February 6th, 2011 | 509 Entries

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509 Entries for “pills”

  1. white and orange
and blue

    green sometimes

    with a line in the middle

    letters and numbers
pills are little people 
that swim inside your throat
 when you wash them down with water
pills are little people 
that swim inside your brain 
when you wash them down with wine

    pills are little people with lines in the middle of them

    By emma cherry URL on 02.07.2011

  2. dont take pills unless you are perscribed it. you can take advil or some thing. pills are bad and good.

    By ana URL on 02.07.2011

  3. You take pills to make you feel better if your sick or somthing.
    Pills can be bad, or good. So be careful what kind you take.

    By Brittany URL on 02.07.2011

  4. please don’t swim through me. work. please. i miss that thick euphoria. return. balance me

    By eileen on 02.07.2011

  5. pills, prescripted or not everyone’s taking one. for some it can cause addiction, but for others and most specially the health buffs out there it’s for precaution and prevention from disease. there’s a range of shape of pills.

    By ash on 02.07.2011

  6. Pills can make you feel good, bad or both. Pills killed Elvis. Pills are expensive and pills are used too often by too many people for the wrong reasons.

    By craig johnson on 02.07.2011

  7. she clutched her pillbox like it was her heart. her arms shook as her fragile hand moved the little candy-like pieces. they hit against the walls of the tin and tinkled; side to side. up and down. the sky was exclaiming morning as violent violet and crimson streaks painted the landscape. even the gossamer clouds seemed sinister. she ambled across the cold linoleum — like a starving gazelle lost in a frozen tundra — and creakily turned the ancient handle until the faucet roared to life. water poured out abundantly as she shoved her withering cupped hands beneath the icy stream. she tongued that little pill in her mouth, judging its weight and texture with the tip of her tongue. she brought her hands to her lips, swallowing and almost choking. now the day could begin.

    By jessica URL on 02.07.2011

  8. pills help you get better at things. and help your body get things better inside of you. But it helps your body get better.

    By delgean URL on 02.07.2011

  9. i spend all day packaging the pills and lotions for you all and wonder what you would do if they all stopped would you carry on or would you just begin to live again, the pills are all too many to count………….the sun will come out soon…

    By maria URL on 02.07.2011

  10. THEY EAT ME UP whole like a mountain flying like a river I swim through the storm. You let go a long time ago, you werent ready to hold me you said NO NO NO and HAH these meds I take how can I count the ways taht they fuck me up? No prejudice no intentions HECK Y’ALL EAT IT!

    By Arabella Sunnshine Star URL on 02.07.2011

  11. Mother’s little helper!

    By Fedor URL on 02.07.2011

  12. A small orange bottle with tiny white things, makes noise in her pocket as she walks. Her feet are tired and her hands are numb but it’s only 5:45 in the morning, it’s not time yet.

    By Rose URL on 02.07.2011

  13. I take a lot of pills. I have taken pills since I was about nine. Eventually they change their reasonings. Without my pills I have been going berserk lately. Which makes me wonder if I am truly crazy, or I just can’t handle that kind of chemical imbalance. It is frightening how dependent I am on pills. I take them all the time. My roommates all make fun of me because I have a drawer full of them. I’m really not insane, you know.

    By Marissa URL on 02.07.2011

  14. pills can be good and bad. they can cure severe ailments. they can be harmful drugs. pills are marketed extensively like the birth control pill. kids often dont like pills. they feel pills are hard to swallow. on the other hand adults feel that even bitter drugs can be swallowed in the form of coated pills tablets and capsules.

    By syma on 02.07.2011

  15. I pop them in, one by one. They help me sleep, and they help me forget things that I don’t want to remember. It’s no huge matter – I’m just destroying myself a little bit more every day.

    By Nat on 02.07.2011

  16. Some people have had experience with pills. I have had an experience myself with them and it was because my brother is addicted to them. I lost all trust in him and couldnt believe anything he said to me.

    By Shaun URL on 02.07.2011

  17. vitamins had to take

    By Isaac on 02.07.2011

  18. I woudl like them they are way out of problems they help me with mental deasese

    By Marzena on 02.07.2011

  19. pills pills pills
    in every colour
    whatever anyones quirk was
    they always were ‘solved’ with pills
    no one is allowed to special
    everyone needs to be made neutral
    no one can be different
    they nulled me with pills

    By linalou URL on 02.07.2011

  20. Pills are for sick people. Pills are especially hard to get when you need them. For example, I have been sick for the past 4 days and nights. Unable to sleep or rest for God knows how many hours. Weak in the body, and the mind. This is unbearable. I need my pills and my pills know it. My pills are out there somewhere. Waiting for me. Waiting.

