April 16th, 2009 | 326 Entries

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326 Entries for “passport”

  1. my passport is in my back pocket as I stroll up to the airport and it pokes me in the side which is very annoying and reminds me of the lack of the normal soft cusion of money to prevent me from feeling the harshness of the situation I am in which is really quite harsh because I am stuck in Arizona with almost no cash and I really have to get out of here but all I have is my passport.

    By surfer on 04.17.2009

  2. She rummaged around in her bag. “It has to be here somewhere…” she mumbled, look apologetically at those in line behind her.

    By Em Frevert on 04.17.2009

  3. There she was, standing, staring at her passport. She was going to start over this time. This time, she’s going to be someone else. She was going to be somewhere new. She was going to make an attempt to figure out what the meaning of life really is.

    By Teresa on 04.17.2009

  4. The opportunity to be free. to live, to understand what is outside the box. unshcled from the mundane the nrormal even if extremely unnormal life that is being lived. With chains, without

    By Dominique on 04.17.2009

  5. i really need a passport before i go to africa. i can’t wait to go with my best friend. we can sing songs and just hang out and share about jesus. i wanted to go somewhere this year for spring break but i didnt. my boyfriend went to miami…i’m always afraid that my picture will look bad

    By felecia quesenberry on 04.17.2009

  6. Waliking to the wicket i smile at the man in the booth, hoping that he doesn’t look at my expensive Parisian shoes…not the shoes, really, but *inside* the heels of the shoes…you’d be surprised how much shopping can be done in Paris’ underground, if you know what you’re looking for! Hey…! He’s cute! I’d take my shoes off for him, if he asked me. I open my passport, flash him the picture and he holds his hand out to take it from me. I smile coyly, and relinquish it. Do I want him to remember me or not?

    By Vee on 04.17.2009