November 28th, 2012 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “past”

  1. I think that it’s sad that we don’t learn from the past. We always say to learn from our mistakes but does anyone ever do it? War after war occurs and still we never learn to just be at peace with each other. I know it’s a tall order but maybe one day we will learn from the past.

    By Gina on 11.29.2012

  2. un tiempo lejano, lo que fue, lo que sera? sin embargo no hay vuelta atras, volver al lugar no es lo mismo, el rio ya cambio, nosotros ya cambiamos, y el pasado sigue siendo eso, pasado, imborrable, roca, duro, frio y hasta distante, intentar mirar al pasado y entender es como lanzarle preguntas al espejo, un imposible, pero un deseo que todos tenemos dentro

    By victoria URL on 11.29.2012

  3. The wind blows,
    My hands left empty,
    Cold in the chilly breeze.
    I watch as you walk away and I wish
    That you would return
    So that I could accept your offer.

    By Kathryn URL on 11.29.2012

  4. The past can hold you back. Learn from your past and mistakes and move on. If there happy memories that make you feel sad because you miss it still let go it severs you no good.

    By Roger on 11.29.2012

  5. As she walked through the trees in the densely populated forest, she tried not to think of her past. She knew she needed to keep on walking, and not turn back. But he would always be there, In her past

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.29.2012

  6. Let me tell you something about the past. It’s gritty. It’s violent and it is sad. There is hardly anything good about the past. If you think about it, you have memories but what are those? They aren’t any good to you know and anyway they’re the past. More often then not, those memories are sad or something that wished to never go away. Well guess what, it did go away. I don’t mean to be unpleasent, i mean to realistic. There are hard feelings that daunt those streets behind me and I would rather move forward than ever think about turning around to see what’s behind me.

    By Paige on 11.29.2012

  7. 15 years old, i only wanted my 15 party, bout there was no money for me back on that time… I received an iPod intend… it was great, until someone stoled from me… since then, i haven’t had an iPod.

    By gabriela horn santander on 11.29.2012

  8. something to avoid getting stuck in. bad and good feelings. wistfulness. longing. happiness. dopamine receptors are still alive. hopes. ambitions. dreams.

    By Shannon on 11.29.2012

  9. My past is something that haunts me everyday, yet something that brings me joy in times of sadness. My past is vast and wild like an unknown country. In remembering it, I can know that it it the reason I am who I am. An I like who I am.

    By Grace on 11.29.2012

  10. today i switched
    my usual menu

    and then i rode
    a different bus

    called up a friend
    i haven’t spoken to
    in years.

    i don’t know why
    i used to be so

    i killed myself
    several times

    By isa on 11.29.2012

  11. It’s. all in the past, all these cruel things that have happened, but the fact is its in the future too, and even if it were t it would be there, somewhere, in the world.

    By Saudade on 11.29.2012

  12. was a dream, i found myself in, and i wanted to disappear, with a castle of sand as the ocean would make a disaster of it. what can you do but look to a future, of hope and admiration, of inspiration, of delicate decisions, and think; I am what I am. As a blank pen on the page, nothing can stop my words; not even the past.

    By mistakengrace on 11.29.2012

  13. He walked past her, not realizing what he was seeing. He knew her. She was from his past. That haunted him for a moment, but he overcame it. He wondered what had happened to her.

    By Carolyn on 11.29.2012

  14. i was in the past now im back.

    By 123boy = ) on 11.29.2012

  15. I locked myself in the past and then I started to feel a little weird, being stuck in a box all day!!!! I felt I felt as if something had ripped out my soul!!!!!!!

    By Bieberlover URL on 11.29.2012

  16. i do not ever wont to go in the past. if i go in the past i will be vary scard.

    By yamha on 11.29.2012

  17. i went past the store that i had to go to today.

    By aaronr on 11.29.2012

  18. I wan’t to see my past.

    By hun236 on 11.29.2012

  19. My head hasn’t been mine from a long time now. I think, think and think… I only think about all I’ve missed and I think about your empty eyes. Once so powerful, you fooled me into decadence and now I’m here, lost. Lost inside me, but where actually? I want to care but I don’t and I can’t say I’m sorry enough.

    By Nath on 11.29.2012

  20. She thought suddenly about her past. All of it is fool of regrets. She wishes she could just went back, being an inocent child, with all the illusions of an enchanted world.

    By Milka on 11.29.2012

  21. let’s get past this. deep, deep breaths, in, out, in, out. stay in the moment. Focus. Listen to them, but dont listen. Smile like you’re pretty. Smile like you know they know it. Smile like you can see their emerald envy.

    By Kim on 11.29.2012

  22. when i think about the word past, I think about my personal past. Filled with tall peaks and deep valleys, the past is a diverse and unique thing.

    By Ashley Kirkman on 11.29.2012

  23. Wellll….. I have a very eventful past. Involving lots of bad things and bad names and yeah. PArt of my past is pretty cool, part of it makes me feel kinda bad. I hate the people of my past. They’re gay. Uhm./ That’s why they’re the past.

    By malaria, king of sluts on 11.29.2012