October 15th, 2009 | 710 Entries

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710 Entries for “permission”

  1. Permission to board your heart?
    Permission denied.
    Permission to board your bedroom?
    Permission granted.

    By Maria on 10.17.2009

  2. He knew he didn’t have her permission, but he didn’t really care. She never bestowed her grace in his favor; she was always more preoccupied with his brothers. Today he’d take a risk though, a chance that few others dare to take. And if he succeeded, it would be worth the horrible disapproving look on her face.

    By Lexi on 10.17.2009

  3. when i had to go to the bathroom in school i used to have to ask permission. I always thought it was silly to have to as permission in order to use the restroom. Why? I think that is a silly thing to be asking permission for. Permission is not something you should have to ask

    By TT on 10.17.2009

  4. In school,like elementary and middle and even high school you always have to ask permission to go to the bathroom,When I started college last month or so YOU DONT HAVE TO ASK PERMISSION TO GO TO THE just get up and leave.THIS BLEW MY MIND!

    By mmMARINAAAA on 10.17.2009

  5. “You’re not supposed to ask for permission, that’s why it’s called ‘stealing.'”

    Jennifer bit her lip as she reached into the drawer in her sister’s room. Her sister snored loudly as if to reassure her that there was little chance of her being caught, but still she hesitated. Why did Alexis need this ring anyway? She declared it was of the utmost importance, but she wouldn’t explain to Jennifer WHY.

    By Lexi on 10.17.2009

  6. She wouldnt say yes, there was no way. He leaned over her, “C’mon baby, please, you’re killin me here…” She knew he would leave when she said yes, maybe not that moment, or for ti

    By ColinO on 10.17.2009

  7. I don’t need it. Not from you, not from my parents, not from my teachers or my boss. I mean, I’m 23.

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009

  8. We asked for permission to leave early. The mistress said, “No, y’all gotta stay here til the mornin’ comes ’round and feed them chickens thems food.” We groaned in dismay. I didn’t what to think about the mistress; one moment she’d be so nice to us, and the next it’d be like everything we did was done wrong.

    By mia on 10.17.2009

  9. permission is something you usually need from an authority before doing something or going somewhere. I don’t have my mom’s permission to stay the night at my best friend’s house. :/ umm i wish i didn’t need anyone’s permission..

    By vanicia on 10.17.2009

  10. Why should I ask anyone permission to feel this way? Certainly not any of their permission. I can feel whatever the hell I want, no matter how horrible it makes me feel.

    By Karin on 10.17.2009

  11. Hahahaha! (Maniacal laugh) Who needs permission?? MUAHA!! Permission’s for those who are too afraid to make their own decisions. Wow. That was a moment of uncharacteristic deepness/density.

    By Raiya Moon (in a very hyper mood) on 10.17.2009

  12. I couldn’t turn around because that would have been permission for everything, the touching, kissing, whatever carnal desire one could imagine. Instead, she spewed lies, remained face-forward, afraid. He wouldn’t go away, and her friend, his muscles bulging against his white shirt, was otherwise engaged.

    By Ella Emma Em on 10.17.2009

  13. i had to get permision to go to my boyfriends house weird the way parents need to know where you are I dont understand permission is so dumb you need it for everything. Isnt it just easier to do what you want where you want to

    By ET on 10.17.2009

  14. i give you all that i have with this one word.

    By courtney on 10.17.2009

  15. you have my permission to go out into this crazy fucked up world and live your crazy fucked up life! carpe diem

    don’t wait around for something to happen to you, go out and seek it permission is dumb sometimes

    By c on 10.17.2009

  16. Asking for permission. Once in college, you don’t need to ask permission to use the washroom anymore and yet since you don’t need to ask, you don’t want to go use it.

    By Sue on 10.17.2009

  17. Who said i needed permission to go in the forest. I just went there. No one was there to stop me. I just did it. Screw permission, i am my own person and can do what i want. The forest, its mine.

