February 25th, 2019 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “paramedic”

  1. A paramedic is someone who works in an ambulance.

    By Rebekah on 02.25.2019

  2. I was living in Nenana, Alaska as a child and I was severely dehydrated so I was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Fairbanks an hour away. I remember the story because my parents said I had fluids in through my brain. I remember the story because I wore brown courdory pants. Recently my dad told me how scary that was for him as a father. I love him so much for that.

    By Alexandra on 02.25.2019

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    By dsgjsg on 02.25.2019

  4. Un paramédico en un hospital, ayudando al niño que tanto había sufrido, no sólo físico, si no también mentalmente. Estaba totalmente roto… Odiaba todo a sus cortos doce años.

    By minasmy on 02.25.2019

  5. “Él me odia, ¿cierto? No cabe duda de que sí…”, hablaba consigo mismo mientas un paramédico le ayudaba, únicasmente de forma física…. ahhhhhh no sé que mássss

    By minasmy on 02.25.2019

  6. Joseph wanted to become a paramedic, but he could never pass the fitness test. And trust me, he tried everything – diets, shakes, daily trips to the gym. Pumping iron, running on the elliptical machine, even learning how to kickbox. But no matter how hard he tried, his arms had the consistency of penne pasta.

    “You’re just a wimp,” his girlfriend said to him when he moped about it one night. She soon became his ex-girlfriend after that.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.25.2019

  7. they finally came when everybody was dead and gone, they finally came when the blood stopped spilling from everybody that lay littered around her, they came when they all breathed their last breath of air in their lungs, every tear that came down their face and every cry, scream and yell each person could muster up that came out of their dying corpses. The paramedic people finally came at the ending of all of their lives and beginning of their deaths.

    By jlupe on 02.25.2019

  8. they finally came when everybody was dead and gone, they finally came when the blood stopped spilling from everybody that lay littered around her, they came when they all breathed their last breath of air in their lungs, every tear that came down their face and every cry, scream and yell each person could muster up that came out of their dying corpses. The paramedic people finally came at the beginning of their deaths.

    By jlupe on 02.25.2019

  9. Paramedic…Paramedic…Umm, I can’t find out what to say for this one so.
    Paramedics are important people who save other peoples lives

    By Alexandria on 02.25.2019

  10. is a person who is on call to aid in the aisitanc needed by someone injured or illl and needs a dr. at a hospital. they drivee an ambulance and reapond to calls.

    By Twila M Shy on 02.25.2019

  11. She sat at the edge of her bed , as the paramedics loaded up their equipment to return back to thier Fire station. She had been down this road before and was almost a pro at making sure her episodes were under control, and so a visit from the paramedics was a good sign; she was keeping her body and mind right, both spiritually and physically well.

    The journey has been long; now she can see the end to the means. She covers herself and snuggles into her cozy place on the couch. She listens carefully to the sounds outside; the breeze is whistling its tune to her heart from her windchime, and she smiles. She takes a breath in, and knows all is well with her soul, as she recognizes the still of the silence and drifts off to sleep.

    By Donna Whiting on 02.25.2019

  12. I want to be a paramedic because if I am I can be a firefighter they will automatically accept me cause I have first aid training so I really like them they helped my family like 15 times I can’t wait till I’m like 19 TO begin

    By Jesse Martinez on 02.25.2019

  13. A paramedic is someone who are the first on the scene. They drive in ambulances, help at car accidents. Thyey bring you to the hospital. They are a healthcare professional who repsond to calls.

    By Cameron on 02.25.2019

  14. One day, they show up on the porch banging on the door and you know even before you answer it that they’re there too late; that he’s already dead and there’s no bringing him back, no matter what they do. They’ll try the paddles on him and keep charging him with electricity but he won’t come back, not ever. And when they come rushing in you want to tell them that he’s pretty dead but they have to do their jobs and they rush past you just to make sure it’s all over. And you pray that when you opened the door, you weren’t smiling. Were you smiling?

    By Nyla URL on 02.25.2019

  15. paramedic. doesnt that have somthing to do with a dr? i hear it in movies a lot1 like GET THE PARAMEDIC STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but who knows….prob paramedics1

    By deann on 02.25.2019

  16. Many people underestimate how difficult and stressful being a paramedic can be. Any job dealing with human lives comes with at least a moderate level of stress. A paramedic must work long hours and be alert for whatever emergency may come in. Then, deal with the emergency quickly and try to stabilize the patient before transport to the hospital can begin. Additionally, they don’t make a lot of money. We should all appreciate paramedics and what they do on a daily basis.

    By Roy McClellan URL on 02.25.2019

  17. He began to realize where her sentence was leading halfway through and didn’t want to hear the end. His vision tunneled, bright lights spinning.

    Hit pause here. A few deep breaths should do the trick. Just a quick fix, he thought. Suspend me in the golden unknown before things fall apart.

    By Florence Farfaletti on 02.25.2019

  18. A paramedic is one who is trained to give medical attention to people who have a serious illness or need help health wise. A paramedic needs to be well trained and focused in order to get his/her job done. Their job is to care for others and enable their health in any way they can. They have the most highly-qualified emergency medical responders. They are skilled and trained to deliver more care than basic level EMT’s or other rescue personnel.

    By Sarah on 02.25.2019

  19. Call the fucking paramedics.
    I’m having a heart attack.
    Because we actually agree on something.
    Pigs DO fly backwards in May.

    By chantemcb on 02.25.2019

  20. He was lying in the street when we drove by, and we looked at each other for a split second before I slammed on the brakes. But we both jumped out with equal speed to see what was wrong. [paramedic]

    By Jenny Yacovissi URL on 02.26.2019

  21. paramedic is a excellent professional of the health area

    By RAUL COSTA on 02.26.2019

  22. a man who help a lot of people and become the famourse paramedic in the world but somethings happen in one day.

