October 15th, 2008 | 1,193 Entries

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1,193 Entries for “bulb”

  1. a bulb of onion. low in pesticides. easy to grow. can you eat it raw? i don’t know, because i’ve never tried. it would save on dishes and time and money and everything. the only issue is your breath. onions make for stinky breath. that’s all.

    By john on 10.20.2008

  2. I put the Tulip bulb in the ground. In my mind, I watched it pop up out of the ground, blossom, become beautiful, sag a little, become dried up and droopy, and then wither and die. I snapped back to reality and realized that I have the exact same life cycle as a Tulip.

    By Katherine L. on 10.20.2008

  3. light.
    it comes and goes.
    hope belongs to it.

    By justin on 10.20.2008

  4. The bulb needed to be changed but no one cared to do it. The task aslways seems to come at the most un-expected of times too. Why would the light ever burn out when you can see to find the ones that need changing? It’s always easier to ignore problems than fix them… especially when they inconvenience you

    By Fushu on 10.20.2008

  5. Burning brightly in my brain
    like a locomotive train
    my thoughts don’t stop
    they don’t slow down
    they just keep burning
    don’t get me down
    I can’t change it
    the bulb in my head
    when it’s dark
    then I am dead

    By Mary on 10.20.2008

  6. It’s an act of faith – taking those tulip bulbd out of the net bag and planting them in the yard. Fporget them until spring when just as promisesd they peek their little green heads up

    By CHRIS on 10.20.2008

  7. one spark. one life. one bulb.

    By may jane on 10.20.2008

  8. The bulb went out. I was in darkness. I was never afraid of darkness. Just the things in it.

    Creepy things.

    Things with faces.

    Eyes on me.

    Hands near me.

    I never realised how scary life was outside the blankets.

    I can’t believe I still sleep this way at 21 years old.

    By Sam on 10.20.2008

  9. Burned out bulb in my bathroom nightlite. Been tripping over everything just to get to bed. Chris bought a dim nightlite to replace my awesome bright one. I hate it. I switched it as soon as he left this week.

    Bulb. Shine your light and let the whole world see. I’m living for the glory of the risen king. Jesus.

    By •Amanda• on 10.20.2008

  10. Flowers come from bulbs, you can plant a few and they’ll provide years of flowers. you can also see light bulbs! They are nice and provide light in the dark. Though they don’t light up dark minds! The light bulb is a very simple device.

    By Ophic on 10.20.2008

  11. the light glares from overhead. i think about socrates. light enlightenment. what does that mean even. to be the light. jesus christ. what is light. what is darkness. the antithesis of…nothing.

    blank. staring. darkness. bugs. caught onto lampshades.

    By Amber on 10.20.2008

  12. the light bulb emitted a flailing blue flicker that seemed to barely cling to life. It made a peculiar reflection on the brick red painted walls. It gave me an eerie feeling to see the shadows red blue skin come in and out of view.

    By sean wilson on 10.20.2008

  13. light it bright. i like bright lite. my brite lite doesnt work right. It doesnt glow at night. I think it might become a sight if only i change the bulb.

    By shizzy on 10.20.2008

  14. A bulb is a small bulbous object like a radish or an elbow, or something like that. They’re not especially profound, but they remind me of Buddhism and light fixtures and knobby trees and stuff. And garlic. I guess they’re pretty pleasant, really. Round, though I don’t think of them as smooth.

    By Dealski on 10.20.2008

  15. bulbs .. they shine right?
    mines not so light
    so it looks like night
    and im scared
    full of fright
    i just my bulb would light
    light up my days like singers on stage
    i want that presense my bulbs flourescent

    By Olivia.Shanaye on 10.20.2008

  16. bulb is a term used most often to descibe a “light bulb: which fits into a light fixture connected to a transitor that powers the light. the bulb is the most common form of lighting device.

