February 7th, 2011 | 638 Entries

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638 Entries for “alarm”

  1. The alarm sounded with a buzz and slowly, painfully my eyelids peeled open. I turned with an agonizing sluggishness toward the clock–four hours, that’s all the sleep I was going to get for the day.

    By Kevin Matlock II URL on 02.08.2011

  2. clock. it wakes me up every fucking day. fuck that noise. They are extremely useful though. Without alarm clocks the world would be fail. get up and turn it off. woot it’s a good song today. I love waking up to good music.

    By Ryan on 02.08.2011

  3. Movies and TV are constantly full of little things that aren’t true to reality, it is after all a product of our imaginations, but there is one that is consistently made that ticks me off to no end. When you pull a fire alarm, all the sprinklers do not go off. In fact, none of them go off. They go off when direct heat activates them. It doesn’t even make sense for one fire alarm to set off a building full of sprinklers. Seriously. Stop using that, it’s just dumb.
    What I really want to see is a scene where someone pulls the alarm with the intent of setting off the sprinklers and it DOESN’T happen, and everyone looks at him like “dude, what did you expect?”

    By Rob URL on 02.08.2011

  4. there are many different kinds of alarms. There is the alarm clock to help you get up in the morning. There is the alarm for the firefighters. There is the alarm at school that tells kids when to switch classes. There is alarms and hockey games that people blow to cheer on the home team.

    By Hannah G on 02.08.2011

  5. The alarm went off in the school. The children were running and screaming. She didn’t know what was going on. A teacher held the heads of children into her chest, snivelling. A boy glanced about, taking nothing in. Lights flashed.

    By Alicia on 02.08.2011

  6. The alarm is the bane of my existence, be it the alarm clock in the morning, the security alarms that inadvertently go off at my job or the cell phone alarm that wakes me up from my lunchtime nap at work. Speaking of which, it’s time for lunch.

    By Kevin Wojtaszek on 02.08.2011

  7. is the only thing that drags me from my bed. even though most morning i press the snooze button around 6 times and lost another hour of my day. I remember when i could just jump out of bed. I probably still can i just need something important to do. The fucked up part is that i always have something important to do. nothing else to say really.

    By adam on 02.08.2011

  8. I have become immune to alarm. My radio goes off in the morning… I sleep through it. College letters flow in… acceptances, rejections, deferrances no longer phase me. This year has made me numb, fashioned me in an air-tight cocoon, safe from the world that might fracture me, snap me in half and discard my pieces.
    Next year, though, I shed the cocoon. Next year, I face “alarm.” Next year, I awaken to what the world has in store for me. Next year, none of the numbness will clog my senses. Next year, I will no longer be afraid to be afraid. I will go out on my own and face the world, “alarming” and all.

    By Sophie on 02.08.2011

  9. I wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. Did Kesha wake up to a special kind of alarm? Is there a wake up like P Diddy alarm? Or does she just get up? Alarms suck. I wish there was a gentler way to wake me up in the morning. Maybe my alarm could bring me coffee in bed? That would be much nicer.

    By Mandi on 02.08.2011

  10. alarms seem to go off at the most unappropiate time, mainly at night, the fire alarm at uni is a bitch! Went off at 10 in the morning the other day and had to get out of bed and out into the freezing cold wearing hardly anything, and to make things worse i forgot my shoes.

    By leanne URL on 02.08.2011

  11. Alarm is an emergency, yup! If you are thinking of an alarm clocks – they suck. I don’t like sleeping, but alarms in the morning are unhealthy!

    By Fedor URL on 02.08.2011

  12. The jangling of the alarm also jangled my nerves, setting them on edge like a cliff diver hanging balanced over the precipice ready to jump! I reached for the clock and slammed my hand down on top of it, shutting off it’s piercing sound.

    By eldarcj URL on 02.08.2011

  13. I’d been sleeping for so long. I didn’t want to wake up. I didn’t want to go back to that place and do the same thing. It’s not that I was tired. I was wide awake. I just didn’t want to live this lie any more but then soon enough I heard the alarm. Snooze wasn’t going to work anymore.

