February 12th, 2017 | 77 Entries

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77 Entries for “pawn”

  1. trading something in for money in return. or for something different

    By Sidney Griffin URL on 02.13.2017

  2. Like a pawn shop

    By Amariya on 02.13.2017

  3. a chess piece of the smallest size. A pawn moves on square forward along it’s file, two on the first move. So pawn results to the chess board game.

    By Daria callum on 02.13.2017

  4. A chess piece of the smallest size and value( the ones in the front)
    A person used by others for their own purposes.

    By Amariyaa on 02.13.2017

  5. A deposit or an object with a pawnbroker as security for money lent.
    A chess piece of the smallest size and value.
    A person used by others for their own purposes.

    By Dayle on 02.13.2017

  6. Something you do to something such as a phone, tv, tablet, ect and you get money back for it.

    By Breasia on 02.13.2017

  7. When u loan something

    By Jerome Carr on 02.13.2017

  8. a chess thing, a pawn shop, lake.

    By tyrece on 02.13.2017

  9. when some one gose and sell and rent it outr for money

    By larry on 02.13.2017

  10. a chess piece of the smallest size and value. A pawn moves one square forward along its file if unobstructed , or one square diagonally forward when making a capture. Each player begins with eight pawns on the second rank, and can promote a pawn to become any other piece if it reaches the opponent’s end of the board.

    By xavier URL on 02.13.2017

  11. I never came in to actually pawn things at the pawn shop on South Springfield. I came in there to sell plenty of things and occasionally to buy things, but never to pawn things. I always felt like an intruder there, having come for a purpose other than that of the shop itself. The owners seemed to study me with puzzled eyes, always a “Why?” on their lips.

    By Lee on 02.13.2017

  12. “Knight to E4”

    A young man in a checked jacket looked up at me from across a small table.

    “You know, your knight can’t reach E4, especially not when you’ve pulled him so far out of position.”

    His voice was quiet yet powerful, the kind of voice you expected to hear out of a well-liked King or President.

    “Ah, I’m sorry” I replied, “I meant to say Pawn to E4.”

    The young man scrutinized the board for a moment before locking eyes with me.

    “You can’t do that either. You don’t have a pawn that can go to E4” He said.

    Damn. He was right. I looked for something else on the board, anything to keep me from losing.

    “Um, Bishop to Rook 5?”

    He looked at the board and then back at me. He simply gestured for me to make my move.

    I moved the piece.

    “Check?” I asked, knowing that it wasn’t going to last.

    “Check indeed” He responded.

    We waited for several minutes. Nothing happened. I looked at the young man, questions burning behind my eyes. He looked back, eyes strangely empty.

    “I pass the turn?” I asked, hoping to cue him in that he should move.

    The young man stood up, turned around, and began to walk away.

    “Wait! We haven’t finished the game!” I shouted after him.

    Although he was already fading from sight, I heard him speaking as though he were next to me.

    “The game already ended. You were close, though. Closer than anyone has been in a while. Congratulations.”

    “I don’t understand!” I shouted to the empty air, “What is going on?”

    I heard him moving behind me. Spinning around I shouted, “Found you!”

    It was him, but suddenly I wasn’t in a generic park playing chess, I was in a generic park, standing in a line with several other pieces. Behind me I saw the young man, towering over the chess board I now seemed to be a part of.

    “Pawn to E4”

    My feet started moving.

    By Connor URL on 02.13.2017

  13. Pawn shops are American shops were you exchange an expensive item for cash and you have to pay them back within some time or they sell your expensive thing.

    By hannah on 02.13.2017

  14. A pawn is a chess piece but the word has come to have a much larger meaning. If you’re a pawn, you’re being used by someone. It’s a common problem. We’ve all been pawns at time. We may be pawns in some very large game all of the time. Who knows? And what, if anything, can be done about it?

    By chipschap on 02.13.2017

  15. The chess set stood on an oak desk, exactly where I had left it as a child. Dust had gathered under each ridge, grey and heavy like moth wings battering ash against a glass window.

    By S on 02.13.2017

  16. I went to the pawn shop today to sell some of my wife’s jewelry. I don’t think she knows about any of it, about why this is just necessary. She tries to understand but life to her is all jewels and I think she’s too happy to get it. She will notice that her wedding ring is gone, though. Most people think those are important.

    By Haley H on 02.13.2017

  17. It’s like she was being forced against her will. She was a pawn in the ongoing chess game called life and she just beat her opponent. Check and mate.

    By sammy URL on 02.13.2017

  18. A chess piece, the lowliest of men, the key in battle. Never underestimate the power of the individual.

    By Henry D on 02.13.2017

  19. I just a pawn, I can’t believe it, he used me, and that was the only reason he talked to me. It’s so hard all the time, I don’t see how else to go on, but we all have to survive and that’s what i am a survivor

    By Andréanne on 02.13.2017

  20. I was your pawn,
    the one you set on the board
    only to trick the other.
    You play a lot of games hunny,
    but this time you lost.
    The pawn and the piece
    you wanted,
    we formed a team.
    Now the board is out playing field,
    and you’re the new pawn.

    By Lexy on 02.13.2017

  21. Like pawn for a shop or actualy porn? I don’t know much about pawning items in exchange for money. Or could we be talking about pawn during the game of chess? Regardless, I don’t like the word pawn or how it sounds.

