February 6th, 2011 | 509 Entries

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509 Entries for “pills”

  1. a pill is a med that controls your mind from the goverment sold at a store it is a bad idea man.

    By werty URL on 02.07.2011

  2. one day wallking on the road we found a bottel on the grond. when i found it, had something in it.

    By someting URL on 02.07.2011

  3. Pill are good to have when your sick because they make you fell better. But pill popper are bad because they are.

    By Wltbank URL on 02.07.2011

  4. Pills can help people or destroy people. I suppose too much of anything can be dangerous. I’ll never forget hearing for the first time those parties where people bring all types of pills and just pop them into their mouths with alcohol along with other drugs. I also will never forget the day he didn’t come back to school, was sent to rehab silently so his parents wouldn’t have to deal with the shame, and hearing from an ashamed friend about his failure to call the ambulance for fear of being busted when his friend ODed.

    By Soojung URL on 02.07.2011

  5. Pills I can’t believe how many Grampa has to take. Will I have to fill my body with so many foreign substances when I am that old or can I maintain a healthy lifestyle and ward off the ingestion of pills? So many seek the aid of these littel helpers sometimes for legit reasons sometimes not….

    By a on 02.07.2011

  6. medication, doctor, prescription, pain reliever.

    By Marianne Hicks on 02.07.2011

  7. I shoved a handful of pills in my mouth. I got the hype, awhile ago, and I haven’t stopped ever since. I’m surprised I never overdosed. But I was going to now.

    By Taylor Kennedy on 02.07.2011

  8. overdose. cure. medicine. helps to take care of people. old people. sick people.

    By ramone on 02.07.2011

  9. something you put in your mouth and swallow.

    By Sarah on 02.07.2011

  10. She swallowed them down before anyone could stop her. The red ones had a funny powdery taste in her mouth, but she didn’t care. For a second her head swam and then she couldn’t see straight. Finally, the girl collapsed onto the kitchen floor.

    By Laura Riddle URL on 02.07.2011

  11. Las tomaba cada día. Cada mañana Carla hacía de tripas corazón y se tomaba dos de aquellas verdes. Por la tarde eran tres de las blancas. Y al menos una vez cada dos días le tocaban dos de las azules. Era un gesto automático del que ya no era consciente. Casi había olvidado para qué las tomaba. Aunque de eso se trataba precisamente. De olvidar.

    By montse URL on 02.07.2011

  12. The pills were devastating. They were hard and big and huge. But I needed to get them down my throat. No matter what. Those pills were my only escape. Thus, I swallowed them whole. In fact, I swallowed the whole bottle. But no matter how much I tried to swallow…they always came back out. Guess God doesn’t want me to die after all..

    By Christine Lee URL on 02.07.2011

  13. I saw the pills scattered on the floor and wondered what happened. Then I wondered how they could look so pretty they way they had fallen. They made a pattern and it spelled something out but I couldn’t read what it was. I stared and saw the pattern of the stars. The history of the world. My own history. The beginning and end. I see something else falling from my hand. It’s a bottle. A pill bottle and it falls into the pattern. Then I fall in too.

    By DoingTheWriteThing.Wordpress.com URL on 02.07.2011

  14. these are things I put in my mouth to make myself feel better. I try never to do this because I worry that I might lose my natural ability to soothe myself…..my mind and my body. Pills are scary because I dont know what’s in them and they look like poison. Dont eat pills

    By Cristina Mittermeier URL on 02.07.2011

  15. There were pills in a bottle and they took a girls life. Something so small goes a long way. The days she spent wishing she was someone killed her from one small pill. Why are such small things made that make a huge difference?

    By Molly on 02.07.2011

  16. pills – medicine, birth control pills, tynelol, advil, midol, taken orally with or without a glass of water. Is more pleasant for some people over taking liquid medicine as there is not taste however for other people it can be more unpleasant as it is a solid object swallowed.

    By marlena on 02.07.2011

  17. Everything is a pill. Sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s small. It’s all suppose to help us get better, to improve. But some pills are placebos. They don’t really help at all. They just masquerade as helpful little doses of medicine, and we swallow that bullshit because want to believe it, we have to, it’s the only thing we have to hold onto.