    By Neha URL on 02.08.2011

  14. Tick-tock. Time always stands. Never sits. Tick-tock buzz, bang, wake-up.

    By Jaelithe URL on 02.08.2011

  15. alarm is what happens when everybody hears a fire truck running closer to your apartment. Not knowing that u have just and didn’t notice the fire station next to you jump out of the building and into your hall way in front of everybody in your paiyjamas. Wondering why everybody is not alarmed like u run just in time to wake up get out of the bed.

    By JUBIN SAM on 02.08.2011

  16. The coffee cup was sitting on the counter, undoubtedly forming a ring that would be extremely difficult to get out of the wood. As she reached out with tired and frail hands, she felt the brush of another hand against her own. It caught her off guard. There was no one there and she knew it; she just couldn’t stop herself from hoping.

    By Rose URL on 02.08.2011

  17. The alarm goes off and up i jump, to start my day and cant wait to slump, back in to bed where i can dream till im dead, and live in the magical world in my head.

    By Grace on 02.08.2011

  18. ALARM!!! is a perfect thing it helps keep your houe safe from burgerlers and robbers its a very helpful thing

    By SoccerStar URL on 02.08.2011

  19. when i wake up the alarm is ringing and after every school hour of every day a alarm goes off telling you its time for next class.

    By Michael URL on 02.08.2011

  20. Alarm is when you feel something you don’t like. Alarm is when you feel things you never felt before and it makes you scared. Alarm is when we are born.

    By mysticaldeath URL on 02.08.2011

  21. I fucking hate alarms. I hate the way I sleep through them. I hate the fact that I need one, and yet it never seems to pull through for me. I have broken and and reparied, and rebooted enough alarms for me to hate sleeping.

    By Carlos URL on 02.08.2011

  22. a fire alarm is a freaky alarm in my school i dont know how it goes crazy

    By eman URL on 02.08.2011

  23. I hear a alarm every morning when i wake up. Or when there a fire. Then you while hear one.

    By alejandro URL on 02.08.2011

  24. i used to set an alarm everyday, scares the shit out of me when i wake up. i find i enjoy waking up naturally. it’s refreshing and real. we are all so consumed with technology and letting i control us. Why can’t we let go and just let the earth wake us up, let our bodies wake us up?

    By Sarah on 02.08.2011

  25. wake up to the sound of a alarm…. school i dont want to go but i do every day

    By jamie:) URL on 02.08.2011

  26. I hate an alarm. They are so loud and noisy and they break people’s ears. They warn you of things happening, things to come, things that are bad. Sometimes they are good but you never know that, the connotation is instantly bad when something is so loud like that. Alarms never tell you what they’re for, they just go on and on and on until you shut them off, if you can. Sometimes you can’t do it

    By meg on 02.08.2011

  27. alarms are good for waking you up. especially if you are in deep slumber, usually with your adventurous and wild goose chase dreams where you really need to wake up from but have no idea how to. an alarm will be your life saver. that is if you didn’t forget to set it up.

    By thryziah on 02.08.2011

  28. The alarm went off – blaring loudly and was currently interrupting my sleep. My amazing dream with my sexy man ended as I grabbed my boots and headed out the door. The others were rubbing sleep outta their eyes as we formed up. All of us regretting partying the night before.

    By Rea Rose URL on 02.08.2011

  29. The sound of my alarm is the worst thing to hear. I wish I could sleep in an endless abyss until the end of time, dreaming my vivid, vivid dreams. I sleep to relax, to be calm, to escape? I’m not sure yet.

    By Kacy URL on 02.08.2011

  30. “Girls are so stupid,” Nick muttered. I reached over and took his cookie, took a bite from it, and put it back.
    “Hey!” He said, and took the next bite.
    “That’s so funny because girls think guys are stupid.”

    By Ella on 02.08.2011

  31. this mourning i set my alarm for 5:00 am, and I didn’t get up still 7:00am. I hate goals…:)

    By ella on 02.08.2011

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    no need to head them
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    By Chinemenma URL on 02.08.2011

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