September 29th, 2016 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “passport”

  1. My ticket to the world. Far too blank for my liking. I cannot wait to explore. So far London, India, Jamaica, London again, Australia, Thailand. I need to go to Sierra Leone.

    By Tricia on 09.29.2016

  2. I had spent most of my life looking for a guide to take me to where I had never been, but it was at this moment that I realized the passport I needed had been in my own pocket the entire time.

    By Erica Laurel on 09.29.2016

  3. One time my mema asked my mom to get us all passports so we could visit her in Mexico. We actually did it, and waited in the long line at CVS. It was really all for nothing because we never even visited her in Cabo. It’s funny now because she’s asking us to go again and they’re expired.

    By crybaby on 09.29.2016

  4. To what country will I gallivant to next?
    Where to go?
    Where to run?
    Where to flee from the shadow pasts I leave behind?
    How do I escape her this time?

    By sonofclp on 09.29.2016

  5. Passport. I love it. Love to travel. all the countries I visited. I want more stamps. Love the different stamps from each country. Wish it was thick. Its so much fun; I love showing it to others I love looking at it. I

    By sumita1966 on 09.29.2016

  6. I once had one when I went to Mexico when I was very young. I remember how fun it was all the food was great!

    By Carter on 09.29.2016

  7. Except that I can know that you are as you seem surely
    Ne can I allow you the passport into my heart truely
    Doubtful that I could do without it as it’s my one and only
    Sorry, but as fate must have it, we will again join the lonely

    I hate to bear this news that shall leave us both feeling blue
    […and time is up.]

    By Renzo on 09.29.2016

  8. I was flyning to Mallorca this week. Whenever I travel, I am afraid that I will lose my passport. I have so many stamps in my passport, because I traveled so much in the past years. I went to Dubai, Oman, Egypt and many other countries.

    By BloodDiamond on 09.29.2016

  9. I really hate flights
    They always make me nervous
    But Spain is worth it

    By Brandon Steward on 09.30.2016

  10. Passport… a status symbol separating those of privilege from those of not.
    A purple badge, fringed with gold, allowing access, movement, consumption, travel, freedom… or not.
    Gathering stamps like ticks on a list, stamps ticked by those who cannot.

    By Loren Dean-Austin on 09.30.2016

  11. If I lose my passport the process pf getting it back is so tiresome. So, I have come to the conclusion that I must guard it with my life. So no more taking it out with me as proof of ID when I go drinking.. that’s what driving liscences are for

    By Elvira Chatz on 09.30.2016

  12. I haven’t had one for many years. The last time was for a trip island jumping with my family.We bareboated on a 50 foot sailboat. Bliss. Some much has changed since than. A lifetime of change and memories.

    By Karen Beard on 09.30.2016

  13. He needs a passport to come he doesn’t have one so he can’t come!!!!!!

    By Cameron on 09.30.2016

  14. Hey you I need your passport I bet you don’t have one do
    you then good day to you sir!!!!!!!

    By Cameron on 09.30.2016

  15. You need passports for any kind of traveling from one country to the other!!!!☺

    By Cameron on 09.30.2016

  16. You need a passport on a boat car or a plane when traveling across the world

    By Cameron on 09.30.2016

  17. I was amlost late i but i got to the airport in time. I looked in my purse “do i have my passport” i asked my self.

    By Abigail Smith on 09.30.2016

  18. Cheese the nice woman said I was taking my picture for my passport so when I leave this country they can identify me

    By Cameron on 09.30.2016

  19. passport yes tardy word.

    By Lucien on 09.30.2016

  20. Something that is required for you to travel. I forgot my passport at home. I left my passport in the oven.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 09.30.2016

  21. a passport is Id that lets you on a plain and makes it were you can go to other states.

    By madison on 09.30.2016

  22. “Passport please?” the guard said to the women going through security at the airport to go to china.

    By TessaAnn on 09.30.2016

  23. it’s blue and i clutch it tightly,
    wondering whether i should flip it upside down
    or rightside up,
    whether the bright gold letters are a source of pride
    or an apology.
    both, i decide,
    and the line shuffles forward.
    i do not understand the languages on the sign
    or the vowels in the air that surrounds me,
    and i cannot forget that i do not belong here
    but i am as much a part of here,
    right now,
    as the people laughing and smiling around me.
    the line shuffles forward,
    and so i step in.

    By missfeatherb on 09.30.2016

  24. He clutched his passport tightly, praying to God they didn’t notice the mole of the picture’s left cheek. He was, of course, not going to get through any sort of customs if they did. Funnily, though, tipex did wonders when your subject was as pale as an uncooked chicken. However, if his brother found out about this, he’d be in huge trouble. He’d KILL him.

    By Becky on 09.30.2016

  25. The picture was awful. My hair was knotted up in a scruffy bun and I looked like a needed coffee desperately. At least they had made me take off my glasses; I can only imagine how misty-eyed their glare would have made me look. But no matter how ugly I looked in my passport, they had to let me on the plane. I would be going to China either way.

