February 3rd, 2018 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “ghosts”

  1. You used to be a big part of my life and I thought we’d get on a little longer. Reality hit and time had moved us apart faster then I imagined.
    It’s been three years and sometimes it feels as if we’d last seen each other only yesterday. But then I see Pictures of you all and realize, it’s been much, much longer.
    You are the ghosts of my past, but of the good kind. sometimes, when I walk past a place we used to hang out, I still see us there. Young and naive with such a cute, but sadly wrong perception of the world. At some point, adulthood had caught up with us.
    And we started seeing each other less and less, until we slowly stopped. We parted on good terms, though we never really said goodbye. One day, we just weren’t in contact anymore. but that’s life, I guess.
    You never know when it’s going to be the last time.

    By orangefish2 URL on 02.03.2018

  2. She shivered and looked to the corners of the room, convinced that something was watching her. He wiggled his eyebrows when she looked back to him. “Scared?”
    “No, shut up.”
    “Yeah you are.”
    “Leave me alone, honestly.”
    “I can. But then you’ll be all alone. In this haunted room. With only ghosts as your friend.”
    “Mark, stop it!”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.03.2018

  3. How many of you believe in ghosts? Perhaps only a handful of the crowd you stand in at the bus stop, or in the line where you wait for your overpriced coffee? Or maybe you find more believers among the skeptics at museums, or in fancy restaurants, or walking along the pier? Maybe, if you believed hard enough, you’d be able to see me, smoking a cigarette I can’t taste and wearing a coat that no longer provides me warmth, perched where the sunset hits the back of the local grocery store.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.03.2018

  4. ghosts of the same dread that excite the shingles, on your roof, that lay dormant, that fill you with dread, and pause. the same draped feelings that stifle love in your heart, that bring new bars to your reality and give breath to the demons they once embodied.

    By smurfstoestar on 02.03.2018

  5. Maybe ghosts are just the memories of those are who no longer here in the flesh. “You only truly die for the final time when someone speaks your name for the last time,” and all of that… Ignore me, I’m just really stoned right now. Excuse me while I get even more stoned… And play EA UFC 2.

    By Lee on 02.03.2018

  6. on the stairs the door was creaking footsteps could be heard ambidextrous two hands touching the canvas behind walkways and hidden passageways

    By Ben on 02.03.2018

  7. It’s amazing how so many people are quick to dismiss ghosts. How do you know if they are real or not? Stories of ghosts have been around for millennia, and even during a time of technology, the idea of ghosts STILL fascinate us…

    By Charlie on 02.03.2018

  8. some people are scared of them but in actual fact, it is the ghosts of our own expectations, our own unfulfilled goals, ambitions and desires that are truly the most haunting. I have felt a ghost before, many

    By Kelly URL on 02.03.2018

  9. some people are scared of them but in actual fact, it is the ghosts of our own expectations, our own unfulfilled goals, ambitions and desires that are truly the most haunting. I have felt a ghost before, many would not believe me, but it is true. It actually not that scary. Just eerie and a bit irritating. I wonder what being haunted by a malevolent spirit would be like, would it be

    By Kelly URL on 02.03.2018

  10. The sale price went up when someone mentioned ghosts. They had recently become the fashion trend of a lifetime and everyone was cashing in. Ghosts were everywhere. Unfortunately they just spent their time winging and complaining that all the mortals would leave and they would just be stuck with all the other ghosts forever, with nothing to do and no physical presence to make things happen in the world. The problrm was that people took their ghosts everywhere. They wee inescapable, and ghost cohesion was a difficult task. They didn’t get alongnwith each other very well.

    By Flyderkov URL on 02.03.2018

  11. One by one, the ghosts swirled out of their graves and into the Annapolis sky. They lay among the stars, casting a hazy rainbow glow across the city. It was really quite pretty. It was a shame that only Harlie could see them.

    By Katy URL on 02.03.2018

  12. Eleanor wandered down the dimly lit hallway in a faded blue nightgown, her pale hands shaking and her eyes wide as she glanced around. The inn normally had some visitors over long weekends, when all the tourists came down to the beach town to relax, but, tonight, there was only Sophie, the object of her affections, and her awful boyfriend, who Eleanor hadn’t even bothered to learn the name of, were present this weekend.

