February 4th, 2015 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “aura”

  1. She ran through the fields laughing with a school kid’s glee. She was euphoric. Her aura was a rainbow of colors, a kaleidoscope of flavors and she loved every moment of freedom that she had.

    By MsLanaK URL on 02.06.2015

  2. Her aura. She was fucking gorgeous. Something about her eyes, her face. Like that of a cat. A cat that knows she is going to get fed. She knows she is land on her feet when stumbling around from place to place. She was confident, sure. Determined. Determined to be smiled at.

    I smile. Helpless.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 02.06.2015

  3. the green light washed over the huddled masses, illuminating mangled limbs, wrinkled faces, and clenched fingers.

    By rick on 02.06.2015

  4. She had an aura about her. Literally, there was a perceivable aura around her. It was strangely attractive. She walked through the campus like she was so proud, like it was a new necklace from her boyfriend rather than the awkward, dildo like object that caught everyone’s attention.

    By Eric on 02.06.2015

  5. Kim feared her stepdad
    His smile never reached his eyes
    And he had no aura

    By Soft URL on 02.06.2015

  6. her aura was blue. sad, dejected, sullen in her attire (she didn’t smile that day);
    her aura was green. lighthearted yet begrudgingly greedy (her lips tugged and bit at my own);
    her aura was yellow (i covered my eyes so as not to be blinded by her beauty);
    her aura was purple (tears sprinkled the ground she walked on when she gave and gave and gave everything she had to those with nothing but a beating heart);
    her aura was red (that day the waters boiled and burned anyone who dared to swim)
    her aura was mingled with mine (all colors of every shade, but especially pink when her hand touched mine)

    By parker URL on 02.06.2015

  7. It is the aura of a person that gathers all the attention and attracts others towards him. With time everything changes and so does the aura of a person that also undergoes a change.

    By aniketnikhade URL on 02.06.2015

  8. This word reminds me of Phoebe from the American Sitcom, Friends.. They always end up saying “anyway”.. LOL

    By Ria URL on 02.06.2015

  9. I looked over at him, he smiled up at me. Its brightness was blinding, he had an aura of confidence about him, and yet, I sensed there was insecurity too. I wondered again what he might be hiding behind those blue eyes.

    By Meg Babee URL on 02.06.2015

  10. Her aura was yellow. Everyone she touched knew it, it was no secret. Ever since she had moved in, she had shown an incredible light that lit up the day of anyone who encountered her.

    By Lucie K. URL on 02.06.2015

  11. his aura was rather nice. he didn’t show dominance and superority, but rather friendliness and support. i know that my friend thinks i’m odd to say that i rather like him. he’s really nice. did you know that this word rhymes with a womans name laura? the name comes from laurel bush and i know it because i know one laura.

    By Paula on 02.06.2015

  12. Magnetic. This was the word that pulsed through his veins as strongly as the aura that drew him toward her. He was compelled to speak to her, to meet her. He could not avert his eyes.

    By Saya on 02.06.2015

  13. She was drawn to his aura. Not that she was a mystic or anything, but there was just something about him; his charisma, his personality. Something made her want to be around him all the time. She dared say she was falling in love, but, strangely, she’d actually never even spoken a word to him.

    By Lisa URL on 02.06.2015