October 21st, 2008 | 1,295 Entries

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1,295 Entries for “path”

  1. Which path do we take in life that will lead us to our destination. Left, right, up, down, or even back the way we came. This fork in the road is a crowded affair for surely I am not alone where I stand that juxtaposition. Can it be that the way home is north?

    By Victor Powell on 10.25.2008

  2. She took the path toward her house, though familiar it seemed strange under the fall trees. There was an eerie breeze shuffling the leaves, her arms clutched tightly around her chilled torso. She pondered if it really was her home.

    By nathalie on 10.25.2008

  3. that takes you in the direction that you want to go or maybe not…maybe it takes you in the absolute wrong direction or maybe it is a direction you should be going but would rather not have. find your path and walk it, run it, skip it, dance it. by all means live the path!

    By stacie on 10.25.2008

  4. a road to follow to get somewhere/see something. Usually a path is made of dirt of you’re watching out side.

    By cali on 10.25.2008

  5. Every path you choose will bring you to a bad decision. There are so many more bad choices than there are good. The more “bad” decisions you make the more likely you’ll know what not to do in life. The path you chose will in fact do nothing but fuck your life up, if you’re truly happy you’re living a life in denial.

    By Eric Pitt on 10.25.2008

  6. the path that i was lead down was a dark and sary one, with twist and turns that not even god knew about. This path was called my life, it was so scary, but no one one was there to shine a light.i was alone, very alone.

    By moriah on 10.25.2008

  7. the path of this life has been scattered with wonder but none so magical as this one that leads me to an angel.

    By elise james on 10.25.2008

  8. When on the path, you should focus on things in the path, not why you chose this path over another.

    By Tank on 10.25.2008

  9. The road taken and the road not taken. A choice that must be made. Will lead to the unknown.

    By A on 10.25.2008

  10. i took a path it was possibly wrong but it haS MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY. I DO NOT REGRET IT.

    By Samantha on 10.25.2008

  11. what is my path. the word seems to be perfect for the moment i’m facing right now. its important to think of life as a path rather than as a series of stops. but who really stops to consider that notion?

    By D-Double on 10.25.2008

  12. the path may lead to starlit nights on galaxies of rain
    but i chose to believe
    it never really happened
    wether or not the truth will be revealed
    no one can truly realize
    why earth is round
    because the one who died one way
    to decide the way of life
    only answers questions
    to the full extent in heaven

    By tessa on 10.25.2008

  13. “How many roads must a man walk down,” as Arthur Dent suggests (or the mice suggest, depending on which version you see) for the ultimate question. Well, the paths are many, the easy choices much fewer. NEver forget to take the one less traveled.

    By Sylocat on 10.25.2008

  14. We all follow different paths. Some are short, some are long. Some are paved, some are graveled. The way we choose to traverse them is what matters. Whether we walk tall and strong, happy and smiling; or hunched over, sour, and complaining of the rocks in our shoes. We choose our mood along our paths.

    By Anna on 10.25.2008

  15. I looked into the woods, seemingly empty, before seeing a raccoon cross my path. It looked up at me with it’s black eyes before scurrying away. I looked further down the path before me and wondered if I should continue. It looked darker, although there were less trees, more evil because not even the raccoon would travel it.

    By Amie on 10.25.2008

  16. Another path again? Why can’t we have highways instead? Roads? Driveways? Why paths? Is there really a point anyways…

    By Sue on 10.25.2008

  17. Gravel. Salty &sweet. You rode up to me on your banana-seat bicycle. Tricycles were your thing 15 years ago. Remember those sweet helmets our parents made us wear?

    By Lust on 10.25.2008

  18. There are not many roads, nor options. Just have to keep walking. i don’t care where i’m going anymore. i don’t want to be here. i wish i didn’t have to walk. i don’t know what to do or which turn to take.

    By erin on 10.25.2008

  19. path i as wwalking down a path omg hahahaha what the fuck yhou scuck balls this is amaizng WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and then it happened

    crap theres still more time i guess i couldve written alot more than that well.

    By Klee on 10.25.2008

  20. Path is such a good day! :D

    By Branden on 10.25.2008

  21. you have to follow the path that will lead to your true destiny young traveler, i cant be of any help to your journey just chose your own path, not the one of someone else

    By blarg on 10.25.2008

  22. The path was created by one man. That man, after finishing the path, lay himself to rest at the end of it. He saw what he had accomplished and realized the effect he had left behind. For those that follow, he realized his impact on their lives. His path was theirs.

    By Drew on 10.25.2008

  23. I lovea the path I walk our sweet, wheaten friend in Lincoln Park. The path leads to Todd’s memorial bench and we sit and talk and feel like he’s listening to us and is glad we are there. The pain of losing him is so intense that the walk on the path to the bench helps.

    By tamsen spengler on 10.25.2008

  24. Path, the way to travel. When you chose a path to walk, you make the best choice you can. Sometimes that path leads you into darkness or despair. Other times it leads to great joy and happiness. But the worse decision you can make is to choose no path, to simply stop where you are. When you head into joy, it is all the better. When it finds you? Something is always missing. When you head into darkness and despair, you are proactive and can face them head on, or turn around. When they find you, they have time to surround you.

    By Ernest Phillips on 10.25.2008

  25. I take paths all the time. A lot of people say “take the offbeaten path” like in the song “A Change of Seasons” by Dream Theater.

