September 29th, 2016 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “passport”

  1. “First time?” he asked, lowering his magazine into his lap.
    “Yeah.” She replied rather sheepishly. “First time flying. Pretty nervous.”
    The old man offered her a warm, grandfatherly smile. “You’ll be fine. The plane does most of the work.”

    By Brandon Steward on 09.29.2016

  2. One can be given the keys to success
    and as to a car, it will be a nice ride
    for a while

    or work up each step to a ‘passport’
    to allow you a much greater range
    of prosperity.

    By Renzo Saggio on 09.29.2016

  3. Moon of frosty mist
    Night grants us our PASSPORT to
    Warm sexual bliss

    By ! Haiku-man ! of Love! on 09.29.2016

  4. I turned my room upside down trying to find my passport but it was a lost cause – the maid had long gone tossed it out along with other papers.

    By claus on 09.29.2016

  5. “Oh, sorry.” The elderly man bent down to pick up her passport with a waft of musky cologne hanging around his neck.
    “Thanks,” she smiled courteously.
    As she walked away, his eyes followed, crinkled at the edges, and he started to move towards her.

    By Helianthus on 09.29.2016

  6. Life becomes priceless when you master it. This is what a bunch of people believe. They believe that wealth, fame and power are everything and they let you be the happiest one on Earth. Anyway, that was not what one man believed. For him, although he had all those happiness makers, he keeps on saying that he is the unhappiest guy in the entire universe. After at least a moon of thinking, he made the horrible choice – to leave this world.

    San Diego-Coronado Bridge, San Diego Bay, California, USA. The bridge which its height can reach 200 feet above the sea-level. In such a frost dark night where the cars on the highway honking their horns and the waves of the sea slamming the bridge piers are only heard. The man stands there on the bridge, looking at the enormous sea which has no limit. He starts to breathe heavily, which even the birds on that night can hear his breathing.

    His father was an example of the greatest citizens in America. He was the CEO of one of the largest companies – Apple. Unfortunately, he passed away when his only son was at the age of 22, leaving all his wealth to him. His son was in the 4th year at Stanford University. He has not only inherited his father’s wealth, he moreover won also plenty of girls – those who are called “Girls of Money”. They are only interested in the wealthy kids.

    By soubhi on 09.29.2016

  7. a passport is a ID that lets you get on plains and in other country’s.

    By madison on 09.29.2016

  8. Passports are the best, you can take them with you to the airport and get new stamps anytime you travel out of the country! It’s so fun trying to collect as many stamps as possible.

    By TessaAnn on 09.29.2016

  9. sir!!!!! i need your passport if you dont have one you can not go any farther!!!!

    By Cameron on 09.29.2016

  10. As she got to the front desk the lady asked for her passport, so she looked in her purse and didnt see it.

    By Abigail Smith on 09.29.2016

  11. She tumbled out of her Uber like a tower of dirty laundry. She took inventory that instant – purse, passport, nalgene, sweater, and her car keys dangling from between her teeth.

    By asavas on 09.29.2016

  12. I have one stamp in my passport. I am fascinated by the world. Travel is one of the best things in my life. Yet. I have one stamp. I’ve flown into a different country exactly once. Why. Because of fear? Money? Nah. Maybe. I don’t know.

    By Rose URL on 09.29.2016

  13. The blue book felt odd in my hands. Today was the day. I could be free. Do anything I wanted. It was my ticket to a brand new place…well the white slip was actually my ticket, but either way it was time to start a new journey. Right after I got through the horrendous security line.

    By me on 09.29.2016

  14. That smell of freshly baked candy coated pecans, oh how it reminds me of the joys of home. Of seeing my beautiful wife’s smile and my children running to me. A #passport with a thousand stamps can not compare. @oznolem #oneword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 09.29.2016

  15. i have a passport and that’s already useful. My daughter has a different passport than me. The government of her nation ask all readers to protect and help her in case of needs.

    By vocorina on 09.29.2016

  16. She sniffed the ink on the passport and a sense of frenzy overtook her. This was it. She was really doing this. The TSA officer stared at her until she hastily picked up her bag and scurried off, gathering her shoes and her belt. She felt nervous and excited, anxious.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.29.2016

  17. What you need to travel. I couldn’t leave the U.S. without my passport.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 09.29.2016

  18. “What do you MEAN, it’s not VALID?”
    With a quiet, forced breath, the security personnel dragged a hand down his face and thumped the thin book onto the counter of the security station, his distaste for the woman’s reaction dripping off every motion.
    “I mean it doesn’t qualify as a registered passport. You cannot pass through international borders without a fully registered and valid-”
    “I just bought this YESTERDAY!”
    “Ma’am, would you please step aside, you are blocking-”
    “How in the name of everything holy is is INVALID? I paid good money for this, and if you don’t–”
    He tuned out the moment she began another ranting spiel of how much this was going to affect her investors’ views of her and how much hell she would rain down upon him if she didn’t let him pass. The annoyed traveler behind her attempted clearing his throat, but it did nothing to attract the attention of the fuming woman. Perhaps this would’ve gone smoother if she hadn’t bothered to stand in the center of the walkway.

    By The Wanderer on 09.29.2016

  19. I when to the airport then at security I realized I forgot my passport and I could not board the plane so i had to waste that ticket and wait for the next plane to leave.

