September 30th, 2010 | 144 Entries

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144 Entries for “patience”

  1. in all form can be needed and loathed. is kind and isnt kind. makes me want less time than seems like i have more when told to be patience. and in all differences makes me more understanding and grows on me with wisdom.

    By beth moss on 10.01.2010

  2. It was just a matter of lacking in patience as she ran a stop light in the middle of school rush hour traffic. She was moving slowly when she crossed the intersection but how could she have just started moving when it wasn’t her turn. She could have killed somebody.

    By donna URL on 10.01.2010

  3. Patience is hard, when I can’t wait to be with you and you are so far away ~ and yet so close when we can write this way through the Internet.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 10.01.2010

  4. My patience was worn out by the endless quacking. Ducks everywhere. There were ducks as far as I could see. And the feathers were overwhelming. Overwhelming!

    By nlc URL on 10.01.2010

  5. patience is the most important quality a person can have. its something you have to learn to do… to be patient. you have to be willing to let people fall and pick themselves up again 100 times while you sit there and stand till.

    By abra URL on 10.01.2010

  6. This is AGONIZING. This long wait for the site to load. but I have to have PATIENCE. nothing else will solve this. I detract myself with meaningless tasks until finally it is TIME.

    By Stevie URL on 10.01.2010

  7. The spider is one of my totem animals, because I need to learn patience. The spider weaves its web, then sits there, secure in the knowledge that what it wants/needs will come to it.

    I weave my web; but I do not sit patiently. I pace back and forth, drawing attention to myself and destroying the web in the process.

    By mimimanderly URL on 10.01.2010

  8. A virtue? A curse? Sometimes I believe that patience can cause me to miss out on things because I don’t pursue them aggressively. I wait instead for them to come to me. How virtuous is that?

    By Andie on 10.01.2010

  9. Not something I have any of. As a matter of fact, ironically, I was fucking pissed about how long it took this page to load. I mean, the internet is fast, right? And this page is fucking simple. What the fuck took so long? I wish I was more patient though…would probably be good for my blood pressure…and my relationships…

    By cswestii URL on 10.01.2010

  10. She never had enough patience for this profession. I don’t know what to tell her. Find another? She always said it was her dream. But maybe she should find another one of those, too.

    By Allison on 10.01.2010

  11. i don’t have any patience to think about that.

    By Valquíria on 10.01.2010

  12. I sat down and didn’t move for 20 minutes. I just watched. The whole time they watched me back, but I didn’t care. I started to feel uncomfortable at first, but then I realized that everyone did it. Sometimes you are the audience, sometimes you are the character. This time I was the character playing the audience member who was watching the characters. But everyone knows the real story.

    By Manata URL on 10.01.2010

  13. I am not a very patient person a lot the time. And would hate it if my parents had named me patience. And cannot spell properly when rushed so I always have to correct myself and never get to say as much as I mean to on this website.

    By Lizzy on 10.01.2010

  14. Patience is a virtue and our demanding, evolving world makes it more difficult to acheive when we are rushing around and forgeting to take time to live in the present. We become impatient with those we love and with others. Patience is required to live your life fully in the present. To express patience to children provides a lifetime of guidance that will be cherished because you will have taken the time to build a nurturing relationship with that child.

    By Jane Otte on 10.01.2010

  15. Is it a virtue? Why would putting up with something that is unbearable be any thing that should be valued – yet more brain washing to get us to accept what we should not.

    By Anna Fairtlough on 10.01.2010

  16. I took a deep breath, exhaling into the chill air. It was raining today, and I did not want to be here.
    “Let’s try, one more time.” I heard the voice from the passenger seat of my car speak.
    “One more time it is.”

    By Frankie on 10.01.2010

  17. Patience is a hair more significant than virtuous. Patience is a streamline of black clouds hovering over a plane in wait. Patience is an eye through a scope and a finger on a trigger. Patience is no more than remission of time.

    By Crusher Destroyer on 10.01.2010

  18. She said she needs to work on patience. I agree. She dated two of my friends, pressured one into sex within the three weeks they were together and told the other one she loved him after a day. That’s not the only thing she needs to work on.

    By Mary on 10.01.2010

  19. .

    (I sat here for a minute just to submit that.)

    By Mary on 10.01.2010

  20. patience is not always a virtue.
    sometimes you can be too patient.
    like when people are taking advantage of you.
    if this happens do not be patient.
    say no, fuckers.
    patience is not always a virtue.
    i said no, fuckers.
    has it been 60 seconds yet?
    i’ll be patient i guess.
    what if they said the 60 second thing just to fuck with you?
    and then they just put up patience every time
    and really it was just an experiment to see how long some idiot would write in this box about patience for
    that would be funny
    but i don’t think that’s what’s going on

    By Mikey Warren on 10.01.2010

  21. Don’t jump through fire-lined hoops for me
    Or even assume that it’s what I want
    Don’t write love sonnets or poetry
    About dreams of yours that I haunt
    (those dreams filled with lust)
    You must have patience if you must
    Sinply have my arm in your arm
    (Though i don’t expect you’ll get that far.)

    By Julia on 10.01.2010

  22. Patience is one of those virtues that never really feels like a virtue when you actually need to have it or use it. It’s like praying for patience but being impatient to get it. Who actually enjoys being patient?

    By E. Johnson URL on 10.01.2010

  23. Everything is demanding so much from me, I have little patience left for anything. What do you do when everything presses in and demands your attention? Just take one at a time. Breathe. Relax. The end is coming.

    By Hawkk URL on 10.01.2010

  24. She sat on her hands at the edge of the chair and her mind was a bubbling swamp of skin-irritating slime. The hairs on her neck stood up like children trying to reach the cabinet above the fridge. Her knees shook. Her tongue was drier than sandpaper. Her stomach was jelly. This is patience.

    By roffle on 10.01.2010