    By CrazzyWarrior on 10.17.2009

  18. She was always awaiting permission. Always, always. “Can I do this? Can I do that?”
    And he would look at her, as if to say – “who am I to tell you what you can and cannot do?”
    And would never answer. He would never just give her that permission that she so sorely needed to continue with her life.

    By mwmwmw on 10.17.2009

  19. Without permission, you are acting in risk. You risk your self, rather than the one who you gave you permission. With permission, you are acting as a solitary individual, with no one to blame. There is little that you an do as an individual to not get you in trouble with osemone.

    By on 10.17.2009

  20. Permit me to present my woes
    to find ample space to wiggle my toes, and license to be free within the vacuum of your taut understanding.

    By Blake Bergeron on 10.17.2009

  21. Permit me to present my woes
    to find ample space to wiggle my toes, and license to be free within the vacuum of your taut understanding.

    By Blake Bergeron on 10.17.2009

  22. I didn’t think that I needed anyone’s permission to NOT go back to school. I’m 30 years old. Everyone seems to have an opinion about my education but me. How strange to not want to.

    By Jillian Hopkins on 10.17.2009

  23. By jenifer on 10.17.2009

  24. i think permission to have or do something is very necessary, yet un-need. if you know what someone if already gonna say about it, then why ask, you know? i mean. shit. i really like writing, like writing about this topic, and its very ironic that i got this topic because this happens almost everyday in my life.

    By Tyler McGuffin on 10.17.2009

  25. I gibe you permission to do whatever you want to do in life. do what makes you happy. you have permission to run like a child and play in the puddles. you have permission to cry and watch sad movies for hours and hours. yo have permission to cut that person out of your life and move on without them. permission is granted for whatever you chose. you are a princesss. you are a wizard. you control your destiy so run with it. you ahve permission. always.

    By Natalie on 10.17.2009

  26. The word ‘permission’ really reminds me of my life as a small child. Always getting permission to do the things I wanted. Now I’m 18 years old and have such little need for permission, I like it so very much.

    By Kevin D on 10.17.2009

  27. ………too hard

    By Charlotte on 10.17.2009

  28. sometimes you just need to give yourself permission to be young again; to be carefree and to forget about present responsibilities…have fun.

    By kristin on 10.17.2009

  29. permission

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009

  30. Can I take off your clothes?
    Am I allowed to take off your shirt?
    Will you give me permission?


    You are allowed.
    Shirt is off.

    By Sharon on 10.17.2009

  31. i have never had permission the way i want it. i want to have permission from God to be exempt from all of the things that make us human except for passion. i want no exception for my passion. i want permission to destroy the people around me with love.

    By matthew allred on 10.17.2009

  32. T be free,to feel it to crave for it.

    By c on 10.17.2009

  33. I hated this word when I was in High School. Permission just made me feel like I was nothing more than dependent on my parents and like I really NEEDED them.

    By maria on 10.17.2009

  34. asking permission to end my life, asking permission for an escape from all my troubled thoughts, i ask and i ask, no one replies. i’m stuck here , stuck in this false life only to wait for the day i die.

    By oh pop... on 10.17.2009

  35. I don’t need your permission. I don’t need anybodies fucking permission. I’ll do what I want, how I want, when I want. So have some of that. I mean, if that’s okay?

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009

  36. It’s something you ask for, not given to everyone. It makes me think of being let out of school early, while it’s midafternoon and everyone else is hunched over their books. Meanwhile, you’re strutting out the door and into the wide blue yonder.

    By Katie on 10.17.2009

  37. I want permission from my parents to have Colleen and Bridget sleep over after homecoming tonight. Too bad they’re mad at me.

    By Danielle Berman on 10.17.2009

  38. Preminision

    By Jeff on 10.17.2009

  39. I wish someone would give me permission to take my Event Manager out of office.

    By Ayisha on 10.17.2009

  40. This is the first time and I don’t have to ask permission to anyone to do this. If I had remained at home tonight I would have had asked 7 people what they wanted to do first before asking myself for permission

    By elena on 10.17.2009