    By Soft URL on 02.07.2011

  18. it’s tough being tied to a medicinal chain, taking pill after pill so the body remains.
    though i hold no one acountable for my body’s poor shape, i’d do most anything to cut free from this tape.

    By raw pills URL on 02.07.2011

  19. I really need pills to feel better. I am sick again and I am going to go to the health center to see if I can get some pills to feel better. Everyone I know says that they get pills when they get sick and they are better within days. No one ever gives me pills and I am usually sick for weeks. Unfair.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 02.07.2011

  20. i don’t know what to write about pills. There is pills for when you’re sick.

    By gladis URL on 02.07.2011

  21. Easy to swallow. Come in all colors. Could be harmful. Could be addictive.

    By Pavan on 02.07.2011

  22. Terrible headache. Can’t think. So much to take care of, and I can’t even get started. Pills. I’ve got to find my pills. Budget proposal in a half-hour, and I can’t miss this. Where are those pills?

    By Mitch Holmes URL on 02.07.2011

  23. When I’m sick I take pills to feel better. Also, I take pills in the morning/evening to stay SUPER HEALTHY! Pills are so good for you!

    By Jaycey URL on 02.07.2011

  24. What are pills? You could take a pill and swallow a pill but what are other definitions of pill?

    By happyfeet on 02.07.2011

  25. Pills can be good and bad. They can keep people from giving in to depression and other mental diseases. Yet they are also bad, an overdose. Relatively they are a good solution for a short term problem, but in the end, the disease and other things are going to overpower them and then they are just little pills you take for normality.

    By Broke825 URL on 02.07.2011

  26. Pills are a form of medicine or vitamins. When you are sick you take pills to get better. Pills can cure many things such as headaches, stomachaches, and virus’s. Pills are GOOD!

    By A.Thurston URL on 02.07.2011

  27. I do not take pills. I have a mom who takes pills because she has cancer. But i have no reason to. I would take a pill than a chew drop or a liquid.

    By Jpac URL on 02.07.2011

  28. Um I don’t know what to say about pills. I guess that there weird and that they are bad i don’t know what to say about pills so just forget what I said.

    By guadalupe.r URL on 02.07.2011

  29. pills are a dangerous thing well the ones that taste like oranges those are really good

    By Nelle URL on 02.07.2011

  30. i hate having to take pills they are very weird. they are just plain and gross tasting !ew!!!!!!

    By kimmy411 on 02.07.2011

  31. large small vary in color advil ibupofe

    By josh on 02.07.2011

  32. Pills are sometimes good for you when they are prescribed. When you abuse the use of pills it is bad it is illegal.

    By Sam tate URL on 02.07.2011

  33. Pills are… Ughh…
    I quess you cant really judge pills off of first sight because some pills are healthy and I quess it is bad if you are taking them inapropriatly, but other than that, its whatever.

    By Claudia Promise(: URL on 02.07.2011

  34. adderall. downfall. crash burn stop. all of my homework done for the semester in 2 hours. temptation. want. desire. the easy way out. i need this. please. pills. answer. help me. fix this. solve my problems. straighten it out.

    By Maria on 02.07.2011

  35. Theres good pills and theres bad pills.

    By josh Crean URL on 02.07.2011

  36. Pills are usually medication they can be abused and be bad.

    By devin21 URL on 02.07.2011

  37. my grandma has pills in her room. she needs them so she can stay alive. i like how pills help people stay alive!:) REAPER IZ AWESOME!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):) hola

    By chase Curell URL on 02.07.2011

  38. pills. i take them. everymorning. she makes me swallow them. and laughs. at how much she can cnontrol me. YOU ARE NOT THE DETERMINER. she has claimed. YOU CANNOT TAKE THEM ON YOUR OWN. YOU ARE A VIOLENT CHILD. I wish she would die in a smoke of ciggerates at a lazy bar on a sunday afternoon. because that is what she is whore. i want her to get well.

    By kelly heikkila on 02.07.2011

  39. my grandma has pills in her room. she needs them so she can stay alive. i like how pills help people stay alive!:) REAPER IZ AWESOME!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):) hola! *.* wow! ‘-‘ alright.

    By chase Curell URL on 02.07.2011

  40. pills only delay the pain. the pain will be waiting.

    By nick URL on 02.07.2011