February 6th, 2015 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “piano”

  1. Pendant que ses mains courraient allégrement sur le clavier du piano, ses pieds dansaient follement sur le pédales. Mais quelque chose toutefois ne semblait pas normal. Son regard étaient fixe, apeuré et la sueur coullait contre sa tampe, mouillant le canon du pistolet.

    By Sarah Anouny on 02.08.2015

  2. While his hands were running allong the piano’s notes, his feet were unstoppably dancing. Yet something didnt feel quite normal. His eyes were staying still and he looked petrified. Sweat drops were wetting the gun’s canon.

    By Sarah Anouny on 02.08.2015

  3. Piano is my favorite instrument of all. For me, a piano’s melody is something that really touches the heart. It can be hard at first, but when you finally have a grasp of the keys, and let your fingers flow with whichever way you want it to go, the melody is just so magical. Maybe I am being bias, but that’s how piano is for me. It’s a magical instrument that brings my deepest feelings out. And it’s a nice thing to find something that does that to you because at this complicated age, it’s one of the hardest things to do.

    By weirdific on 02.08.2015

  4. Alors que ses mains dansaient courraient sur le clavier sur piano, ses pieds dansaient sur les pédales. Toutefois, quelque chose semblait anormal. Son regard était fixe, pétrifié. Il suait abondamment, mouillant ainsi le canon du pistolet contre sa tempe.

    By Sarah A on 02.08.2015

  5. Only if I had listen to my father,s advice and took up the piano lessons. It was always my ambition to fulfil my dream of continuing the legacy that my great grandfather left us.

    By victor walkes URL on 02.08.2015

  6. The words flowed from her hands. She wrote and wrote as if she were playing a concerto on a piano. She couldn’t stop. It was as if all the emotions were pouring from her fingertips to the paper and she refused to cease this freedom from happening.

    By MsLanaK URL on 02.08.2015

  7. Keys, black and white. Beautiful music, stress, death, dark dark thoughts love and hate. Symphony, depression. Lovely in love given hearts with green circles.

    By Georgia URL on 02.08.2015

  8. i like pianist the best they are such awesome people with their own sense of style and personality imbued upon the way they perform. They do ot reliquish their persona when they begin maneuvering the ivory keys, they make the ivory keys follow the lead of their identity.

    By denise on 02.08.2015

  9. It was the way his finges flew across the keyboard. His fingers like a dancer’s feet, graceful and so sure.

    By althea may pilapil on 02.08.2015

  10. there was this room you know, empty completely empty, just just the instrument in it,. rain falling outside on those weird damn trees and she sits there playing grieg or something, a gymnopedie, note sheets falling to the ground and tells me, you can’t cheat when you play chopin. you can’t either you play him right, or you don’t play at all, because he won’t let you cheat with the keys

    By berenique on 02.08.2015

  11. I’ve got one in my living room. I don’t know how to play it, but it’s the principle of the thing. Music. It’s important. It’s needed. It’s necessary. Even if I can’t make the piano make those beautiful noises, the fact that it could if I could means something. It’s waiting for me, or someone, to make it sing. When

    By Elisabeth on 02.08.2015

  12. lady Elisa sat at the piano. but she did not play. she would always just look at the piano sadly. her maids knew she shall never play and sho did she. why? because lady Elisa had no hands.

    By skaardja on 02.08.2015

  13. A piano is a musical instrument used to play music. It is a tough task to play a piano properly if you don’t have any formal training of playing a piano.

    By aniketnikhade URL on 02.08.2015

  14. every time you’re mad at me, my heart feels like a fist pounded on piano keys. i can feel it ping and i feel it clang, and i try so hard to not let it make a song. i don’t want the anger to be a melody, i don’t want the hurt to rhyme. i just want you to stop talking and fighting and just kiss me one more time.

    By Kelsey-Lynn URL on 02.08.2015

  15. There he sat. Writing his newest melody. It was different this time though. His daughter sat next to him—pigtails in her hair and smiling from ear to ear. Moments like this are what he used to dream of writing about. He held her hands in his as they moved from one piano key to the next and it was in this moment that he realized he could finally say he was truly happy.

    By Theresa on 02.08.2015

  16. Stepping over the piano. She vaulted over each black key, her steps light, playing only the notes which harmonized. He ran to keep up, but he depressed each as he ran, and they rang loudly, incongruously, vibrating his being.

    By Holden URL on 02.08.2015

  17. i play the piano

    with black and white
    side by side

    with long fingers

    i build bridges
    for the pilgrims

    with elbows high I shade

    with ears open
    I hear

    By sevenwords on 02.08.2015

  18. Tugboat dehumidifier frustrated melodies

    By teedubz on 02.08.2015

  19. Piano Man by Billy Joel played softly in the background. I leaned closer to him, smelling the cinnamon on this breath. His hair was rumpled, and I stifled the urge to correct it. I felt a sif I knew him. I felt as if he knew me.

    By GK on 02.08.2015

  20. She was looking at it, deep in the corner of the house that had once hosted those who suffered from war, from famine, from loss, but most importantly – from hope and freedom. These are the shackles that hold us most tightly; freedom is our ultimate prison, hope our magnificent foe. She looked at the piano and thought to play, but never did.

    By ptakopishka on 02.08.2015

  21. Her fingers landed softly on the ivory keys. Each tap reminded her of the raindrops dancing on her window. Her heart beat faster as her hands moved faster and faster. Outside, a storm was coming.

    By musicrazi on 02.08.2015

  22. You play it my mama knows how to play it is beutifol

    By Ava on 02.08.2015

  23. The keys were struck with deft precision. A cacophony of sound bleeding from fingers. Healing the pain. Driving the darkness into the depths of the mind. Away from consciousness. Numb. Numb to everything but the music.

    By killermac on 02.08.2015

  24. The great oak piano is an instrument that I’ve longed to know how to use, i want to touch her body, feel her keys and make her an extension of me; my body and hers should be one. Our souls should intertwine. Oh how i long to know her, feel her touch, hear her screams in the wee hours of the night.

    By kendall mcdonald on 02.08.2015