February 12th, 2017 | 77 Entries

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77 Entries for “pawn”

  1. “I love the way she plays me…”

    “I don’t wanna drive at night…”

    By Prawn URL on 02.12.2017

  2. pawn
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    By Luciana Vieira URL on 02.12.2017

  3. chess piece, always the first into battle. The least valuable. To be fair its sort of sad and a typical example of majority of societies and their hierarchys

    By jadel150 on 02.12.2017

  4. When people control you and tell you what to do, it makes you feel trapped. Feeling trapped can be excruciating because it feels like you’re out of control. Being out of control is maddening and can make you want to quit everything. What a strange feeling to want to have control over something but the thought of your lack of control makes you paralyzed?

    By Erika on 02.12.2017

  5. The little man of the society that is the chess board.
    the unimportant.
    sent into battle first
    just a toy to those more powerful

    By jadel150 URL on 02.12.2017

  6. a pawn is a piece on a board that is played between kings and queens. so in effect the pawn being the lowest ranking man on the board as far as value goes, is worthless.

    By reginald lassiter on 02.12.2017

  7. What a funny thing. That I am me, but not at all. I do not know how my body works. It gets sick without permission. My heart cries when my mind tells it not to. I am a contradiction. I am out of control.

    By stix URL on 02.12.2017

  8. I pawn is a piece on the chess board, it is most disposable yet a very important piece to have. The least valuable, yet a game winner in it’s own. a pawn is someone being used for a purpose and yet they have more value than which they are being given, there is more to pawn thn just a piece

    By 22222222222222 on 02.12.2017

  9. pawn ?
    i dont even know what that means
    is it it like the one where you like pawn gold?
    like turn in like jewelry and get money back for it..
    i just got lost in my thoughts thinking about nothing..

    By Ask on 02.12.2017

  10. You claimed you were a king, but you were merely a pawn in this chess game. Your fragile body was pinched between the fingers of the true emperor. He tried to move you across the board, but you refused to be queen, not realizing how much more powerful she was than her male counterpoint. You lay on your black wooden tile and screamed. You hissed. You threw your little tantrum, and the camera bulbs flashed all around you. All while you wove yourself a crown of weeds and toilet paper and broken glass.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.12.2017

  11. We are pawns but we know it,
    so is that a complication? Does that mean
    we have a part to play that we don’t acknowledge?
    Does knowing you’re being manipulated grant you agency?
    Or is it just denial’s last big joke
    on us all?

    By Serene URL on 02.12.2017

  12. A pawn shop

    By Samm on 02.12.2017

  13. I realized that in the whole game, I was just a pawn, used for my good qualities and abandoned like garbage when my demons took over. I was told I was the queen, but in that moment, I knew it wasn’t true.

    By Maddy on 02.12.2017

  14. i feel a little like a pawn, except i really have no idea whose in control here. I feel like i could be being manipulated right now, but at the same time, I’m doing things against the advice of those closet to me. It doesn’t feel like reverse psychology to me.

    By agweatherington URL on 02.12.2017

  15. Are we just pawns in some big game of destiny? No, probably, not, but I also don’t think that what we do in this life really matters. We might think we’re saving thousands of lives in one big act of heroism, but if they don’t know, they’ll die anyway, and their lives will remain unchanged.

    By FuMashu URL on 02.12.2017

  16. I am a pawn in this game of love
    a hostage of the heart
    move me, use me, sacrifice me
    i submit myself to you
    whatever it takes to win the game
    i am yours
    i do not detest the role i play
    i am a willing slave
    into the war i happily go
    to see love win the day

    By poetwarrior on 02.12.2017

  17. a dog has paws. They are scary. I love dogs but ı am scarec of them because of their paws.

    By Hande on 02.13.2017

  18. She was pummeled to the ground, and as she lay there, unmoving, eyes blank and staring listlessly ahead, she wondered how she could ever had trusted this man.

    He was a manipulator, a chess player – as cliche as that sounded – who gave little regard to those he deemed useless to his plans. Or worse, too little of a threat to his wealth and authority.

    By ethel URL on 02.13.2017

  19. She shifted the piece forward and gently removed her hand. She tried not to grin as he swapped her valiant pawn out for a queen, placing it authoritatively on the board. “Now, we have ourselves a game,” she thought. Her face did not betray her, but as she looked into his eyes across the board, she knew he was thinking the same thing.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.13.2017

  20. when the pawn moves the game begins, how will you play? with mercy? dont use me to get to the queen. check mate. check mate. and everyones one word will be of chess

    By Chelsey Fowler URL on 02.13.2017

  21. This whole situation didn’t feel good. He stood by the bar and looked around. His contact was somewhere in the crowd but he had never met him. He was just a pawn in this whole exchange and would play his minuscule part and then be gone.

    “Where is it?” he heard someone say from behind him. “Don’t turn around, just pass it back to me.” Which he did and a moment later, he could feel that the man had left.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.13.2017

  22. I have felt like a pawn in my life…but I really think you have to just once to realize what you truly need to strive toward. Live your own life, it really is all about you!

    By justme URL on 02.13.2017

  23. PAWN
    Lucky began to feel he was just a pawn in a much bigger organization than he realized existed. His “mentor” had a mentor, he heard from listening to a phone call hidden behind a door.

    By Jane Easterbrook on 02.13.2017

  24. Leaving the station, I had this sudden sinking feeling. I reached into my pocket, feeling the emptiness of it, brushing my fingers along the fabric, down into the bottom. The world started to spin around me, trees and cars and people all a dizzying carousel pressing nearer and nearer.

    By Max on 02.13.2017

  25. WE BUY GOLD – The Dragon’s Pawn Shop

    By linet URL on 02.13.2017

  26. chess piece

    By Will on 02.13.2017

  27. The most abundant and expendable piece in chess. However weak and slow moving. They also have the most potential to become the most versatile piece on the board.

    By RobDuganJr URL on 02.13.2017

  28. He shook his head and moved the piece across the board. “Your move.”
    A smile crossed his face as he waited for his opponent. They might be playing a game, but what he had in mind was very real.
    For so long, he’d been a pawn. Now, he would be king.

    By Brooke URL on 02.13.2017

  29. I have never played chess and never understood it. Every friend I have knows how to play chess and they have tried to teach me.

    By angel on 02.13.2017

  30. A chess piece that is a small size and value. A person used by others their own purpose.

    By Sanaa May on 02.13.2017

  31. pawn means to deal or give something away for an equally valued possetion or an amount of money to deal or give away that specific object.

    By maliyah on 02.13.2017

  32. to sell give for money or loan

    By cedrez on 02.13.2017

  33. I was walking and I seen a pawn shop.

    By takanye URL on 02.13.2017

  34. There’s plenty of pawn shops all over the USA.

    By breyona jones on 02.13.2017

  35. a person used by others for their own purpose
    to get something for a less price

    By G'Ameka on 02.13.2017

  36. I think a pawn is something that has a low or very small value

    By Mya Buckins URL on 02.13.2017

  37. turning something into cash by taking it to a pawn shop.
    using someone as a target

    By ?me? on 02.13.2017

  38. Something you get for cheap at store.

    By Adrian on 02.13.2017

  39. dupe, trade, agreement, tricked into trading your favorite thing for a tub of chicken

    By Shai Stephens URL on 02.13.2017

  40. Pawn – a person that use something and the next person buys it

    By chyua squires on 02.13.2017