February 23rd, 2019 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “tempted”

  1. I plucked the juicy, shiny red apple up in my hands. It looked delectable, sunlight shimmering off of it. Temptation was no stranger to me, and my resolve had never been strong. But something inside me told me, “Drop it.”

    By Shr on 02.23.2019

  2. I knew I shouldn’t drink the entire bottle of red wine that my mother bought for me in one sitting, and I knew I shouldn’t eat all the chocolates my boyfriend got me in one sitting, either. But I was definitely tempted. I staved off the urges by having my roommate hide the wine and candy somewhere I couldn’t find them. And boy, did he nail the hiding spot perfectly.

    “Yeah,” I laughed as he handed me the goods a few days later, “I wouldn’t touch your underwear drawer with a ten foot pole.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.23.2019

  3. i have

    By Alaísa URL on 02.24.2019

  4. i have tempted are a
    people good

    By Alaísa URL on 02.24.2019

  5. When no one’s around
    I’m tempted
    to break the rules
    I’ve agreed to.
    I have in the past
    And I’m evolving
    to honor my commitments
    And trust myself again.

    By chantemcb on 02.24.2019

  6. i was tempted to eat a candy bar but i knew it wasn’t good for me so i tried to distract myself so i wasnt able to be tempted again

    By Lydia Feriola on 02.24.2019

  7. yesterday I was tempted to make something out of the things I have in my backpack but I could not think of what to make I really didn’t

    By Jesse Martinez on 02.24.2019

  8. I’m tempted always not to write, it’s frustrating how foggy my brain feels these days. Laying out sentences never used to feel like constructing some kind of wobbly sidewalk, where the concrete never solidifies, it’s always something you could sink int like quicksand… but that’s how it feels now. Like the words don’t call me out. Like I’m laying bricks that don’t want to cooperate.

    By thedarlingbear on 02.24.2019

  9. Apple.

    Why the hell would anyone give up Eden for an apple?

    I mean, a pear: maybe. An orange: eh? A Hershey’s chocolate bar? Definitely.

    But you gave up eternal paradise for an APPLE?

    By Sparklespirit on 02.24.2019

  10. You’re logistically inappropriate for me, but I can’t say I’m not tempted. The nineteen-year-old that exists somewhere in the past of myself thrills to you. If only our timelines were the same, you would be my best friend, an early love. Our conversation comes straight out of adrenaline, undeniable.

    By Ella Emma Em on 02.24.2019

  11. Tempted is a feeling where you feel enticed or have an urge and want to do something but you try to hold back.

    By Alexandria on 02.24.2019

  12. I am tempted to take the step. I am not sure if it is the right thing to do or not. Maybe it is, maybe not. It might be the best thing I ever did, or another of those stupid stuff I did and didn’t learn from some past mistakes. Temptation is a strong feeling. It can lead to good results if tempted right.

    By Kaushik on 02.24.2019

  13. today i was tempted to eat a piece of cake and i ate it but i felt really guilty afterwards and i couldn’t stop thinking about it so i tried to eat less at lunch but still, i couldnt get that guilty feeling out of me and then started sulking

    By Alice on 02.24.2019

  14. One sip. One cup. It’s all good, it’s fine. You can drink it don’t worry. it doesn’t taste as bitter as your grandparents’ New years wine and champagne. It doesn’t smell as bad as your mother’s vodka. it’s fine. Take a sip. Drink a cup. It’s fine.

    Everyone’s a friend or an unknown. They won’t judge, will they? They will, only if you don’t drink. Don’t be rude, take a sip. Take one. Take two. Grab a cup and down it.
    [Alcohol, partying]

    By natalia on 02.24.2019

  15. I was tempted to say soemthing, but then I held my breath. I don’t know if it was becaause I was scared to say anything I’d regret, or more scared the answer she would reveal. I think something ignorence is bliss, and in this cause, I choose bbliss. There isn’t much I can do to change the past, but I’ll impact the future.

    By Adam on 02.24.2019

  16. Tempted,
    he comes
    twice a day
    upon a memory
    of a porch,
    a skirt,
    a bobbing leg,
    a gin and tonic
    with extra lime,
    a bobbing leg,
    a glimpse,
    a smile.

    By Matt Jaeger on 02.24.2019

  17. I’ve been so tempted on letting all my words out onto the world. Like a wrapper around a bubble gum. But my words get drowned out from the noises in the world.

    By Nikki on 02.24.2019

  18. I am really tempted to eat sweet food, but I am on a diet. I am tempted to drive to work today but it is snowing outside.

    By Sarabjit Jaswal on 02.24.2019

  19. Temptation gripped her. He was hurt, her best friend’s boyfriend, hurt that he couldn’t stay with her best friend anymore. He turned to her instead, asked her to a party, ended up sitting with her on the porch in one of those swings, he pulled her close, he said, I don’t know what to do, can I come home with you tonight?” She was tempted, so tempted. Then she wondered how long he would last in her life, 2 weeks, 3, a month. Not even that. How long would her best friend last in her life. Til one of them died. Temptation lost its grip. “No, you can’t,” she said firmly. “No, we’re not available to each other.” “Oh, O.K.,” he said, and folded. “Well, see you later,” he said, and walked back into the party, looking for someone else. Temptation gripped her again. She was tempted to kill him.

    By Joanna Bressler on 02.24.2019

  20. I was tempted to run, but that required me to leave my family. I couldn’t do that. My ad was bleeding out in the corner and my sister was sitting next to him, already dead. they were coming for me next. I was a dead man walking, and I was ok with that. I was at peace. But what’s next? Is there a life after death?

    By Theo on 02.25.2019

  21. I saw his eyes through the tinted glasses on the bridge of his nose. Those bright red orbs that burned into my skull like a forest fire. I wanted him, and he wanted me. He gave me a smirk as if he knew I was tempted by those damn quirks of his. He knew me, he knew what I thought and what I would do next. How I would react.

    By Bex on 02.25.2019

  22. tempted to learn, tempted to travel, things you want but cant have, temptations

    By Anna S on 02.25.2019

  23. George was never the sort to be tempted by anything. At least that’s what he preferred to tell himself. At least that’s what Maria believed when she first met him. But tonight, beneath the shadows of the trees and deep in the woods behind their houses, temptation felt like a real and present companion.

    By Tzufit on 02.25.2019

  24. The father was tempted to yell at his son when he found out his son had dropped out of school. Instead of losing his temper on him, he asked him to give him 5 legitimate reasons for what he had done.

    By April Stone on 02.25.2019