November 28th, 2012 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “past”

  1. today i was thinking about the past. i thought about when napolean dynamite was produced.(i guess thats what it is) i like that movie. yeah… well i was watching it in the past…

    By Danielle on 11.29.2012

  2. In the past, You hold onto things that dosent matter anymore. But the past is done and gone, so why worry about the past? Just keep moving forward and don’t think of the past.

    By Rachel on 11.29.2012

  3. I try to forget my past all the time, but it never works. I still have flash backs from what used to happen to me. A lot of people try to judge me of what used to happened in my past, but i cant help it….

    By Kaitlyn on 11.29.2012

  4. in the past day i had a choclate chip cookie with milk… fat-free that is cause im lactose intalorate….

    By COUGARS #13 on 11.29.2012

  5. I cant fuck with out seeing your face on the person in front of me, I sacrificed so much for so little and now I’m lost in your memory. You broke down my barriers and left me feeling cold

    By DarkArts URL on 11.29.2012

  6. in my past life, i have experienced some pretty awesome things. like this past day, i had popcorn for the first time. ps everything in the past that i just wrote is not true. and to all those people out there, dont listen to chloes story about this past summer. its so random. its crazy.

    By Maranda on 11.29.2012

  7. Many people have plenty of regrets they wish they could change. They also have many memories that thinking about puts a smile on their face. Everyone wants to change something from your past, but you can’t because it’s the past, that’s how it is. The past has hard things and good things happen for a reason to make everyone grow.

    By Megan on 11.29.2012

  8. It seems I’ll never be able to run away from who I am. No matter how I change for the future my past self will always be here with me. And as much as I can hope to be different, maybe better, I will always know he is here with me. Watching.

    By David Helmick on 11.29.2012

  9. is something like a stone, heavy. It seems solid, and i carry it with me. But if i drop it, if i skip it across the water i feel lighter, i feel relieved. I can’t swallow the stone, i must let it go.

    By girl on 11.29.2012

  10. What happens in the past defines you today. Everything you know, feel, believe and do are characteristics from the past.

    By Deeceboy on 11.29.2012

  11. The past is the reason why I last, waiting for an opportunity to not be last. I wait looking out the glass

    By Hanz Solo on 11.29.2012

  12. Well this one’s bound to bring up a lot of memories. And sadly, thinking about my “past” ultimately just leads my mind back to you. You, you, it’s always been you. I don’t know if i miss you but i know i hate you. Just leave me, my head and my heart alone.

    By Violetsirena on 11.29.2012

  13. In the past I would choke on cheese sticks..sticks of cheese. Now sticks of cheese are no longer given. Deemed unsafe.

    By krustykrad on 11.29.2012

  14. The past is a memory. A memory of times when you have felt emotion, experienced pain, and lived life. Although it may just be a memory, the past is apart of your present and future. It never goes away, and it defines who you are.

    By Mr. Coleman on 11.29.2012

  15. really? this word again? it’s all i get! a bit of originality please? come on!

    By Sarah on 11.29.2012

  16. We run from it. We cling to it. It haunts us. It’s nostalgic. It’s a breath of relief that’s gone. Neither good nor bad, we share it. The past is something we all share, but we don’t always share the same past.

    By John Komarek on 11.29.2012

  17. past, present, and future are all constructs of the human mind meant to make sense of the mental impossibilities of the non-linearity of space and time in relation to the human consciousness.

    By Nick Capasso on 11.29.2012

  18. “The past? I have a lot to say about it, but don’t we all? I guess I could tell you something interesting about my past, but I’d rather have you figure it out on your own.”
    “Why all the secrecy?”
    “I’m not open to people knowing everything about me.”
    “You”re scared”
    “Of you?”
    “No, of your past.”

