December 22nd, 2010 | 390 Entries

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390 Entries for “paperclips”

  1. The norwegians invented them.
    I know this because I lived there.
    That and the cheese slicer, the scraper kind.
    They have two famous stamps with the two most famous inventions on.
    They look a little sad.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 12.22.2010

  2. I really like paperclips. They are very inventive in the sense that you can hold paper together. Because paperclips are so useful, you can even use them as earrings if your hole in your ear is big enough. I also like paperclips because it helps you keep track of papers and other materials more easily. Paperclips, what a great name. It is what it is.

    By Britney on 12.22.2010

  3. Paperclips — cliche of the office. Scourge of my soul, my pedestrian soul, stuck in a cubicle, killing time in my terrible, lifeless cubicle. Not nearly as lifeless as a paperclip — the anatomy of a paperclip: it’s biology and chemistry. Only a truly lifeless person remarks on the vitality of of a paperclip.

    By Fred on 12.22.2010

  4. Long story short: Sam never should have gotten that office job. If he didn’t he might not have tied all those nice people up and locked them in the basement for all of Christmas. But then again, they should have been more sensitive to her Manora. Why Brad felt the need to pee out her candles during the staff Christmas party is beyond all of us.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 12.22.2010

  5. I love it when she wears paperclips in her hair.

    By Bmoon URL on 12.22.2010

  6. Paper clips are metal and round and mostly silver in my office. Some people are creative when holding papers together and get colored or plastic ones. As a child, I would make a necklace or just loop them as many as I could.

    By Mike on 12.22.2010

  7. I wish I could paperclip life into something neat, all together. Is life cohesive? I am grouchy towards paperclips today. If only they were paperchips, then I’d like them. Ehh.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 12.22.2010

  8. A pencil, a pad of yellow legal paper, a box of paperclips, and a mug that says ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ on it are the only things left on my former partner’s desk. Soon they won’t even be there; some well meaning janitor will come along, put everything in a box, and throw that box in the dumpster out back. Shame really, but we all face that possibility in this line of work.

    By crunchberries URL on 12.22.2010

  9. Paperclips. They seem to hold everything together. So simple, but so useful. They barely take up any amount of time in our thoughts, yet they do more for us than people could possibly realize. How many people act as paperclips in our lives. How many people hold all the pieces together, without ever receiving recognition?

    By Lauren on 12.22.2010

  10. “Look at them,” I implored, holding my hands up to him. Colors fell from my fingers. Red, yellow, white, green. “Look at how many there are.”
    He smiled at me, intrigued and amused, as I scrambled to collect the ones I had dropped. “Sure, but why do you need so many paper clips?”
    I grinned in reply as I turned back to my work. “I ran out of staples.”

    By Jewel URL on 12.22.2010

  11. paperclips are bendy and you can mould them into anything, any shape, any position, the possibilities are endless. so dream big. bend that paperclip with love <3

    By sam on 12.22.2010

  12. Thade picked one lonely piece of metal off the dusty ground. Unfolding the paperclip, he chuckled. Thorn, glancing over his shoulder, scoffed. “Soft metals don’t make for anything useful.” She muttered, kicking her boots at the floor. Thade smiled, his warm understanding smile. “They did, in simpler times.”

    By heather URL on 12.22.2010

  13. The desk was full of paperclips, all shapes, sizes, and colors. All Sarah could do was stare at them all and wonder how it had come to this. All she had were her paperclips and she did not mind. Was that a problem? Sarah did not seem to think so. Not a problem at all. She loved paperclips and they loved her.

    By Molly URL on 12.22.2010

  14. What should I do with 10 thousand paperclips? Make chainmail? Make a bridge? Make the longest paperclip chain ever? Trade them up for 10 thousand houses? The possibilities are endless! And only $21.50 online!

    By TH on 12.22.2010

  15. Those annoying things that lie around on my desk, that fulfill no real purpose, until you need to clip things together. Then they hide, mysteriously and are annoyingly unavailable. How I love and hate paperclips.

    By wereman URL on 12.22.2010

  16. Paper clips aren’t really used in my household. We never have any but then again I never find the need to use them. However, I do like playing with them and bending them in different shapes and occasionally breaking them. They also make really nice ear rings if you play around with them with tweezers.

    By Lnit on 12.22.2010

  17. I like to undue paper clips and put them in my hand. and play with them. i love those really big paper clips that teachers have. i cant wait to be a teacher, im going to make my students make paperclip necklaces. diferent color ones, to help them learn to count.

