September 30th, 2016 | 21 Entries

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21 Entries for “coat”

  1. The city was cold. Very cold. It hadn’t been this chilly in twenty years. Geoengineering had been a a mainstream practice for only two of said years. Either they were doing something right, or something very, very wrong.

    I was startled to see an old man selling coats on the street corner. Not typical light jackets we had these days, when we were lucky to get sixty degree weather; no, he was hocking the heavy ones, the kind I used to wear a child, braving the wind and snow on my way to school.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.30.2016

  2. I bought a coat several years ago, but I barely wear it. Because it is very heavy, it becomes tiring wearing it for a longer time. Usually only in the very cold winter, i get it out of my closet.

    By BloodDiamond on 10.01.2016

  3. Close your coat, it is terribly windy and rainy outside. Time for a hot chocolate! Come in!

    By BR on 10.01.2016

  4. I have a coat – It’s sitting in my wardrobe, smelling of memories, cold and something strange.

    It’s a coat for holidays and special occasions that occur in the cold. It’s warm, scratchy and yet still snuggly.

    By Liberty Overton on 10.01.2016

  5. Coats are very interesting things. Did you know that the four children, as they entered Narnia, all wore coats? Joseph had a coat too. A coat of many colours. And then of course there is the famous coat of Lord Anderson, the coat protecting him from the eyes of foes. Not unlike the elvish cloaks that the hobbits wore in Middle-earth.

    By Isaac Overton on 10.01.2016

  6. Coat me with sugar. Coat me with sweet words. Yet you sprinkle me with salt and less of sugar. Is sugar more expensive or is salt more worthy?

    By Keira on 10.01.2016

  7. I don’t want to put the coat on. It feels like a protest vote. Against the coming coldness of the hard, heartless winter that provokes me.

    By Karen Beard on 10.01.2016

  8. Her tea-dappled coat was hung against the wall beside the door. It wasn’t much to look at but it was the first thing she had made and she didn’t intend of ridding herself of it anytime soon.

    By Piper on 10.01.2016

  9. i love coats. i could fill a whole closet with them.
    my favorites are winter coats
    because i had met her in the winter,
    when people wore red scarves and children held their mother’s hands
    to keep them warm.
    i still have her tattered gray winter coat,
    with mismatched patches stitched on.
    i can remember the snow falling onto her hair,
    when she said
    “take my coat.” with a warm smile
    that could melt all the cold in my bitter heart.

    By vanessa. p on 10.01.2016

  10. She gripped the edge of her coat tightly as the rain tried mercilessly to rip it from her, the hood refusing to stay put as it blustered on. She wondered how long the weather would remain this way, how quickly she could get home from here. She knew she stood out in her bright yellow coat, but she was proud of this fact.

    By Becky on 10.01.2016

  11. I tugged the coat off the peg, and shoved it on, buttoning it quickly. I pulled on my hat and slammed the door behind me, the wind biting in to my cheeks. I knew that this time I had to leave. And never go back.

    By Daisy Leason on 10.01.2016

  12. She coats her cynicism with those sweet, cloying words that make her seem all the more alluring. Yet when all alone, stripped down, and bare, she’s actually just as desperate as everyone else.

    By Zoe Jen on 10.01.2016

  13. Her coat was wrapped tightly around her as if her life depended on it, as the wind whipped around her legs she didn’t remember ever being so cold.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.01.2016

  14. pulling my coat tighter
    around my fragile frame,
    I realize how easily
    essence leaves:
    puffs of breath
    hits of life
    flowing to the moon
    drowning with the night.

    star-breathing looks beautiful.

    By Pandatry on 10.01.2016

  15. The coat wasn’t anything special to look at- it was full of tiny holes and coated with dust. There were patches covering the larger holes, and they were ugly to look at, if truth be told.
    But there was something about it, something that made Anne look twice at it when she found it in the back of the second-hand store.

    By Jessie on 10.01.2016

  16. A lot of the times we go through life and let ourselves get soaked in the rain. We let these storms soak us through to the bone and maybe something we need sometimes is just to let it roll off of us like wearing a coat.

    By Monique v.d. Berg on 10.01.2016

  17. Old coats are the best. They smell like previous songs, get warm like our terrible but beautiful memories and give the comfort of years when we felt safe but the years we don’t want to go back to.

    By Monique v.d. Berg on 10.01.2016

  18. She wore a coat bigger than I had ever seen. Furry and long, it made her look like a bear. I remember snuggling up inside of it, I imagined it was like being back inside her warm belly before my memories started to form. Before we became real to each other. Before we let each other down.

    By Kelly on 10.01.2016

  19. It’s chilly outside. My coat is a beautiful purple one that, shockingly enough, I bought at Target. It makes me look older, which at one point was a blessing, but now it makes me miserable. “older” seems to translate into “responsibility, which fI have not.

    By Paige Beto on 10.01.2016

  20. He pulled the coat over him, trying not to shiver in the cold night air as he walked through the desolate town. Everything around him was deserted, and he got a sense of loneliness from the ghosts that were supposedly haunting the town.

    By Shadow Writer on 10.01.2016

  21. Is that a smile? A flicker of passion and positivity in the eye of the bitter witch?
    Indeed. My belly is full of pizza and nothing can bring me down.

    By lostfaun on 10.01.2016