February 1st, 2018 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “pills”

  1. She told her father that she had stopped taking the pills. That they had made her more anxious than ever – more jittery, more fidgety, more obsessed with details. When he tried to force her back onto the prescription, she reacted the way any teenager in fear would – she ran. She ran with one backpack and a sandwich and left her cellphone at home, scaling the steps of a bus and counting how about seconds it took her to find an empty seat: Two.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.01.2018

  2. She looked at that what had been offering to her. Pills. Red ones. She wondered whether she would be still alive if she ate them.

    By AliceRose URL on 02.01.2018

  3. The pills felt like fire as they entered my mouth. melting and diminishing the rest of strength I had left. Medication was not made to make you feel this way. My soul, caving in under the pressure. Walls crowding around me. Was anyone there? “It’ll be fine”

    By np on 02.02.2018

  4. ´´There is coffee ready´´, said old man of the coffee pot.
    ´´ Vitamin d pills from the sun´´, replied the universal energy.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 02.02.2018

  5. He had washed his sheets so religiously each week that pills had begun to build on the surface of them. At night he would lie awake, sleep disturbed by his feet feeling the rough texture beginning to build, all for the sake of his need for things to be kept very clean.

    By Ken URL on 02.02.2018

  6. “Here, take some pills,” John said, giving Mary some pills.
    “Thanks,” Mary replied as she swallowed the pills in one go.
    “You’re lucky that I got these pills, these were the last ones on the shelves,” John continued
    as he monitored her in her bed.

    By echuaco URL on 02.02.2018

  7. We deliver them to our stomachs so they can deliver us from our discomforts, depressions, dysfunctions, and disinterested natures. We want them until we truly need them and then it’s too late.

    By Fair Enough URL on 02.02.2018

  8. She shook two capsules into her hand and dropped them into her mouth. A glass of cold water, splashing into her empty stomach. She should eat. She didn’t want to eat, but she should. She went to the fridge, opening it absently.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.02.2018

  9. Pills for this. Pills for that. Apparently, there are pills for every ailment.

    Have you heard of Joe? He popped pills of every size, shape and color into his mouth every day, several times a day. “Will make me strong and healthy,” he told me.

    Next day, an ambulance rushed to Joe’s home. He died on the way to the hospital.

    Apparently, no pill developed for common sense.

    By Krys URL on 02.02.2018

  10. I am really wondering lately (as I have many times since about the age of 14) if I need to consider taking pills to level out my emotions and hormones. I always get to a place where I feel good again, and am glad that I didn’t fill out the prescription. But sometimes my anxiety gets so bad that I feel I cannot cope. I can’t sleep… and it can be really difficult to focus or manage daily life.

    By Hailey on 02.02.2018

  11. Pills are a very helpful substance. they help with many things. They help sick people, people with mental illnesses, etc. people have to be careful, because pills can become very addictive.

    By abbie on 02.02.2018

  12. My hand trembled as I tried to pry open the pill bottle. It was hard enough trying to outwit a child, but out-dueling a prescription bottle cap was even more difficult. Finally I grabbed a chef’s knife from the kitchen and chopped the bottle in two. Now, why was I taking these pills?

    By Chuck URL on 02.02.2018

  13. Petit and palatable. Sometimes pretty. A little bit of ‘refuge’ in this war of a world.

    By Aatika URL on 02.02.2018

  14. a cloudy morning
    grey skies illuminated by disparate rays
    so slow some days
    so much for sundays
    it feels overwhelming sometimes
    to awaken fully
    out of control weeknights
    taking pills to calm me

    By Matt m. on 02.02.2018

  15. The pills went down easily like water,

    It was scary and free to feel the choice taken from me…

    No turning back, fate’s in the hands of fate, too late to

    By Lee on 02.02.2018

  16. “Just remember, take your pills whenever you start hearing things.” I didn’t like the sound of her voice. It was too clinical. Too removed.
    Regardless, I take the bottle labeled “Happy pills”

    By Rachel on 02.02.2018

  17. Pills are what people take with water. Sometimes they are medicine, other times they are vitamins. I have tried to swallow a pill before but it did not work. The first time I tried to swallow one I choked on it and after that I was just too scared to swallow one at all. I might never try to swallow a pill again.

    By Mike Johnson on 02.02.2018

  18. At this screen, nothing comes back up. I feel too naive. There is nothing interesting about pills, only that once a day woman crap I’ve taken to religiously.

    By HW on 02.02.2018

  19. Pills are medicines and poison and they are either awesome or bad. So to consume or not to is a choice!

    By vish on 02.02.2018

  20. pills can provide an escape to the endless monotony of life. Life or death is up to you

    By John Schleg on 02.02.2018

  21. Pills are a very dangerous thing but can also be very helpful in a time of need. My family has had a lot of struggle with them and although i am not comfortable with them, i know that they have helped many people that may have been in pain. They are addictive.

    By Rhiannon Thompson URL on 02.02.2018

  22. He shrugged. “Don’t put it that way.”

    She walked around the counter and placed herself in front of him so he was forced to look at her face. The sun outside was fresh and chirping. They could taste the green in the air.

    By Riannon URL on 02.02.2018

  23. The tumbled out like tic tacs, rattling across the table. “Take as many as you want,” she said, eyes wide with glee. “I can always get us more. Trust me on this.”

    By Archanza URL on 02.03.2018

  24. The bottle rattled in her pocket at she ran for the last train out of town. Snow had been falling heavily for days in sheets that muffled more and more of the city hourly. By lunchtime of the first day of the big fall all the surfaces were covered with such a thick layer of dampening snow that the only sounds left in the city were shrill and sharp. By the third day everything outside of closed doors was silent and burried. From the roof of her house she screamed silently and knew that she had to get out of there, fast. She grabbed her pills and ran for the station.

    By Flyderkov URL on 02.03.2018