    Gentle laughter wafted from their room, and Eleanor lingered outside the door, thankful suddenly for the fact that she was utterly invisible to their living eyes as she opened the door. The two of them were sitting atop the unmade bed, watching some movie and eating pizza. Sophie, of course, looked radiant even in her pajamas, an oversized white tank top and pink-and-purple striped lounge pants, and her boyfriend was, well, there. He whispered something in her ear, and she laughed and punched his arm playfully. Then, before he could get another word in, she dropped her slice of pizza and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, and Eleanor burst into tears. Why? Why would Sophie never love her?

    By Annie on 02.03.2018

  13. Her fingers pulled at the joystick, her brow furrowing, sparks glittering in her eyes, and she moved her lips to ancient speech that rung in her ears and pulled at her heartstrings. She exhaled slowly.

    By Riannon URL on 02.03.2018

  14. My friend broke up with her long-time boyfriend decided to stay in my apartment in Tokyo for 3 months. She started complaining she could not sleep in the night because of ghosts… a lady who sits on top of her, a man who speaks to her….

    By Ayum URL on 02.03.2018

  15. My friend broke up with her long-time boyfriend and decided to stay in my apartment in Tokyo for 3 months. But she started complaining she could not sleep well in my room because of ghosts… a lady who sits on top of her, a man who speaks to her…. and she made me shut all the windows and curtains which helped!

    By Ayum URL on 02.03.2018

  16. Th ghost in my attic wants to talk to me. I’m scared it’s asking me to look out the window of my two story building and I feel a chill when I look down. I think it’s trying to kill me. I’ve tried talking to it but that’s all it says to go to the window

    By Cynthia on 02.03.2018

  17. Boo I heard through the door that’s a lame thing to say to a ghost I thought

    By Cynthia on 02.03.2018

  18. I don’t believe in them, my friend said.
    So why are you going as one, I said.
    It’s Halloween and it’s just for a lark, she said.
    So off we went, walking around in our costumes, she a sheeted ghost, me a ballet dancer.
    We didn’t talk much, just watched the kids trick or treating.
    Then I looked over at her. A sheeted ghost was hanging over her head in the air.
    Slowly it settled on her head, enveloped her in its sheet, and then they both disappeared.
    I never saw her again.
    So don’t talk to me about ghosts. Ever.

    By Joanna Bressler on 02.04.2018

  19. I don’t believe in ghosts, its an absurd albeit interesting idea. I wonder why we think they would just be semi-transparent versions of ourselves. As if death would only take opaqueness away from us.

    By Supriya on 02.04.2018

  20. The ghosts of my past come back each time I try to trust someone new. They all left before…why not this one, too? But I’ve seen those Winchester brothers kill ghosts with rock salt and shot guns. What’s the weapon for ghosts who left broken hearts?

    By Cindy on 02.04.2018

  21. the morphed, the ghouls which dwell inside our memories. Those who have passed on but remain here sometimes in form sometimes in our own minds, they linger. Uneasy air, chilled skin with hair standing tall, the visions we can only see when we focus on something else.

    By Molly Gordon-Maguire on 02.04.2018

  22. There are no ghosts here. Only memories of the shadows that once were and are no more. Move on, be well, breathe deep and exhale. Around the core of this forms the pearl.

    By Abalone on 02.04.2018

  23. ghostly, the ghosts who smile in echoes
    remembrance of the forgotten
    memory reverberated in images
    smile turned to frown
    thoughts of mortality totality
    twisted tritely or trying trivial
    lively lifeless abounds
    turning rightside ups into

    By Matt m. on 02.04.2018

  24. I am not afraid of ghosts.
    They are not even real.
    Anyways, the scariest ghosts live inside of us.
    I am not afraid of ghosts,
    am I?

    By Olga Dranyk on 02.04.2018

  25. I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts. I want to believe in them from what I see on tv and in the movies but it is so unbelievable. My friend and I used to believe that there was a ghost in the neighbor’s house because there would always be a hand that would show up that would cover a candle that was lit in the attic.

    By Emma on 02.04.2018