    By Ben Davis on 09.29.2016

  20. When we went to go on a Disney Cruise, we had to get our passports. Because we were leaving the country. Passports are only good for a few years.

    By Josiah URL on 09.29.2016

  21. A passport is a booklet and it lets you go where you want to live if you want to live in Eygpt then you need a passport because that is out of the state if you wanna live there.

    By Makayla URL on 09.29.2016

  22. passport, take me places i’ve never been. take me places i’ve never seen. take me places i cannot and will not ever go. take me to places that don’t exist anymore and take me to places that will exist in the future and take me to places that never did and never will exist. oh, i meant book.

    By Daisy Leason on 09.29.2016

  23. My passport has taken me on a journey I will never forget. The journey changed me forever. I part of me has been left in Honduras. I will be forever grateful to my passport, opening doors to my open heart.

    By John on 09.29.2016

  24. All she needed was that one passport–and she’d be free. Luckily, she had it. As fake as it was and seemed to a professional, it should be enough of her to get out of the hellhole she lived in. She was more than relieved as she clutched it with her cold and bony hands. Her hollowed in features made her look almost sick.

    By norala on 09.29.2016

  25. “here is my passport!” I said as I gave the leather covered documents to the security guard. “Where are you going miss?” he asked. “Japan” I replied.

    By Samantha on 09.29.2016

  26. I tucked my passport back into my bag shakily, happy to be off of my flight and back on the ground. Now was the hard part.
    I scanned the crowds and hordes of people, looking for someone especially tall with almost white hair.
    I saw them, and started walkin.

    By yO-8O1Z-42 on 09.29.2016

  27. I have never been out of my country. Never left the states.I have looked at my parents passports, and though, and wondered at all the places they have been.

    By Ginger-Girl on 09.29.2016

  28. I need a passport to travel to canada.

    By Lucien on 09.29.2016

  29. Passport is a necessary document when someone whants to leave the country.

    By Catarina Suman on 09.29.2016

  30. I just quikly grabbed my passport and a duffled bag that I quickly stuffed with the essential and was out the door. As I was driving toward the airport, I could only think how crazy this was. But I just had to follow my heart.

    By Jo URL on 09.29.2016

  31. I lost my passport while in Vancouver, so I was stuck at my hotel, waiting to see if it would turn up at some point. All my plans, of course, had to change: I pulled more money from my bank account, called the appropriate embassies, and then contacted my exasperated mother to let her know that no, I would not be home in time for my brother’s birthday, and yes, he could live without my presence there.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.29.2016

  32. “You’re leaving,” she said bluntly.
    “Yeah,” he said, clutching the passport he was holding even tighter. “I’m sorry…I wanted to tell you but it never seemed like the right time.”
    She didn’t respond. What could she say?

    By chrissy on 09.29.2016

  33. I’m no Dr. Manhattan. Yet I sit here to contemplate the clock. A simple concept it would seem. A tool human made and easily overlooked. It is taken for granted even though whole histories, the rise and fall of nations, have centered around its accuracy, its ability synchronize actions across great distances and throughout the ages. A time capsule it is not for it’s mission is the measurement of progression. A cog remains old-fashioned while watch glass is made up of mineral crystal, plastics, or some pioneering amalgam. The clock, it may perform digitally and multitask, you can communicate or access vast libraries of information with one of the many types available, maybe watch a movie or take a selfie, for everything must factor in the physics of time to operate, even a narrative and certainly a camera shutter, but the purpose of the clock is all the same. The reality: it’s only a measurement, a unit, a known quantity. These incremental qualities tick together to support the theory that time exists and we are due our linear progressions as simple or as complex as we wish to see them. Scale is context.

    The clock, the keeper of time, and not unlike a passport possessed in ordinary human hands, is only too easy to lose track of, but when put to use aides in the passing thresholds, adding distance between barriers of arbitration.

    By Pearl URL on 09.29.2016

  34. when i think about passport i think about places to go. and being organized. and traveling with as little to carry as possible. i hope passport means traveling with friends. and going cool places.

    By Beth Markley on 09.29.2016


    By Anonymouse on 09.29.2016

  36. Well, my passport is expired. I told my husband I would renew it. I haven’t. It just hasn’t come up. I hope he doesn’t invite me abroad. That would be sad. Honestly, its in my desk drawer looking at me. I should probably get the done I guess. Do you ever get that feeling after saying something, that you need to let the listener know you aren’t on drugs? I feel like that now.

    By ashley4ashley on 09.29.2016

  37. What’s that?
    My passport
    Youre leaving?
    I’m sorry, if I made you leave
    No, its not you’re fault
    but it is
    Youll never

    By fLUFFy bIRd on 09.29.2016

  38. pass the port
    I drove past the port
    I passed the port

    By no on 09.29.2016

  39. Erestor readied himself, passport in hand. This was it- the trip of a lifetime!

    So why, then, did it feel so wrong to step off of the plane and onto foreign soil? It felt almost as if there was something…watching. Waiting.

    By LearnToShareFeanor on 09.29.2016

  40. She couldn’t find it for the longest time. Turned the place upside down looking for it. Couldn’t remember the last time she’d used it. Or wasn’t trying to remember. But here’s the truth: Her last trip had been to Dublin, and spent mostly in pubs all over the city.

    By ruby on 09.29.2016