    By Howard on 02.26.2019

  23. This is a new word–kind of made up but it is important in an emergency. My sister’s ex was a
    paramedic on a college campus and he saved teens who drank too much. They were wild with their new freedom and could not pace themselves.

    By Robin Stein on 02.26.2019

  24. The paramedics rushed out of the fire station, diving into the firetruck which screeched out of the driveway. Sirens wailed as they raced through the suburban streets, hoping that they would not be too late. A bomb had just been set off in the middle school, and none of them wanted to have to see hundreds of dead kids. They all had their own children, and they would not wish such a painful loss on any parents. Minutes later, they spun to a stop in front of the school, all throwing open their doors and running towards the ruined building.

    By Alysia Ascovani URL on 02.26.2019

  25. Medical personnel working in an emergency,they are not doctors,but they also can help patients.Most workplaces are in ambulances and emergency vehicles.They provide out of hospital care and mild diagnosis. And some of them do it in the hospital.

    By Yolanda on 02.26.2019

  26. Gasping for air, waiting for some kind of miracle… I’m not going to make it.
    I’m not going to make it no matter how many thoughts and prayers I receive, or how many paramedics show up… I won’t.
    Blood is all I can taste. It’s the last thing I will taste.

    By Bex on 02.26.2019

  27. paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic patamedic paramedic paramedic paramedic poaramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic paramedic

    By daniel URL on 02.26.2019

  28. I pray to God that i don’t every have to go in a paramedic ever!!! I dont think that came out right. But all well my timer is about to end anyway. There it goes!

    By Peighton on 02.26.2019

  29. what I would do to meet a paramedic James said I envy them I really wanna be one but I don’t know how I will help millions of people if I find out how to become one

    By Jesse Martinez on 02.26.2019

  30. The paramedic is angry. He doens’t like the work.

    By Karine URL on 02.26.2019

  31. There once was a guy named Joe who was driving on the highway when all of a sudden he got hit by another car. The person that hit him was named Kim and she was texting and not paying any attention. She had swerved to hit Joe and she didn’t know she was swerving until bam! She hit Joe’s car. The hood of Kim’s car was crumpled and she was irritated and Joe was mad because he just bought the car. As another person was driving by she saw the accident and called 911 and the paramedics showed up within five minutes. They quickly got out and looked to see if Kim and Joe were okay; Kim was okay but Joe had a huge gash across his face. The paramedics rushed Joe to the hospital and helped heal his wound. Kim got her car taken away because she didn’t have a permit or license. Later Kim apologized to Joe and asked how his wound turned out to be. Joe said he was alright and healed. Joe forgave her and told her that next time when she drives she needs a permit or license and not to text or talk on the phone.

    By KJ on 02.26.2019


    Three bodies
    and he couldn’t save them all.
    Not enough
    to go around.
    One, two, three.
    Which one?
    Who should live
    and who shouldn’t?
    He judged them
    by their faces,
    their sex,
    their holed clothing,
    and the shape of their fingernails.
    Who looked worse?
    And he decided.
    The other two might
    make it.
    to the hospital.
    They just might.
    But this one,
    his one
    the chosen,
    would not.
    For sure,
    would not,
    he thought,
    snapping on his glove.

    By Matt Jaeger on 02.26.2019

  33. I wanted her to restart my heart like a paramedic. Be that manic pixie dream girl who electrified my life in a series of whimiscal
    adventures and silly life affirming moments before agreeing to settle down with a formerly mopey, shmoe like me. But you can’t trap those kind of personalities. They’re icebergs in the lonely sea. And that tip, that sliver at the surface, doesn’t prepare you for what’s beneath. No, I learned the hard way, that’s past is the real heart stopper.

    By Frigid Fred URL on 02.26.2019

  34. paramedic heal me
    my child has stolen my jas da vivre
    i there a moment in time
    when i’ll get a breath
    before i die
    no seconds left
    children are a stark reminder of the transience of time
    you count your days in their moments
    their hours in your seconds
    their years in your sighs
    the moment passes too fast
    and they steal your life

    By matt m on 02.26.2019

  35. i have always loved paramedics, i guess this resonates with me. the uniform and the way they carry out their responsibilities and discharge their duties is admirable.

    By Nsikak Effiong on 02.27.2019

  36. paramedic. they call to me. from the screen. from the page. my dog, from the carpet i am kneeling on, prostate before a god i don’t believe in. looking at me questioningly. reminding me that they need me to stay alive. to draw breath after breath after breath until i find a more long term reason to stay alive.

    By yash on 02.27.2019

  37. You see the red and blue lights but you don’t hear them. Somewhere between panic and mortification, the sound of your heart skipping irregularly pulses loudly in your ears. Someone is easing you back on a gurney and asking you questions. You open you mouth and can’t find the air to speak or breathe. You close your eyes, sinking into something that feels a lot like sleep.

    By DarkJanuary on 02.27.2019

  38. El paramédico llegó tarde. La mujer llevaba dos horas al pie de la escalera con el cuello roto y nadie pude hacer nada para salvarla. Se llevaron el cadáver, pero olvidaron algo importante: su fantasma.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 02.27.2019

  39. The paramedics jumped out of the car and raced to the man lying face down in the middle of the street.
    “Sir! What is your name?” yelled the paramedic.
    The man moaned but no decipherable words came out of his mouth. Blood was everywehere

    By Samecia on 02.27.2019

  40. It seems like these days I need a paramedic. I feel every day like I’m dying inside, just a little more. It’s fucking ridiculous and I am determined to make it stop. Otherwise I really will need a paramedic. But maybe even they won’t save me.

    By bee on 02.27.2019