December 20th, 2016 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “centered”

  1. Centered around the table, visualizing the views from the top of supper. I wonder if it’s possible to vibe so close to the plane of vision and discover how in tuned you are with him, with me, with one, this one. It’s at the core of who I am but not where I want to be because it’s failed me constantly. So let me not be centered on being sympathetic, but centered on who is most important, the, my, self.

    By Harris A on 12.20.2016

  2. I am centered. I am grounded. My core is cemented to the earth. I am vindicated. I am exonerated. I am pardoned and absolved of my sins. I see color. I hear music. I feel all temptations wither like rotten grapes on a dying vine. I am fulfilled. I am assertive. And I am ready to f***ing fight.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.20.2016

  3. Self-centered

    We live in a heliocentric solar system. I have been called the sun more than once. I used to think it was a compliment, but now I know it is a criticism.

    By Danielle on 12.20.2016

  4. Centred around her palm lay three tiney beads. YELLOW GREEN AND BLUE was the biggest one, It flew down on to her hand and it was that I n

    By bb on 12.20.2016

  5. I’m feeling centered right about now. I’m not left leaning nor right leaning. I’m center. That’s a good thing. Centrist? No, centered. Meet me at the center. Is it directly in the center? That’s a fact! Go, centered folks.

    By michaelbuzz on 12.20.2016

  6. what is it like to be centered? to be in alignment with the best version of myself and my intention. Being centered is about having my eye on the ball and not taking it off. It’s about being motivated to stay true to me and my values. My family.

    By lisa on 12.20.2016

  7. He was man of balance. He had centered his word completely on the immaterial. And then he lost people. A lot of people.

    The man he became after that was someone he could never recognize. If people dies so often anyways, why did it matter if he took over why they passed away?

    By Meg on 12.20.2016

  8. Zentriert sein. Auf das Wesentliche ausgerichtet. Nicht nach rechts und nicht nach links schauen. Scheuklappen? Scheu sein? Scheuen wie ein Fluchttier?

    By Lisa URL on 12.20.2016

  9. She inhaled, exhaled, tried to get her grounding back. The house was loud, rocking with energy. She wasn’t prepared for this today. She stood up out of her bed, stretching her neck. Here we go.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.20.2016

  10. im centered into learning english

    By Kibs on 12.20.2016

  11. What makes text look pretty. Who wants to see something left or right justified? I mean, people speak different languages and read them differently. Centered means on the right path. The c in the pythagorean theorem. Straight to the goal. Centered means aligned. Aligned with your goals, your motivation. Don’t stray. Stay on course. You’ll get there.

    By Justin Du on 12.20.2016

  12. Her whole life revolved around dance. If she went one day without dance she would lose her core, the thing that kept her grounded. It’s like a planet losing the sun to revolve around. It couldn’t happen. She needed dance.

    By Kaitlyn Sipes on 12.20.2016

  13. Grounded, in a world of uncontrollable reality, I lay here grounded. I have spent my days, centered around the work that seems dull , the moments that tire me, the people who bore me. Yet I am grounded here.

    By kbwriter on 12.20.2016

  14. The opposite of centered is:

    Christmas centerpiece on the tablecloth when the tablecloth is yanked off the table by angry sister-in-law and the centerpiece lands on the floor, flooding it with the water from a huge bouquet of flowers meant to block everyone’s view of everyone else?

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.20.2016

  15. How most people want to be. In the middle. Where one should be, but should they? Is centered really the place to be, the middle path? Shouldn’t one rather go from side to side and experience wonders across the spectrum. See life in its fullest extent

    By Roy on 12.20.2016

  16. Ohm.
    I am one.
    Except maybe when sometimes I’m not. I mean, everyone has off days here and there right? And to have one bad day doesn’t mean that they’re all bad days. And what does I am one mean anyway? Who made up this whole meditation thing.
    Starting again.
    I am one.
    Really now … is that something that was added when they changed it over to English? Is it a literal translation? Or a general attempt because I can’t imagine Sanscrit translates over to English that easily. I mean, there has to be an absolute ton of variation between the two languages. Are they even on the same language tree?
    Starting over.

    By terradi on 12.20.2016

  17. My breathing was shallow and ragged, I needed to slow down. I couldn’t take the time to sit down but I tried to take a few calm, centering breaths. I pulled my focus inward and felt my stomach pull in and my chest push out. One, two, three, I blew the air from my pursed lips. It was going to take a few tries to get it together.

    By Michelle M on 12.20.2016

  18. I am centered. My stomach, my core. My energy lies where my food and my soul churn, endlessly.

    By Olivia on 12.20.2016

  19. Taking a deep breath, he centered himself slowly.

    It requires a lot of focus to do this.

    After all the years of training, he has transformed himself into a true master.

    As he takes his step up to the platform, the audience fell silent.

    All eyes are on the Master.

    He takes one big breath and strikes.

    By DF on 12.20.2016

  20. As I stand dead center of the stage, I take a deep breathe. I don’t remember walking out to my position but its too late to return behind the curtain. off stage my competitors stand glaring hopping I will fail. I lift my bow to the strings of my cello and my hands shake. I glide the bow causing a legato note to fill the hall. I switch notes trying to tune breathing hard. so very scared of the judges in front of me. Looking up at the ceiling i begin to play Bach – Cello Suite No. 1. My vibrato shakes the hall. My breath shaking and floor vibrating beneath my feet. I’m so scared I close my eyes. the song ends and everything is a blur. I stagger off the stage past my competition and they look stunned. I must have missed something. Strangers bring me flowers, to each I give a weak smile.

