July 24th, 2009 | 219 Entries

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219 Entries for “pause”

  1. No don’t pause, if you do you will think and if you think then you may think twice. Thinking twice is the mark of an intelligent and wise person who knows the value of discretion.

    So don’t pause. This is your friendly advertiser calling. Buy, buy, buy!

    By David on 07.25.2009

  2. Pause makes me think of my first Nintendo. My parents gave it to me on a Christmas. We had a tradition to hide our presents and look for them rather than put them under a tree. I looked all over for the NES, expecting to get one that year, and couldn’t find it. They had a big box of trash (wrapping paper and such) and said “hey, what’s in there?” They snuck it in the box. Second best hiding ever. Number one was the SNES in the oven a few years later.

    By m.e. on 07.25.2009

  3. He paused warily; hesitantly, he took another step forward, then paused again.

    He wasn’t sure why he was being so wary, but something about the chilling fog and the dank night air made him so uneasy that his dearest wish was to run home.

    By Chuck Meacham on 07.25.2009

  4. pauses like eternity ;years like seconds

    By emre on 07.25.2009

  5. He paused, but it definitely did not refresh.
    Sweat dripped off his brow, but his lips and mouth remained dry, stale.
    You could run all your life and never quite get ahead. Stay in advance of all the worry, the bullshit.
    Still, he tried.
    And paused every once again.
    Just to hear the grumblings of despair that forever chased.

    By ThomG on 07.25.2009

  6. i paused to think about the proposal i’d just been given as i dipped my quill in my ink bottle. It was a very hard choice i was going to have to make and i wasn’t ready to decide yet, not knowing what any of my family and friends would say if i accepted.

    By Lauren on 07.25.2009

  7. stop. I need to take a bathroom break. why does someone have to call during the movie? Sometimes I wish you could pause a movie in the movie theater sometimes. It’s nice to take a break during the day and rest.

    By ScoBo on 07.25.2009

  8. moment time waiting reflection space nothing life now when what where future waiting far waiting

    By Moss on 07.25.2009

  9. tropopause, aeropause, biopause, stratopause, mesopause, turbopause, thermopause, ionopause, exopause, plasmapause, magnetopause, gravitopause, heliopause, galactopause, groupause, clusterpause, superclusterpause, filapause.

    By . on 07.25.2009

  10. sometimes I do, when I’m thinking. Often I do not pause long enough. no rules were ever made dictating how long a pause should be- an effective pause, a dramatic pause, a silent pause, an action pause.

    By Christin on 07.25.2009

  11. oh hit pause, fill up your drink, empty your bladder, hit pause to take the call, pause before you decide between the lesser of two evils, consider freezing everything and living in between.

    By wigout on 07.25.2009

  12. two vertical lines right next to each other. sometimes the button is play/pause. when using audacity to record a spanish oral exam press pause and NOT stop between prompts so as to record the whole thing in one go.

    By grace h on 07.25.2009

  13. The hesitant tone in between the spaces in our conversation hovered tensely over the two of us; there was so much to say yet it wasn’t enough to fill in the pauses that stretched, for miles, between us.

    A bead of saliva had gathered at the corners of her mouth as she worked, furiously, to drag the topic further and further away from the past. But somehow, the words exploded silently between.

    By Deis on 07.25.2009

  14. I take a deep breath, for the hundreth time that day. My name has been called and I realise that my future is dangling above my head, and I am terrified. I take one look back at my empty seat, pause, and walk toward the open door at the end of the corridor.

    By Hannah on 07.25.2009

  15. I pause, stop, take a moment to think, to breathe, to take in what’s around me. things were moving too fast, i just needed them to stop. I just needed to think. It good to pause and think sometimes, no sound, no interruptions.

    By Elsha on 07.25.2009

  16. Take a long pause… Vacation is nothing but a long pause from all the chaos. Unfortunetelly the pause is almost over.

    By Bianca on 07.25.2009

  17. stop for a moment, relax and think it through, stare into space…

    By deb on 07.25.2009

  18. take your time, relax and realize who you are and what you want to be and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself and relish in those that you have accomplished. Life is short, so pause.

    By neal on 07.25.2009

  19. i paused. Nothing was there, but i felt some thing, some one following me. I didn’t know what to expect.

    By Leah on 07.25.2009