October 22nd, 2009 | 443 Entries

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443 Entries for “aspect”

  1. wow, how embarassing. I can’t think of anything witty or creative to write about aspect. I suck.

    By Anonymous on 10.23.2009

  2. aspect. well i suppose you could say this is one aspect of my life… oh hell, who i kidding?

    i really want to go to thailand.
    (ohmygoodness do i want to go.)

    traveling to thailand is one of the top five things i need to do before i die.

    By j. on 10.23.2009

  3. Aspect! This was the same word as yesterday. I’m bored with the aspect of writing about ‘aspect’ again. It’s a great word, really. But enough! Time for a new word. I wish you could get a new word every time you logged on. That’d be a much better aspect of this site, I think, as long as we’re talking about aspects.

    By Ariel on 10.23.2009