October 21st, 2008 | 1,295 Entries

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1,295 Entries for “path”

  1. The path led me down past a series of old sheds and out-houses. The place was so old and run down that it felt a little spooky. I knew that somewhere down here Old Mr Graham had died, and it was the flies that found him first. It led down into a small thicket of trees, into a quiet, shady grove. It felt somehow peaceful here. A place that the rest of the world had forgotten about, and I knew it would become special to me.

    By Nick Ward on 10.25.2008

  2. the pathway to enlightenment is a long one that will not be fulfilled unless you are prepared for a hard and difficult jouny. It is neccessary to discover englightenment as is described by many philosophers throughout the ages. I personally an still in search and am having my doubts on my ability to be able to reach enlightenment but so plan on it soon.

    By Laura on 10.25.2008

  3. is it going somewhere? is it going nowhere? what’s the difference?

    By alycia on 10.25.2008

  4. where to go he asked not seeing any clear path. No one answered, no one ever did. He knew he was moving forward but wasnt’ sure what path he was actually following. He would like to know if it was the right one.

    By Dee Smith III on 10.26.2008

  5. a path can be a road to misery, happiness, hate, or whatever one might find at the end of a winding road or whatever might go off into the sunset or end in a pot of gold at the falling crest of a rainbow. it may be only in our minds, only in our thoughts, or in our presence. what do you think?

    By Becca Sam on 10.26.2008

  6. The path you take in life… I wish I’d taken the path MORE traveled on. The path less traveled on is much more confusing. Interesting, but confusing. It’d be easier on the path more traveled.

    This has made all the difference.

    By Bethany on 10.26.2008

  7. Oh man, which one to choose. There are the easy ones, the obviously nearly impossible ones…I like a challenging path. Sometimes I’m afraid of it because I fear failure more than my mother fears death. But I took a strong step today…and yesterday…and the day before that. So…step by step I’ll eventually choose that nearly impossible one.

    By Lauren on 10.26.2008

  8. i was led up the garden path by a beautiful woman wearing only a negligee. she asked me if I was coming to her party and though we had never met, i said that of course i would. after writing the details on the back of a doctor’s appointment slip i left in high spirits if still a little confused.

    By yeah right! on 10.26.2008

  9. the path that was ahead wasn’t necessarily a treacherous one…

    By allie on 10.26.2008

  10. the path to destruction is a path i will probably follow
    i dont know what i’m writing right now, but i do know that this in itself is part of my path
    that tomorrow another thing will come up and i will actually write about it for 60 seconds
    or do something else that really serves me no concrete benefit
    but i’ll do it and hope that some beauty comes out of the framework
    that somehow i’ll look better
    feel better
    love myself
    be loved
    but who really knows
    this certainly hasnt done it
    not to say that i wont wake up tomorrow and my wishes won’t come true
    if they do, i’ll probably never thank this place
    but it might have given me happiness

    By tigger on 10.26.2008

  11. The pathway you’ve chosen has taken you down a dark road. You may be with her now, but soon enough you’ll be lonely. You’ve blocked off all entrances for your friends and any other form of aid. I hope you’re happy.

    What were you thinking, using me like this? Did you think I wouldn’t care, that this wouldn’t hurt?

    You’re wrong. I’m frustrated. From now on, walk alone.

    By KC Shaffer on 10.26.2008

  12. How appropriate, since i’m trying to find my own again. I actually started to write this and then closed the window…but then went back and the word was still waiting for me. I need to stop chopping off my own thoughts.
    Path. Paths. I’m so afraid I won’t find my own back to what I THINK I love doing, or what I may. Right now, I need to begin by making tracks out of this town and letting it lay itself out before me as it always has…but getting out comes first.

    By L. on 10.26.2008

  13. It was a dark and stormy walkway over looking the cliffs and the ocean. Treacherous as it seemed, it was still the most comforting area I could find to stroll. Listening the the thunder, sounding so close to my head, and the ocean throbbing at my feet.

    By Anjul on 10.26.2008

  14. narrow path, wide path. path for truth, path for lies. what is a path? people might define it in different ways. i define it as a “way”. a path for happiness and successful life would be a clear path

    By nahla on 10.26.2008

  15. There is a simple dirt path
    beyond the lilacs and the roses
    where earthen velvet slides a lover’s arm
    between the red and purple bedsheets

    By henry on 10.26.2008