    By Anna URL on 02.07.2011

  21. How do you get pills out of a child proof bottle when your hands hurt?

    By peaceable URL on 02.07.2011

  22. She walked in the door and opened the medicine cabinet. Rows and rows of them stood before her, like tiny plastic soldiers. They were colored so brightly, with white labels naming each with a multi-syllabic, impressive name. She breathed a sigh of relief, let her shoulders down, and grabbed three bottles off the shelf. “Time for my evening cocktail,” she thought.

    By Emily Neie URL on 02.07.2011

  23. They fall from the bottle- white, round, psychotic. Or anti psychotic I should say. I’ve been taking these things since I was born. Since before I knew what they were even meant for. They don’t even have tylenol in Russia so why do I know these things.

    By EllieG on 02.07.2011

  24. pills help to remove pain
    pills can help you sleep
    pills usually contain vitamins
    pills can be sometimes hard to swallow

    By Isaac on 02.07.2011

  25. Take the pill to make you feel a bit better. Take the pill and swallow. Swallow and drown and go up and fly. It makes you feel like it, I’m sure.
    But if you are with me it will be even better. I can make you feel loved. I can make you feel so much better than this.

    So dry up your tears and reach out to me, please.

    By piitou URL on 02.07.2011

  26. I deal in them every day. Pills, pills, pills. Solving problems and creating more. They are the candy of the millenium, promising to fix all that ails you. And yet… if you saw what I saw you’d realize they do more harm than good. Why don’t we try to cure ourselves the natural way. Afterall, a lot of our problems would disappear if we didn’t take these pills.

    By C on 02.07.2011

  27. So many people have to take pills. For depression, allergies, etc etc. Is it really best to drug people? aren’t there any other options? I understand sometimes medication is for the best, but it’s still unnerving to me. I’m the only one in my family who isn’t currently medicated.

    By Faith URL on 02.07.2011

  28. Pills are prepared in pharmacies. They are usually taken with recommended dosage from a certified medical practitioner. A prescription is a must for some of them.

    By meeta on 02.07.2011

  29. Pills, pills
    It doesn’t matter
    Life doesn’t seem
    In danger

    Pills, pills
    Nobody cares
    No one will know
    But everyone stares

    You’re dying
    They’re lying
    It’s trying
    No one’s buying
    Your lies

    By Dave URL on 02.07.2011

  30. My mom seemed to live on pills- one for everything- then when she really needed them- of course they did not work for her. She would have a symptom and take a pill and feel better before the pill had a chance to work- certainly a plain case of placebo effect- just knowing the pill was inside made her feel better- who knows what or if the pill really did anything or if was correct for what ailed her…

    By Elizabeth on 02.07.2011

  31. hi

    By balaji on 02.07.2011

  32. pills are sometimes good and sometimes evil. It depends what you need them for. But mostly they are not good because you become dependent on them. My pills are supposed to make me happier, but they don’t. I think everyone wishes there was a magic pill that made us happier. There are pills for every kind of sickness, but pills are evil because they do not help us prevent.

    By Marty on 02.07.2011

  33. Everytime I think about pills – I think of my cousin. She’s so screwed up and this is a huge part of the reason. Add the alcohol and the bad divorce – and you’ve taken my former best friend and turned her into what she is now. A sad lonely person who I miss terribly and love dearly.

    By Samantha on 02.07.2011

  34. I have to take them every day. I swallow them, and they’re what keep me living. But they also have me dying. Think about it. Every day, I have to wake up, find the bottle, unlock the bottle, get water, swallow the pill, kill it with water, and then go on with my day. Sleep. Wake up. Repeat the cycle. It sucks. What else am I supposed to do, though? If I miss a day, I die. I wish I could skip a day. But I can’t. Why? If I was born half a century ago, it wouldn’t matter. Stupid pills.

    By Jelsa URL on 02.07.2011

  35. Pills are those little things we take to make us feel better. When they work, it’s great. When they don’t, we have problems to address. I wish there was a magic pill for all ailments.

    By David Saleeba URL on 02.07.2011

  36. First thing that pops into my mind when i hear this word is drugs..i dunno why but maybe because pills are no longer used in a good way..not for medical reason.

    By karen URL on 02.07.2011

  37. i take a lot of them everyday. for my mind for my body. i think it doesn’t help the soul. Pills are modern and a savior on sick days. but they don’t help you feel stronger. I don’t want to take them all my life. Addiction.

    By Kerry on 02.07.2011

  38. Prescription pills are done often illegal, because they are more accepted,

    By Andre on 02.07.2011

  39. yesterday i forgot to take my pills now I am running down the street without any clothes on and I am wondering why people are staring at me. I think I will go in to that shop at the end of the street and buy some shoes

    By Ashley Foust on 02.07.2011

  40. Pills are medecine or capsules that contain things that help the human body function. It can also refer to a certain someone who has a temper or is in a bad mood.

    By Simon Gill on 02.07.2011