December 13th, 2012 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “patient”

  1. wait a little longer,
    i told myself.
    just wait a little more.

    for the right time,
    the right place.
    she’ll be right there.

    when grapes are ripe,
    the drink is fine,
    and the moment right.

    and then she wasn’t.
    horrorstruck i knew
    i waited a little too long.

    admissions of love do
    not age gracefully,
    like old and bitter wine.

    By isa on 12.14.2012

  2. The ward was nearly empty, white sheets pulled tightly across the mattresses, metal rods standing next to headboards merely waiting for their visitors. Things smelled clean, untouched, sterile – everything you would expect in a hospital.

    By Kelsey on 12.14.2012

  3. The formerly patient patient became impatient, glancing at the other patients wondering if they were losing their patience as well.

    By Sarah on 12.14.2012

  4. Yesterday’s word was patient, but I will go along with this again today. I began a book called “Candide” yesterday by Voltiare and it is such a great work! I plan to read 11 more great books by the end of 2013, which will take great patience, I fear. :)

    By Marlena on 12.14.2012

  5. i wasn’t patient towards the end of the day, because it was friday.

    By danieler on 12.14.2012

  6. Wat dos patient mean

    By josephfo on 12.14.2012

  7. Jazmine is a mental patient. Just kidding she’s pretty crazy but and fun sometimes.

    By Fernando on 12.14.2012

  8. chase and julian are very on capable of being patient. espesilly chase

    By jazzy on 12.14.2012

  9. The doctor had a patient that had to be patient while he awaited his appointment. When the patient entered he was given a bill, $500 a step.

    By Ryan on 12.14.2012

  10. I will be a patient at my doctors office today.My doctor has to look at my leg because it hurts.

    By lissamc on 12.14.2012

  11. patient is when you are waiting for something with out a hurry. for example: i was paitent while waiting for the doctor to call my name.

    By adriana on 12.14.2012

  12. patient, are you patient or are you a patient. The word means two things and both so different. Being patient is a valuable trait. Being a patient is something that is connected to a feeling of sadness, lonliness, helplessness. How funny a word can mean two things at two completely different ends of the spectrum.

    By Liberty Gatcombe URL on 12.14.2012

  13. She sat patient.
    He was not.
    He wanted to marry now, so he popped the question.
    She said no.
    It left him broken.
    Broken by self fault.

    By Breezeway URL on 12.14.2012