January 31st, 2018 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “nominated”

  1. The nominations wwrw countless, which led to nothing but problesm because one of the rules of the vote was not being able to vote for yourself. Ans wjen over 90% of the people were nominated the only ones left were the apathetic and the unsuitable and the mentally unstable. Not the sort of selection commitee that makes the best decisions usually.

    By Flyderkov URL on 01.31.2018

  2. Look at her, all smiles and sequins, skirt and sashay up to the big old Hollywood stage. She was nominated for six awards, you see – for acting, design, directing, and a screenplay that read like poetry. And don’t forget the visual effects and cinematography. She’s a one woman show – a bombastic box office boon. Just imagine all the champagne glasses dropping when she waltzes into the room.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.31.2018

  3. A whistle, screaming almost too high to hear, at the edge of sound and being. A name from a hat, on a tiny piece of paper. You can see the blue ink. You can see the edge, torn where the holes were punched. Folded, unfolded, edges pressed tight together. Where your name should be, you see empty, soundless, moving lips. That whistle, crying out from somewhere at the back of your mind. You’re moving, but your muscles are empty. This is the beginning of everything changing.

    By Archanza on 01.31.2018

  4. This pizza was nominated for the universe greatest. It was topped with maggots and pepperoni that was danced on by hairy old people barefooted and cooked for perfection. The tastiest thing I have ever eaten. Also, my s key does not work right I have to pound it really hard thanks to my 3-year-old.

    By Luke URL on 01.31.2018

  5. beautiful and broken, i have been told i am an ideal. i am something holy, something to aspire to, something to worship. the me they see is not the me i am; i lost her long ago. but i will smile through it anyway. smile, beauty queen. you are something special.

    By dit on 01.31.2018

  6. by people.
    Nominated means to be chosen (for a reward most of the time)
    normal you get nominated for “bast acting”, or something.

    By colby on 01.31.2018

  7. by people.
    Nominated means to be chosen (for a reward most of the time)
    normal you get nominated for “best acting”, or something.

    By colby URL on 01.31.2018

  8. who will arrise each morn. ye is nominated to assume the body of one teejus ween schiza. It is they that will react and deflect the natural world as they know it, and it is they who have control over the helm of delusion and its cohort.

    By smurfstoestar on 01.31.2018

  9. When Donald Trump was nominated as president, it was a glorious day. Praise the Lord that we finally have a great president! Thank you Jesus for Donald Trump!

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 01.31.2018

  10. Elisa Newman held her breath as she sat in the crowded room, hoping against all hope that she would nab an Oscar nomination for her leading role of Emily Dickinson in the biopic that had been recently released.

    “Wish me luck,” she whispered to her girlfriend, Jessamine, who squeezed her small, manicured hand and gave her a gentle smile. The tall blonde woman onstage pulled out the envelope with the names of the Best Leading Actress nominees. “Thea Isaacs for The Impossible Dream,” she read aloud, and a tiny redhead in the front row blushed and smiled widely.

    By Annie on 01.31.2018

  11. Surprised, I swiveled in my chair. How did they know me? Who was I to them? They trusted me, but I did not know their names or faces.

    By Jennifer C. URL on 01.31.2018

  12. She heard her name as if in some distant place, a mention in another galaxy, but certainly not in this room. The crowd noise swelled and she was pushed out of her chair and down the aisle. This was a mistake. She tried to turn back to her seat, but someone pulled her up to the stage and thrust the award in her hand and turned her into the microphone.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.01.2018

  13. I saw her walk the carpet
    She was nominated for an award.
    But in my heart,
    She already won

    By Mark URL on 02.01.2018

  14. Chosen. Selected by those I hope to protect and support. A beacon representing the ideals and hopes those that seek to achieve them through support for my success.

    By Datsun Fan on 02.01.2018

  15. I’m just happy to be nominated. It might be one of the grandest lies told to ourselves. Not grand but pervasive. Of course, we’re happy to be nominated. but there’s nothing that immediately becomes unsatisfying so quick as being nominated but losing.

    By Drew Allen URL on 02.01.2018

  16. To be nominated is an honor. For what honor is dependent on each persons.
    Will they be honored about their nominations? Maybe?
    While some nominations are considered a badge of honor, others may find it a
    mark of shame.
    Whether good or bad, once the surprise is revealed, how people react to this is the sign of their true character.

    By echuaco URL on 02.01.2018

  17. i have been nominated for king o’ the world because i am 5’3″ and me and my older bro have a youtube channel “JM&NM Studios” and we are awesome

    By Secretcommander on 02.01.2018

  18. Brad got the nomination for Congress by besting his opponents. He got pictures of Nelson shacking up with another man’s wife. Teresa was seeing Brenda in the teacher’s lounge at Northwood high School. The biggest problem was William. Brad had to hire an assassin.

    By Chuck URL on 02.01.2018


    By sanny on 02.01.2018

  20. lost in a sea of success
    friends; enemies; acquaintances
    how quaint this is
    it’s just an honor to be nominated
    as the person you’ve most forgotten
    an afterthought in aftershocks
    an echo of a memory
    yet i continue to exist
    battered, but not yet broken
    and as i draw each breath
    i get a little closer to knowing.

    By Matt m. on 02.01.2018

  21. She slapped the bread down on the wooden grain in front of the boy, and he frowned a bit, but only with his mouth. His head looked up at her, though his eyes didn’t, and he moved, but only with his body. She thrust her hands onto her hips. He laughed, but only with his voice.

    By Riannon on 02.01.2018

  22. i am falling in love but i am not her first, second, third choice. never chosen, never loved. never even nominated.

    By dit on 02.01.2018

  23. sometimes you have to realize
    silence speaks louder than words
    to be a nomination
    is a salutation; an unimportant
    is to be vaunted as if selection
    or, better perspective passes prejudice
    decision preaches choice
    one idea over another’s perception
    hate can feel like love
    in a spark of hatred as it float above

    By Matt m. on 02.01.2018

  24. Happy tears streaming down her rosy cheeks, Stella Knightley clutched her Oscar statuette to her chest. She had just won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role as the stubborn yet loving partner of a young lesbian fighting for her right to get married, and she couldn’t have been more thrilled in that moment.

    Her heart beating a mile a minute, she pushed a strand of soft blonde hair that had managed to escape her impeccable chignon bun behind her small ear. “I — wow. This is so exciting, oh my God. Uh, I’d like to start off by thanking my parents.

    By Annie on 02.01.2018

  25. ‘Nominated’ doesn’t mean we have a winner.
    But then, who’s the judge?

    By Krys on 02.01.2018