    By derek on 10.20.2008

  17. Winter. Time to plant bulbs. Cold, dark, building strength. Promise of goodness to come. Warmth, bursting forth with ener

    By Jean Heneghan on 10.20.2008

  18. The light bulb flickered again. What could I do? I was lost, alone, hopeless. How could I help him? There was nothing I could do as I watched him pick up the gun. No, no, no, I wanted to jump up and take it from him, but I knew I couldn’t. The cold feel of the metal around my wrists served as a reminder that I was imprisoned. I saw him aim the barrel at his head. I saw him pull the trigger, and I saw the blood splatter against the wall as he fell. The loud thump of his body was nothing compared to the echoing sound of the bullet shell clinking on the cool, cement ground. He was dead, lost forever, and the light went off, as if pitying me and saving me from having to look at his pale body an

    By Manon on 10.20.2008

  19. the light bulb swung over their heads, dwindled down until there was still movement. chuck switched it off and the last thing he heard was a click….switch.

    By joy on 10.20.2008

  20. that’s a whole lot of it. and Dutch too, like Tulip bulbs. A whole garden full of it. Purple bulbs, yellow bulbs… of tulips, or other lovely spring-flowers. Chinese buy them, americans do. On the Flowermarket in Amsterdam. Bulbs.

    By Gitta on 10.21.2008

  21. it turns on the lights. It also is a part of a flower. It is made of glass sometimes its not. I dont really know what else to write about the bulb but i know they are useful. You can’t say would you like a bulb because that doesn’t make sense, though you can say, can you get me one? that does make sense.

    By erin on 10.21.2008

  22. It was as if a lightbulb had gone off in his head. He quickly gathered up his books – which was obnoxious, since he had just taken the time to lay them out on the table in the library he had just moved to – and proceed quickly back to her apartment. Knocking on the door, he kept repeating to himself what he needed to say while he waited for the door to be opened.

    By Peter Ragone on 10.21.2008

  23. The light bulb flickered, casting a luminous shadow against the adjacent wall. This was her trigger.

    By Geoff on 10.21.2008

  24. It was tiny – full of potential but dry, brown, cracked. It looked as if it were dead. The promise of life seemed somehow false. How could something so fragile hold so much hope?

    By tsylee on 10.21.2008

  25. Bulb. An idea. A thought. A flower in hiding, waiting for the storm to pass, waiting for spring to arrive. Tiny, compact, full of possibilities. Illuminating. Bright light spilling forth onto the world, lighting up the darkness. Coils, Einstein, oops, Edison.

    By Dreamybee on 10.21.2008

  26. tubelight. that’s what we call people who might be a little slow here. such a tubelight she is. aiyo, you’re such a tubelight.

    By monkey on 10.21.2008

  27. the bulb shone bright into his eyes as the woman approached; he knew she was a woman by her voice, not by her shadow, which was all he could see of her. his eyes burned; when would this end? he knew what was coming but didn’t expect that suddenly his 2 week old kitten wouuld fly thru the air, swipe the light switch, turn the room into a dark well, and then undo his ties, freeing him. What a cat. He loved that cat and was glad he found it

    By Braja Sorensen on 10.21.2008

  28. The wee little bulb of life sat beneath the soil waiting, waiting for the creeping warmth that would signify that it’s moment had come. The moment in which it weould finally fulfill its potential and push through into the light.

    By Mark Clarke on 10.21.2008

  29. I like light bulbs, and light come from bulbs and a bulb is made from glass and it’s white and sometime see through

    By Boxer on 10.21.2008

  30. Fuck you Bulb for the hundredth day in a row.

    By Morgan on 10.21.2008

  31. It makes light. It’s a round thing that was invented a long time ago. It’s kind of scary changing thwm because it feels like you’re about to get electricity through your fingers.

    By Haawy on 10.21.2008

  32. A light bulb is one of the most miraculous inventions ever conceived. So simple, yet so amazing. It gives light to a whole room on the energy passing through the most minute of metal pieces. Simply dazzling.

    By Mike on 10.21.2008

  33. Edison was a con man, but he gave us the lightbulb. He realized that he could take advantage of people’s natural curiousity, pay them little and take all the profit for himself.

    By m.babcock on 10.21.2008