July 3rd, 2010 | 186 Entries

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186 Entries for “pawn”

  1. I am just a pawn. A pawn in your silly game. I go where I’m told, I do as you say. I do it without question, without fail. I am expendable. I am fodder.

    By Bellatree URL on 07.04.2010

  2. A useless part of a chess set. Used and worthless. You can be a pawn or a queen. You can make yourself important with nothing in your way. Or you can be. Used and worthless.

    By Bluelips on 07.04.2010

  3. She never loved him. He was just a pawn that she used to get what she wanted–a dispensable piece in the sick game that she played.

    By _Kate_ URL on 07.04.2010

  4. Pick me up by my head with forefinger and thumb. Place me down carelessly, in full view, exposed to the danger of the voyeuristic, bloodthirsty crowd. Forget about me. Sacrifice me for the sake of some pompous king. I’m just your plaything, I’m just something to be discarded, I’m just a servant. But I’d die for you, over and over again. Set up the board once more; no matter how rough you treat me, I’ll always be there to make your first move.

    By jaymg URL on 07.04.2010

  5. What is this sick game you’re playing? This game in which I am merely a pawn, dispensable, unimportant. You the king with all your little pieces cluttered around you, ensuring you came to no harm, ensuring that it’s anyone but you that has to suffer heart break or humilation. Who cares of all the other pieces that get crushed along the way? As long as you are still untouched, this sick game can continue…

    By Sinead URL on 07.04.2010

  6. she was a porn in thier game of evil. she stood their astounded that she herself had been outsmarted. she thought she had been smarter then this and yet she had lost, her life was over.

    By Ayla URL on 07.04.2010

  7. Eric glanced down at the brown and white checkered board before him, scrunching his eyebrows in concentration as he gazed among his players. He’d lost all but one pawn, the rest gone thanks to his opponent’s rather exuberant knight.

    Eric let a grin slip over his face as he moved his pawn forward one space.

    “Check mate.”

    By Alexandra URL on 07.04.2010

  8. I’m just a pawn to the Shinra Company. I realized this after they let their three very best SOLDIER just go off and die or suffer alone and lose his mind. Cloud and I are just experiments now. Where did all my enthusiasm in what I was doing go?

    By Zack Fair URL on 07.04.2010

  9. <>
    then you turn the TV off, and you are back in your cosy life. Don’t worry, they will broadcast another bombing when you get bored.

    By Ден URL on 07.04.2010

  10. “pawn
    boom boom”
    then you turn the TV off, and you are back in your cosy life. Don’t worry, they will broadcast another bombing just in time before you get bored again…

    By De Nizza URL on 07.04.2010

  11. I used to pawn things to get money for my children. Family heirlooms, peoples wedding rings, stolen jewelery, anything I could get my grubby mits on. This prison cell has taught me some hard lessons though.

    By Lauren on 07.04.2010

  12. Sometimes i just feel like I’m your pawn to play around with- part of your messed up little game and i don’t even mee=an anything to you. Please, PLEASE get out of my life.

    By Cady M'Lady URL on 07.04.2010

  13. Silly little thing, stooping, crouched down smaller than everyone. Back pains? The King and Queen are mighty. They smight you little one.

    By Lauren URL on 07.04.2010

  14. I go through life, waiting, watching, wondering when it will be my chance to shine. I feel as if I’m a pawn being moved around in my life, without direction or goal. Soon I will be the player, and I will direct my own life. Will I be ready?

    By Rachel on 07.04.2010

  15. I prayed it wouldn’t be a patriotic word and it wasn’t, it was, instead, a playing piece or an occasional soap opera character. Pawn. Pebble, piece, pep, pip and all-or-nothing, yawn.

    A pawn sets out, discovers, reports back, sacrifices itself for the greatest good without thought, without merit with only the vague hope that he will be the one of the many of them to survive to become a knight or a sentry or something that looms as more important than a lowly pawn.

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 07.04.2010

  16. He was a pawn in the judge’s hands. Small, insignifcant. One that you would willingly throw before the enemy in hopes that something better and more valuable could edge its way in.

    By Sarah Bannerman on 07.04.2010

  17. A person that was used by someone of higher influence, they are used and thrown away. If a pawn dies who truly cares; they are simply a means to an end. Maybe they were paid, maybe they were born into the position.

    By Kori on 07.04.2010

  18. I was not sure how it started, how I became a pawn in his little game. One moment I was applying for a job with a small research firm and the next I was caught like a rabbit in a trap.

    By Kitsa URL on 07.04.2010

  19. we all are pawns in this stupid world. I hate writing so as I am writing this I realize I’m a pawn no matter what.

    By notme on 07.04.2010

  20. I couldn’t believe that he had done it. Used me like that. Tears slid down my cheeks and landed on the lined paper below. Tiny puddles formed like fresh dew on a leaf. Soon the paper would turn dark and wrinkly.
    Checkmate. The Queen and King were dead.

    By bree URL on 07.04.2010

  21. Want to take it to the pawn shop so bad, but it has so many memories attached to it. It’s all about the memories man!

    By Biscuit URL on 07.04.2010

  22. A pawn is in chess. A player. Someone (or something) that is used. You see.. it’s the weakest thing in chess. And in life. Supposedly. But it can become the strongest. How can this be? I don’t know. It’s a testament to believing in your dreams, maybe? Maybe it’s something else. Maybe people are stronger than they think. Who knows? I don’t.

    By Isaac on 07.04.2010

  23. i think of pawn shops and illegal activity. Pawn someone off onto someone else because you don’t want to deal with them. Move that pawn forward in the neverending chess game. A dog’s paw(n), only not really.

    By Me URL on 07.04.2010

  24. It moved smoothly across the table towards me. How did he know just the right square to move to? And how could I figure that out. I stared at my own pieces in front of me.

    By Rachael on 07.04.2010

  25. blue veins on forearm soft.
    only afforded touch,
    years after and now still

    you have quit smoking,
    and I can not stand
    this sun,

    a brass player bends
    to his shadow

    By FTS on 07.04.2010

  26. You used me, and your plan was so seamless, along with the lines you drew from your soft lips. It kills me everyday how I couldn’t see.

    By Samantharrr URL on 07.04.2010