghost. The thought made him smile. He picked up his pace, pushing through the crowded street.

    By Tinydancr on 12.16.2009

  19. Lanterns are coooool. Very cool. What makes a lantern a lantern? I wonder. Wonder so much that it gives me a headache. Who came up with the word “Lantern”. Hmm. All questions that will never be answered. Eternal questions of life.

    By Squall on 12.16.2009

  20. A simple to spread light, hope and peace. Comes in different colours and shapes. kids to adult enjoy its serene effect.

    By Minna on 12.16.2009

  21. The lantern dangled from my tired hand. I had to keep walking through these woods. “Everyone says they’re haunted, you know,” Kiko said while walking next to me. “They say if you get caught here at night without a light, your finished.”
    “I know,” I said. “That’s why we have to keep walking.”

    By charislogia on 12.16.2009

  22. chinese lanterns are orange globe-like flowers that are common for halloween. i like the idea of not using electricity. in fact, as i type this, i’m typing by candle-flame. a beeswax candle. i had a metal lantern once that is now sitting outside rusting.

    By mindy on 12.16.2009

  23. a lantern is a device that illuminates the surrounding. it isn’t used quite as often anymore as it way in the olden days. now we have flash lights and such. but some phones do have a lantern setting. lanterns are cool

    By chris on 12.16.2009

  24. A lantern is a lamp with a light coming out of it and it’s bright and nice and guides you in the middle of the night and can take you places and make you feel safe. The last time I remember seeing a lantern was in a Korean drama called My
    Tutor Friend where the girl and the guy are standing beside a lantern in the middle of the night and he wants to confess his love to her but then she pukes on him cause he’s drunk.

    By nina on 12.16.2009

  25. sometimes i think cheerios smell like pee.

    By Sophie on 12.16.2009

  26. my grandma had a lantern that belonged to my grandfather and someone wanted to buy it at a yard sale and she objected to it.

    By Mary on 12.16.2009

  27. dim light, wandering at night.

    By jdayl on 12.16.2009

  28. We turned off all the lights.
    We took out all the batteries.
    We lit matches
    and pretended life was simple.

    By yours truely on 12.16.2009