September 4th, 2011 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “division”

  1. When something divides it better be strong so it can grow.If you are find yourself removed and you are not strong you will be crushed.

    By 00bullhead URL on 09.05.2011

  2. there’s something between them. they aren’t as close as they were before. it frightens him. he doesn’t understand why she isn’t talking to him. why she isn’t smiling at him. why she isn’t near him any more. it frightens him. it frightens him so much.

    there’s a division between them, and it’s breaking his heart in two.

    By cam URL on 09.05.2011

  3. We, the five of us, were divided, each to their own world. The lack of unity between us was a painful fact to realize and accept. I had been too young and naive to understand what was happening, so it was rather shocking for me to suddenly discover that the Division had already happened and there was nothing I could to change or reverse it. We were each alone in our own bleak world. The only time we visited each other’s worlds, we fought. And it seemed that I was the only one who realized this.

    By khakicat URL on 09.05.2011

  4. I remember being young and learning the dreaded long division. I could not do it the way the teacher taught. Many long days and night trying to do it her way. I could see the answer but could not write it all out. So my answer would be right but the method wrong.

    By tgodiva URL on 09.05.2011

  5. There is a division between us. Last time I saw you, it was clear. There was something about the way you looked at my face. A kind of absence of thought. But again, it didn’t feel nasty or spiteful, but more uneasy. I didn’t know what to think at the time, but now I know it’s not something I want for my life.

    By Sherlock Holmes URL on 09.05.2011

  6. The line was drawn, and it was squiggly. It’s division was clear, but not even. We were now squiggly enemies; just the way we enjoyed it. The pleasure never left us and that is why we kept fighting.

    By mark URL on 09.05.2011

  7. It was always harder for me to do, when in school. Id take multiplying over division any day.

    By MisterAnd URL on 09.05.2011

  8. Any number divided by one is itself. Whoever decided that didn’t put their math into a human’s perspective. Two people, divided by one person is a separation that can create or destroy hope in a human’s life, and without hope, what would you be living for?

    By kelly on 09.05.2011

  9. The only thing separating us was no more than an empty square of dewy grass, but it might as well have been a fifty foot tall mountain of concrete and barbed wire.
    Our eyes connected; we were looking, but not seeing.
    Could he feel my heart struggling inside my chest, trying to sever the veins and arteries connecting itself to me? Could he feel it trying to reach his?
    Something had come between us.
    Would it ever come down?

    Would we ever want it to?

    By Carly Luk URL on 09.05.2011

  10. math. stupid. not fun. lame
    divorce. broken homes. sad.
    dead people. sad old people. alone. divided away from everyone else. no love. lost. depressing. the whole shabang.

    By Clara URL on 09.05.2011

  11. division is excision, get hidden in the distance where the sky meets existence. incision is my mission of the fission in your minds eye, your vision needs revision so as not to see division.

    By v3rb on 09.05.2011

  12. They divided up our souls into equal parts. A division that helped all of them.

    By Joy URL on 09.05.2011

  13. The division of the USSR took place in 1991. The country was then many countries, as it was before the forming of the country in 1917. World War II had also added some of the countries to the USSR. Germany was one of these countries. East Germany was formally the Kingdom of Prussia. Once the USSR was divided Russia was again a country itself but the monarchy of the tzars was not restored.

    By EnGlAnDrUlEs on 09.05.2011