April 15th, 2009 | 222 Entries

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222 Entries for “general”

  1. army, war, soldiers, Iraq, life, death, petraeus, attorney, marines, navy, supplies, agreement

    By D'Juan on 04.16.2009

  2. in general, my favorite day of the week is, of course, is friday. its when the weekend fun really starts. you van goout with your friends and stay up later than you usually do. but it sometimes upsets me that time is passing by so quickly the school year will be over and so will seventh grade. people always cry on the last day, mostly eighth graders because there middle school education is over; but some of my freinds cry becuase we will miss eachother.

    my favorite season, although, is an entire different thing. although i like coming to school to see my friends, i enjoy not having to come to school. so guess what my general favorite month is…..SUMMER! its when all the water parks, pools, and beaches are most fun. they may be quite crowded but with the extreme heat, who cares right?

    By Johanna Rodriguez on 04.16.2009

  3. I have never met a general before. I don’t imagine I ever will. My brother is in the Marine Corps and he is not interested in ascending the ranks, so to speak. Would be interestsing to meet someone like that, though.

    By Natalie on 04.16.2009

  4. In general, life is beautiful. Despite all the pain, suffering, hunger, and everyting else in the world, life is the most beautiful thing…in general.

    By Krista on 04.16.2009

  5. promotion

    By Jessica on 04.16.2009

  6. Generalizations are the cause of the prejudices in the word today. Is there such thing as being ‘general’ if everything is unique then generalizations would be inaccurate reflections of what you are indeed trying to convey to someone else. The general scope on generalizations is that if you look at the word in a general way you are merely going to gain a general understanding of it.

    By Agrav on 04.16.2009

  7. Seriously? I’m not sure how to write about general stuff. Like Dollar General? Or a general in the Army? Hmm, not working out for me. Generally speaking, that is. Who knew I would suck so badly at this? Way to go Val. I feel like such a putz. Is putz a real word? Oh the line! It’s red!!!

    By April Howie on 04.16.2009

  8. General Lee stood looking at the carnage below, thinking to himself. Supplies were short; there was no money and nothing worth a spit in trade at the local general store. His men would have to keep marching…. How long had they been awake? How long would this terrible war go on?? Shaking himself, he rose and continued on.

    By ceresas on 04.16.2009

  9. everyone is part of the general public. no one is unique, yet everyone is unique. we all try to be different which makes us alike.

    By morgan on 04.16.2009

  10. generally generals generalize generic words about genetically engineered jews.

    By jason on 04.16.2009

  11. guerra morte terrore raccappriccio kativic la fogna infanzia topi gatti micio linus pablo droga risa amici vita sole mare italia

    By Marcella on 04.16.2009

  12. anything everything the world people things animals food nature beauty art travel colors television music starts poor rich thick thin

    By amy on 04.16.2009

  13. in general, generosity is the basic term to describe this. Basic, cliche, ordinary, same, boss, army leader, and im done a

    By Derek on 04.16.2009

  14. not specific, this pertains to most situations, can be an official rank,

    By Mary Gugler on 04.16.2009

  15. general- a general thing to do, common.

    ” My name is a general name, Sarah.”

    The General Store- a common store.

    By Casey on 04.16.2009

  16. The store front was mild and un-daunting. You could almost smell the wafty old soot and stone that was known as the floor. Once inside, anything you could possibly need was right there in the general store.

    By Grace on 04.16.2009

  17. The general stood at the end of a line of soldiers. they stared like torandos across the plane of battle eager yet numb to their admonition. However long the strife they would remain points of the same line.

    By Jamie H on 04.16.2009

  18. the obvious. what you know. admiral soldier. take a shower, shine your shoes. you got no time to lose. duh. the one. out there. just righting in general about the general of the general

    By missy on 04.16.2009

  19. I saluted General Gen because it was my duty to do so. In general, however, I don’t like general Gen. Generally speaking, he is rather generic. I can see any other sort of tall lanky fellow in the general public, you know? Why should i generalize this fellow, though. He is kind, generally speaking.

    By Katie on 04.16.2009

  20. A general doctor is a doctor you would find around you. A general doctor can be a man or women. General doctors are the people you usually go to first when feeling ill. I like my doctor because she is nice and doesnt hurt me. I am hardly ever sad about going to the doctor. When I become older i would like to be a General Doctor.
    When i become a general doctor i hope to be very good at my job. I want to also be famous for it. I would tell famous actors and actresses whats wrong with them. And help people with choosing medicines for their symptoms. A General doctor would ussually make 150,000 dollars on a couple weeks range. At this rate I should become an upper class General Doctor.

    By MichelleMagana on 04.16.2009

  21. powerful, strong, angery, lost not knowing what to do. In charge losing all sanity. Watching men die and killing innocent people knowing that he has no say for the power above him is even greater. He loses all feeling in his body. dead. Nothing is left. Everything he has created is gone.

    By Desy on 04.16.2009

  22. In general, my family are nice. On the outside, that is. Behind closed doors we are a swarm of monsters, each despising ourselves and each other.

    By emarie on 04.16.2009