February 27th, 2019 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “dryer”

  1. dryer is the sheets beneath me. dry are my pants that have endured the callous snow. dyer still is the desert and then hell itself. a dry mouth is the worst esp first thing in the morning. dryer dryer dryer still

    By Seal Vee on 02.27.2019

  2. I love the dryer! Its my favorite part of washing clothes, hearing the booming sound actually helps me relax.

    By Peighton on 02.27.2019

  3. Willa left her father’s fleece jacket in the dryer overnight, but when she pulled it out the following morning, the fabric was still warm. She held it gently, fingers caressing the flannel pattern, before inhaling and smelling all the familiar smells. The sticky odors of tobacco and cheap whiskey. The aroma of bacon and chive scones that he always got at the café in the morning. Her mother’s perfume. Amazing how much it all lingered.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.27.2019

  4. we did the best we could
    when you walk in wet
    to aspire to be dryer
    so you walked in the dryer
    and we turned it on
    you were right all along
    you can’t dry a person
    even if they’re wet
    so we got you out
    toweled you down
    put back on your clothes
    and sent you to town.

    By matt m on 02.28.2019

  5. Soaked. The only word I can think is: dryer. I need one. Like yesterday…It was pouring rain so hard that I swore for a moment the rain was going to wash away my clothing. No, of course it didn’t actually happen. Instead I walked 6 and a half miles in the piss, and now I stand dripping from head to toe like a wet dog, in the lobby of The Old Shoultz Inn. And things were about to get weird. I filled my lunges as full as they’d allow, and trembled as I saw him approach me from the other end of the dimly lit antique style corridor….here we go.

    By blondee on 02.28.2019

  6. a dryer is a great thing for drying my hair, and mould and insect proof, book,stamps

    By jenny on 02.28.2019

  7. The dryer thumped against the wall, as it had done every day for the past five years. I’d asked her to fix it but she still hadn’t even looked at the damn thing. I’d look at it myself but there’s no way you could get me into the guts of one of those things. TO be fair, I can’t blame her. Ever since we invented nuclear-powered dryers, it’s been difficult to do home repairs…

    By henry on 02.28.2019

  8. a dryer is a partner to a washer. it can also be a hair dryer. it can also be the way my hands feel in winter. and boy do they feel dryer every single day! I can use my hair dryer to create a beautify look – without frying my hair.

    By katie on 02.28.2019

  9. i use dryer after washing my hair. the hot air from the dryer is very soothing. but using too much of it is not good.

    By Karishma Asrani on 02.28.2019


    By alline vieira on 02.28.2019

  11. Mom shouted at dad ” That dryer is not working. I thought you said you fixed it.” No he said. I will give me a minute.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 02.28.2019

  12. La secadora contenía una revolución en su interior. La revuelta de la ropa representaba a todas las clases sociales moviéndose frenéticamente para encontrar un lugar más afortunado en medio de la maraña, el caos y el calor de la lavandería.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 02.28.2019

  13. Dryers are very efficient tools for hair, but can also be devastating to hair as well.Your hair can dry and look beautiful or your can dry and look horrible.

    By Peighton on 02.28.2019

  14. The sound of the broken dryer woke me up. Who does their laundry at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday? My grandmother needs some sleeping pills or something.

    By April Stone on 02.28.2019

  15. The dryer ran in circles. He watched as it spun. It reminded him of a clock, going in circles as the day was wasted. He was fine with this though, he didn’t need a busy life to feel content.

    By Ella May on 02.28.2019

  16. Where do the socks go? The german shepherd sock is now lost amongst the lint in the dryer, I think. Is there an alternative dimension, perhaps a worm hole, in the center of the dryer that takes them? I wish I could find the sock. I love that sock. Just like I love the shepherd.

    By leslie on 02.28.2019

  17. My clothes haven’t been washed and thrown into the dryer for a while, thanks to everything that’s been going on – and you haven’t been helpful in keeping my clothes fresh, coaxing me onto the couch when I’m supposed to be working and attempting to pull my tights down over my hips. “Your body is telling me different things from what you’re telling me,” you said. “Which part should I listen to?” “My mouth,” I said. You tell me I’m lying to myself about what I want. No, honey, I’m not – what I want is another boy, but I can’t have him, and I can have you. So here we are, sunset over the top of the vinyl sofa.

    By Ella Emma Em on 02.28.2019

  18. I’m slipping quarters into the dryer. Clink, clink. Clink, clink. A dollar for 20 minuets doesn’t seem like much of a deal, don’t ya think?

    The clothes spin. My eyes spin.
    My mind winds up to sin.

    The sheets tumble and tumble and tumble. Words mumble and mumble and mumble.
    That moment when I crumble like a cookie cracked in bed.

    By Hoodie$ URL on 02.28.2019