    By Isabel Pinaud on 11.29.2012

  19. The past is a thing that really sin’t there. We think it. We like to think we have the past, usually so we can use it as an excuse for what we do, whether our actions are good or bad. The truth is that we are slowly dying day by day. Right now, you’re clock is ticking. There is not past, only this moment, which will end and enter another moment. Even now, the moments are dying, as I type this word.

    By Jonathan on 11.29.2012

  20. never look back. that’s what everyone tells me. Don’t think about the person you used to be and the places you used to be. Just push forward. so this is what I’m doing, pushing past it. Moving on trying to do whatever else I can do to move on past the person I used to be. I didn’t used ot be proud of the person I was and I think now I am.

    By piper on 11.29.2012

  21. I have done this entry in the past. The very recent past. Like last night. Oops.

    By LailaLCR on 11.29.2012

  22. Long ago, the sadness of hope denied burned in my heart. Now with age the hope is never denied… I see it is merely a matter of time not immediate gratification. The peace that comes with experience gives me strength.

    By DH Robison on 11.29.2012

  23. i was living in the past but today is the present and tomorrow is the future!

    By Elyssa on 11.29.2012

  24. past present future george washington is the past soon obama will be the past hahaha

    By Brody on 11.29.2012

  25. When someone is mean to you in the past it is the past so you should forget about it because it is the past when something is in the past it is long gone.

    By Antonio on 11.29.2012

  26. I killed my deer in the past.

    By Denton on 11.29.2012

  27. In the past, when i was in 5th grade i had an assignment to make my own board game.My board game was called “Blast to the Past”.

    By Talia on 11.29.2012

  28. The past is very different from the present and the future.

    By Sean on 11.29.2012

  29. I want to time travel to the past.

    By briannas on 11.29.2012

  30. I want to time travel to the past tense.

    By Krystal on 11.29.2012

  31. you are always in the past not in the future because what you are always experiencing is what just happened so its not in the future only things that haven’t happened yet are in the future.

    By Eian on 11.29.2012

  32. There is a past present and future, some people say don’t live in the past but some times you cant forget the past so you use it against people… that is living in the past don’t live in the past!

    By Paige on 11.29.2012

  33. the past is a place we’ll never be able to visit, except in the memories we create at the moment. The past can be a place behind you, a person who you’ll never forget, or a time you’ll want to hold on to forever. Don’t let the past make you sad, let it make you happy in the nostalgia that lives in all of us. It’s a good place to hang out.

    By Violet on 11.29.2012

  34. We all have a past. And a present. And a future.
    It’s the past that defines us, binds up. Trips us up, really.
    We live in the past, wearing hurt and failure like bulky jackets.
    We try to stay in the present, but the past keeps bubbling up.
    So we try and dream of the future, which is still going to be littered with past digressions.

    By ThomG URL on 11.29.2012

  35. My friend mad a time portal so when i stepped on it , it took me to my past . And man was i surprised of that . I told her good job . but i asked ” how do we get back . ”

    By Alisia on 11.29.2012

  36. When I went past a big group of people I realized that everybody was staring at me and I couldn’t figure out why. But then i realized when I went past them they were not staring at me. They were looking at my best friend in the whole wide world.

    By Rachel on 11.29.2012

  37. In the past I had some alsome dogs. They were nice and some times did tricks.

    By Trace on 11.29.2012

  38. The past often haunts me. Making me always regret things I have done and making me feel insecure. I must learn to not let this happen. The past is what has been but not what will be. I try to remember but always feel that i am not where I could be if my past had been different.

    By Joe Carey on 11.29.2012

  39. anger, grief, pain, suffering. joy, love, sharing. him. wonder, children, milk, loss. migration. work. life. ecstasy.

    By Evesreflections URL on 11.29.2012

  40. the past has much impact on the future. Th past affects the present and the future. We are told not to dwell on it, but how can we not think about something that affects us continually? It’s not as if we can separate ourselves from who we were before – or can we? What can we do to correct past mistakes? Is there a way to recover gone opportunities?

    By Jessica on 11.29.2012