    By Sonny on 12.20.2016

  21. warm blood and lips and hair singing into plastic cups pulling up my green sleeping bag and rolling it back and under

    i made a pool and slept in three colors and slept in my coat

    By Aviv Cohn on 12.20.2016

  22. a little to the left
    a bit to the right
    no, no…..that’s not quite right
    Trying to get life centered
    centered? Balanced? Flat?
    Are we aiming for zero
    always striving to not get too high
    attempting to not get too low
    perhaps though we have it all wrong
    maybe, just maybe
    life is about the extremes
    like a pulse on the monitor
    peaks and valleys
    anything but linear…..

    By poetwarrior on 12.20.2016

  23. Focused driven purposed she was
    My Yin His Yang
    I want to ride the waves to the ends of the earth

    By Wo'nette on 12.20.2016

  24. I can’t stand self-centred people. i just fuck em off. i need to talk about myself in a converdation. i can’t just lsiten to someone the whole time. i’,m sick of that. i do that all day at work. sometimes i need to be listened to, to be heard. otherwise it feels like i’m just a vortex that people project ito and i forget who i actually am. so when i met Luke, who actually listened to me, it became a relationship of real value.

    By Ellaandlara on 12.21.2016

  25. centered on the small side table was an armillary sphere with an arrow shooting through it, golden in hue. It was still spinning slowly from someone-or something, having just recently moved past it.

    By Ken on 12.21.2016

  26. I know I’m self centered. Hell, look at me right now. I’m even writing about how self centered I am, isn’t that ridiculous. They say it’s my mental illness and I understand that it probably is, so I try to listen to other people, but I simply can’t help but talking about myself at the end of the day.

    By Paige B on 12.21.2016

  27. She was walking forward, not minding where she was walking. She kept thinkning back to when she was walking centered and almost got hit by a car. After all she knew better than to walk in the middle of the road, the difference was that back then she didn’t care. After headlights came into vision she realized that maybe, just maybe, everything that had been so wrong in her life wasn’t that bad after all.

    By Alice on 12.21.2016

  28. It was all centred around her. She stood, tall upon the podium. Standing tall was a brave gesture. She still had power, even in those few moments before her death she held everyone transfixed. The audience grew still in anticipation…

    By Daisy Leason on 12.21.2016

  29. i think the whole world spins around my failures.
    does it?
    i think the eyes of many swivel to watch me fall.
    do they?

    maybe i am just a figment of everyone’s mind.
    a mere stroke of paper destined to vanish.

    By anothershadowbox on 12.21.2016

  30. Centered. It makes everything look better. It pops out, jumping at the user, screaming it’s importance. I’m not very centered right now. It seems as if repeats a word for two days, which is kind of frustrating. Always stay on track. Do that and you’ll be set. Never lose hope in yourself. Always follow your passion, if your conditions allow for it.

    By Justin Du on 12.21.2016

  31. I am totally centered on the idea that abundance flows all around us and all we need to do is tune our body and mind to see and experience it in all our lives. Abundance is energy like everything else so we just need to see that we are worthy.

    By trkstr67 on 12.21.2016

  32. middle well balanced thought out stable correct mindful

    By Gerald Love on 12.21.2016

  33. Her life was about to transform with the decision she would make. All she wanted was to meet her daughter again. She had before her the opportunity to avenge, and all with just one push of a trigger. Her thoughts centered her surroundings, which she carefully weighed down upon, as her heart beat faster than the ticking bomb.

    By Rums on 12.21.2016

  34. The question centered on the tense. What context is this? Anxiety thrummed as the unknown spiraled out like great and vast universe. Galaxies rose and fell. In time there passed a countless dawn and an innumerable dusk. I cleared my throat and repeated what I’d said to another friend, “No. For all my time here I’ve never actually been to the HiLo. I hear it’s a seedy dive-bar. And no good stories have come from there so I continue to avoid it.”

    By Intuition on 12.21.2016

  35. centered in my mind and on my grind
    two teeth
    against the the shine
    of my wine-glass
    there goes the sound
    where I’m most abound, the ring of success, blesses every single mess
    a compendium of thoughts rush to my head when I’m on the edge of dread
    all these wild boars adulterate this enigmatic tropical jungle called neurons
    as long as were aware, our minds are wired, to avoid tear
    and tears
    life is a sweet pear in peers!

    By Milad URL on 12.21.2016

  36. somebody talk to you and they oblige you to listen to them and you just don’t know what they are want really you still hear more and more but nothing change; after a long time you know that the are talk about that thing, so you became in any descustion with them say <> hhhhh

    By romi maiss on 12.21.2016

  37. Everything always centered around it-
    that very first hit.
    People saw distress and suffering,
    every time she tried to smile.
    They couldn’t let her forget,
    not even after the walls crumbled.
    They always saw her in the center;
    of the pile of debris.
    Her face blue and purple,
    but a smile still shone through;
    until the night she begged again,
    “Daddy please…”

    By Lexy on 12.21.2016

  38. Harmony, peace. I am Buddha – the enlightened one. I lived high and fell low to learn wisdom.
    – inspired by Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse.

    By Lekha URL on 12.21.2016

  39. He was angry. No, he was furious beyond all forms of reason. He could see what was wrong, and no one else seemed to care.

    He sat.

    He could still see the idiots in his mind, and nothing could purge them. He knew they had always been there, *would* always be there, and there was nothing he could do.

    He breathed.

    Everything was falling apart.

    He closed his eyes.

    Nothing ever worked the way it

    He breathed.

    And it faded away.

    By Patty Heany on 12.21.2016