    By Dave on 10.25.2008

  26. sometimes i think that i’m not cut out for this. i mean, i chose this path, i chose this life. but i dont think i can do it anymore. when i go out with friends, or i’m at work, basically when i keep busy, i’m okay. i really am. but then i come home, alone, late at night, smelling of cigarettes and alcohol and coffee…and i think to myself “is this really what i wanted?”
    maybe this isn’t the right path for me after all,

    By emma on 10.25.2008

  27. follow your path
    go with your dreams
    never look back
    with regret

    follow your path
    run if you like
    go for your life
    and dream

    dream big.

    By Evie on 10.25.2008

  28. I set out along a long band dreary path, not knowing where I was going, or who I was seeking but I kept on, trekking onward as if I was entirely confident in my actions. I don’t understand where it is I am going but I know that I cannot turn back, I know there is nothing waiting there for me, so I must press onward.

    By Justin on 10.25.2008

  29. path there are many paths you can take in your life none are really “better” than another they just are different in the end we all die and life as we know it is over. no matter what path you choose though you have to choose to be happy happieneess is a choice and you can choose it or unhappiness it just depends on the type of person you are.

    By Alina on 10.25.2008

  30. the paths we follow early in life often determine the forks in the road that we face later on? does that make sense? i don’t know? it sounds kind of deep though, right? maybe kinda. kinda maybe. i don’t know anymore. hotdogs.

    By krista on 10.25.2008

  31. There are many paths to choose in life. Its difficult to know which one to follow. Maybe because there are so may of them.

    By paul on 10.25.2008

  32. Once, there was a path long ago. It was the only path connect traders and local residents together. One the path was no more, economy fell apart. Chaos ensued. Until on brave carpenter built a new one. Making the world whole once more. Thanks to him, our world is complete.

    By Todd on 10.25.2008

  33. the way to a destination. something which is not known.. leads to somewhere dark place…. but efforts make the path fruitful… if everything is right in the path then u are no the wrong path.

    By kiran bhat on 10.25.2008

  34. long dirt pth.
    the least walked, the often talked.
    dirrty dirt and there’s a sidewalk a block away
    but along tha path,
    jeeeeeezus babay
    i opened my eyes.
    a million dreams are born their everyday
    moms lay, splayed and screamin
    theres pain there babiy, but the sound of those dreams
    their first cry
    it breaks the air
    a thousand bells crash to the floor in heaven.
    the air is still a thousand times a day
    baby dreams gasping for breath,
    baby(/honey/i promise),
    the most beautiful vacumn you’ll ever hear.
    dirty dirt path
    passing by fields
    always wind up in teh city again.

    i dont write anymore, yaknow?
    i talk.

    because the spoken word is slow and smooth
    babbbby baaaby
    honney honey
    suga suga.

    i’m unsteady on my feet/tongue
    but i’m learning.
    leaning forward with anticipation,
    and back with the hit.
    you boo me once and i’ll run straight off this stage,
    not crying, but uneasy,
    like before when i was standing behind the curtain
    listenin to you, your friend, your booooy
    talking and giggling and lowsweetsmooth
    me- trying to catch my breath.
    when i lied to my mom about where i was going
    called my boss and said i was sick
    showed up at my friends door, asking for a ride
    when we pulled over just in time for the puke to hit pavement
    and not his new rugs.
    “i swwwear to gawd girrrrrrrl
    don’t you darrrrre.”

    before i told you about teh dirty dirt
    where dreams claw their way from their mothers wombs
    before you fell in love

    By ish g on 10.25.2008

  35. There was no other way. I had to take it. It was the worst mistake of my life and almost the end of it. If only I had listened to my gut reaction.

    By Michelle on 10.25.2008

  36. a deli full of delicious meatball subs is only a block away. I throw on some clothes and head out. awaiting the joy of the sub. the light turns green and i take a step off the curb and a huge nissan pathfinder comes within 3 inches of my face. that sandwhich almost killed me.

    By joydivision on 10.25.2008

  37. I am writing because this site told me to. I am having a horrible and awful week all in once. I am finding myself, I am realizing who my real friends are. I need him to disappear though, so I can move on and forget about him..I need to leave. I need to be far away from where I am, I need to go. I want to see the stars, I want to be with someone who will stop time for me.

    By holly on 10.25.2008

  38. a long road ahead stretches without a seen end. That end is death, it’s there just up ahead and out of site for all of us. Not necessarily a bad thing – after all, who knows? Maybe this existence wasn’t supposed to last forever, maybe there is a journey beyond that must be traveled and that is far more vital than this. I know that I have never experienced my death. I have traveled a path where I shed a body before though…

    By spence on 10.25.2008

  39. I don’t want the path is that I should take. So I should apply to law school and maybe the legal career field is the path I’ll take. But I have no idea how to get there. Which way just to get to one path in life? This path of personal statement writing is driving me insane. It’s as if I’m on this path and keep going and writing and then something in spite of me or maybe because of me pushes me off. How do I get back on? How do I keep going? How do I know which way to go or which path to take? And I am just one to take this well-trod path.

    By Jennifer on 10.25.2008

  40. Looking down, not knowing where I’m going. Trying to appreciate the beauty around. Keep looking up for someone to hold. Someone to hold hands with on the crazy journey. It’s lonely here. Step by step. Blinded by my own nearsightedness.

    By Sarah on 10.25.2008