    By Alicia on 09.30.2016

  26. It lay beneath a pile of rubble.
    It lay just a few inches from his outstretched hand.
    His blood now stained the blue edges, blotting out the stamps.
    He was one American who never saw death coming.
    One American who saw terror on television and thought, “That can never happen to me.”
    Till it did, and he had died reaching for the only piece of safety, of home, that he could find.
    His passport.

    By M.Z. Burchfield on 09.30.2016

  27. “Something tells me if you had a passport I’d never see you again,” you whispered as we stood in line at Walgreen’s for the next available photographer.

    “Darling, you could come with me, if only you wanted to see the world as well as me,” I answered as calmly as possible.

    By M. Rene' on 09.30.2016

  28. “Do you have your passport?”
    “Hold on a moment. I’l get it.” The older woman unbuckled and climbed into the backseat.
    “We’re at the border. We need to get out before the guards realize I’m helping you escape.” The terrified children nodded, and the adult opened the back and wished them luck.

    By Shadow Writer on 09.30.2016

  29. passport clutched in my hand,
    all my possessions on my back,
    i’m coming home.
    the customs official welcomes me back
    to the country i left a year ago,
    but i am already looking past him,
    down the stark hallway,
    ready to hold your face in my hands
    again, at last
    i’m home.

    By Kate on 09.30.2016

  30. I already told you about this, but I guess I’ll tell you a different story about this. About a year ago, there was a man at Grand Central Station, walking around very fast and looking at the floor there. I wanted to ask if he needed help, but he wasn’t the kind of person you would ask anything, I don’t think. He looked so angry, as though everything that mattered in his entire life was somewhere on the floor of that station. He started walking around in circles; I’ve seen cats or dogs do that when they’re out of their minds from being in cages for too long. Finally, well, I couldn’t just watch him, so I followed him and tapped him on the back and he turned around so fast, I thought I’d fall down from just the force of it. “What??” I asked him if he needed help.
    “Did you steal my passport? Do you know who did? And if you do, will you shoot that bastard for me?” I figured I had my answer and I started to walk away and then he called out to me.
    “Hey kid, I’m sorry. Okay, I’m sorry?” And that’s when I felt this sadness come over me. That there are people trapped by things they don’t know how to get out of. Stupid things that control their lives. It doesn’t make any sense. I wonder if he ever found his passport? And if he did, did it help him get away from that insanity he’s trapped inside? I don’t think so. I really don’t.

    By ruby on 09.30.2016

  31. You will need a passport in order to fly out of the country if you are interested in doing so. Attaining a passport can be a very easy and simple process. Many people have one for many reasons such as vacation or work.

    By Andy URL on 09.30.2016

  32. I didn’t think I would ever need my passport. I was content living my stupid little life in my stupid little hometown. But then I met her. I met Penelope and my life changed. She changed me for the better and yet also for the worst. When she moved to Tehran I was simultaneously crushed and relieved… but I knew that I had to follow her. I dusted off that old passport, hopped aboard a plane and I was off to find Penelope. I didn’t know her address in Tehran. I didn’t know what was going to happen when I was got there or if she would even accept me but I knew I had to try.

    By Lee on 09.30.2016

  33. 1passport= propensity at sending soul past onto real time

    By Garz on 09.30.2016

  34. going to italy. beautiful place, hilly, weight loss, walking a lot, scenery, food, nice clothes, dollar not worth much, makes me want to visit other places in the world, it was a wonderful tripc

    By cassaundra watkins on 09.30.2016

  35. going to italy. beautiful place, hilly, weight loss, walking a lot, scenery, food, nice clothes, dollar not worth much, makes me want to visit other places in the world, it was a wonderful trip

    By cassaundra watkins on 09.30.2016

  36. Freedom to move about and soak in experiences that are new.

    By Fred URL on 09.30.2016

  37. Away, its time to leave. Away from my home and loved ones, away from the troubles. Hello new place, goodbye old friends. Ive got my passport and a one way ticket to heaven. I won’t be coming back, but where I’m going i won’t need to.

    By Kaitlyn Erickson URL on 09.30.2016

  38. “I…don’t have a passport.”
    It seemed like such a mundane problem, after everything that had happened. Demons, and angels, and witches were traipsing around the globe, but he still needed something as silly a passport to leave the country?

    By savvadrokki on 09.30.2016

  39. Maybe if I had purchased my passport, we would have traveled. Maybe if I’d just filed for it and if I had taken the damn picture and spent the money, we’d be halfway across the world. We’d have gone to Bora Bora, and Hawaii, Mexico every weekend and we’d still be happy and looking forward to things in our life. Maybe even if I had a passport, it wouldn’t make a difference.

    By Willow on 09.30.2016