    By drew on 02.13.2017

  22. leaving girlhood is not yet knowing to look back
    taught the bite of desire,
    someone’s blunt teeth, gnawing, and the pain is
    newness, you think this is love
    a ring of bruises around the neck, you think
    the wet heat of your childish name
    what stays, is molded

    By invinculis URL on 02.13.2017

  23. I cant believe it
    She really went too far this
    how could she pawn it off
    i know shes trying to help
    but she really needs to stop sacrificing herself
    it meant so much to her

    Yes, but cant you see, You mean MORE.

    By Anima on 02.13.2017

  24. I was wondering around the pawn shop looking for my missing piece. Could it be they lost it and some wander in the street found it? Browzing through the sets of glass and plastic. There is stood. My missing piece. An old leg.

    By HEY on 02.13.2017

  25. Again. Can i get a differenet word? Perhaps this is a pawn itself. Only giving one word to use and then some will dfine it, some will tell sotries as I did perviously. And now I can not type correctly. If other words are given because of purchase i choose nah. no jose. no.

    By HEY on 02.13.2017

  26. pawns spawn
    Spawn pawns

    Dawn’s drawn
    wands drawn

    By omqwat on 02.13.2017

  27. For some reason I think of the word pawn as a synonym to the word poser. Sort of like, an easy substitute for something that is much more real than the original. I guess I think thats a negative?

    By Barfo on 02.13.2017

  28. So, I get the same word twice? i know this thing is called oneword, but, come on.

    By Barfo on 02.13.2017

  29. This should be called “only one word a day.” I came here to flow and all you give me is cookies.

    By Barfo on 02.13.2017

  30. I want to die. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve been depressed since I was 12 and nothing has helped me get out of this horrible, despair-filled life. I’ve tried medication, therapy, etc. Nothing works. I begin to feel a bit better, but then I find myself falling back into the dark abyss of my depression. I really don’t know what to do. I’ve tried getting help from so many people, but no one seems to care. Why do I even try anymore? I don’t know how much longer I can take this. I may end it all soon.

    By Faith on 02.13.2017

  31. He had led a massive prison break, it was all too easy with the incredible sources he had, and having countless criminals in his debt would benefit him greatly. As he walked down the long isle he smiled at each belligerent glare. An especially pugnacious, bulky woman attempted to step forward in a somewhat threatening manner. He turned and shot her in the head as if it were second hand nature for him, like writing his own name. Then he proceeded along the aisle as if a woman had not been just murdered, and grinned at the gaping faces around him, insanity glinting in his eyes. He was glad, really, that she had volunteered herself as the first example to others of what it meant to be a pawn. After all, the only way to obtain power was through fear, and pawns serve the ones with power. Tomorrow, he thought, I’ll send my first pawns out on to the playing board. And pretty soon they’ll have to realize that they’re a part of a much, much bigger game.

    By clayang on 02.14.2017

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    By Armand Falci URL on 02.14.2017

  33. The worst part is knowing the outcome from the start, really. The consequence of each action. The reasons behind them, thinly veiled.
    The fingers warm on my neck, pushing me forward.
    Maybe I’ll become stronger. The lie I use to justify. After all, if not, I just die fighting.
    Would that really be so bad? To let you move me, a few inches each time, in whatever way strikes you at the time, your capricious moods?
    The line between me and my enemy grows thinner. The consequence of an action.
    It is I, corrupted and white. You sucked out my color with sweet commands, and now I must fight.
    I was never meant to win. I never wanted to try.
    But your fingers warm on my neck.
    You convinced yourself as much as I that this is true. You did a poor job. We both are lying to make this sacrifice easier. Enjoyable even. Honorable.
    The worst part is knowing the outcome, the reasons behind each action, from the start.
    We cannot feign ignorance.

    By Ai URL on 02.14.2017

  34. It was just like this yesterday. Maybe when the world keeps demanding the same thing over and over again, one might eventually decide that it’s broken. That it needs to be hit with a heavy, open palm. Restarted. One might cease to think that being a pawn is a good idea.

    By FuMashu on 02.14.2017

  35. She slipped out of the building boiling with anger. Stephanie had recommended the place to her. Why did she ever listen to Stephanie? The weight of the situation continued to become clear to her as she stepped into her car and turned the keys in the admission.
    The pawn shop had duked her. She bought three pieces of jewelry. A genuine diamond necklace, 24 karat, that shimmered in the light, which she had laid eyes on before she bought. There was also a beautiful silver bracelet that had little diamonds in a triangular pattern, and a watch that was a present for her husband. It turns out, she thought, more angrily than ever now, that they stuck a bunch of packaging and a picture of each of the pieces of jewelry into the box. Now she couldn’t even find the right building to return them.

    By Marina White on 02.14.2017

  36. I think immediately of the poem that I just sent my boyfriend. Nothing I’ve written for him, or wanted for him. Just a lyrical mock-up of something pretending to be meaning, because sonnets and meter are hard to fix, and it was just a little homework piece and not a big assignment. I even cheated and wrote badum badum badum badum badum for one line – mimicking the sound of a train.

    By ShakesperianMockUp on 02.14.2017

  37. I didn’t want to pawn my engangemnt ring, but He told me there was no other option, and I knew I had to listen to him.

    By kirsty on 02.14.2017