    By jill on 12.22.2010

  18. All that was left in my sister’s room was the homemade box containing paper clips that her twin brother made for her in the third grade. I saved it because I knew it would mean a lot later in life. Everything else was thrown away because my mother didn’t want to have anything that reminded her of her daughter, my older sister. The car accident sent our family’s spirits into a deep hole, and it is predicted that it will definately take a lot to pick us back up.

    By Beatrice URL on 12.22.2010

  19. Forming over the lump of fallen sheafs, holding together what might of been a bestseller had those in the publishing house had any sense of what was actually worth saving in the world. Why can’t I get anything published? sigh….

    By Melody on 12.22.2010

  20. once there was episode of scrubs where JD says his father sold paperclips, it makes me think about my own father who sells property. I wish he was around more in my childhood, but I wish he wasn’t, too.

    By shannon on 12.22.2010

  21. small metal clips that hold paper in place. or can be bent around to make different things and you can call it art or just to do something.

    By bill rose on 12.22.2010

  22. Paperclips are essential in office spaces. they can also be used to break into houses if you know how to use them right. Someone should write a song about paperclips. All these songs about love make me sick. If someone wrote about paperclips then i think a lot of our world problems would be solved.

    By chianty on 12.22.2010

  23. a bent wire formed in an awkward position with the mission to hold together, to keep together pieces of paper. important, not so important, it doesn’t matter. As long as they’re together

    By tamari ramishvili on 12.22.2010

  24. Paperclips stick things together. They are most commonly used in offices. I’ve never really seen a need for paperclips because I prefer things to be stapled. A neat and tidy person uses paper clips. I’m not neat and tidy. Paperclips can be bent out of shape to make cheap metal rings. They can be different colours.

    By Hanna on 12.22.2010

  25. Hm, these can be useful. People use them everyday. In the office. At school. Paperclips are fascinating. They hold together people’s lives ( due to the fact that some people spend their entire lives writing about their lives..) Wow. Paperclips, paperclips, paperclips. I feel like if we didn’t have them, we would miss them :(

    By Ashleigh on 12.22.2010

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    By Jackie on 12.22.2010

  27. O k, Once wanted to be a paper clip but I didn’t have my papers. I thought about it what a trip, I continued eating my capers>

    By Thomas Jelf Jr. URL on 12.22.2010

  28. I’ve always imagined playing pretend the paperclip that holds our world together. We pretend to want to get up in the morning to pretend to give a shit about anyone our commute. Then, we pretend that we like black coffee from a dirty shitty coffee maker at the workplace we pretend to enjoy being at while we pretend to give a flying fuck about our co-worker’s crazy weekend “that one time in Cancun.” I mean, shit.

    By Danielle on 12.22.2010

  29. small oily tin yellow i mean silver hold things together annoying little buggers strangulation stabbing little paperclips together people paperclip necklace hehe evil laugh yep i just said that all in all paper clips are… awesome. just kidding! they’re awesome :)

    By tessa anderson on 12.22.2010

  30. This was the worst internship ever. He sat at his desk and linked paperclips hour after hour, twisting them, molding them into a bracelet that he wore into the break room.

    “That’s cool,” The interngirl across the cubicles smiled and sat.

    That afternoon she found a matching one on her desk.

    By Amma on 12.22.2010

  31. What will we do with the all of the paperclips? I feel guilty when I throw them away….especially the color coated ones. The metal ones, not so much.

    By muse URL on 12.22.2010

  32. I hold things together
    I keep things organized.
    I help you with everything
    I’m what you need.
    I dont think you understand.
    I’m what you need.
    This is how people do it.
    I’m how people do it.
    I’m me.
    You need me.
    I need you.

    By MJ on 12.22.2010

  33. desire: it goes along just wiithout any kind of consideration. we never desire other than our wishes. it can never be more personal.

    By Leticia URL on 12.22.2010

  34. Paperclips.
    Unlike a staple: permanent, crooked, painful.
    Simply simple.

    By sab URL on 12.22.2010

  35. :[

    By MJ on 12.22.2010

  36. the office desk, piles of colours twisting, joining but can’t be found when needed. Hold papers together, create sculptures. Unending use of the mere paperclip

    By Marilyn on 12.22.2010

  37. Paperclips are basically the only reason for existing. They tie everything together with simple grace and prestige unattainable by any other object. their pure elegance is unparalleled anywhere else in the universe, as far as I know. Paperclips are a way of life.

    By Megan M on 12.22.2010

  38. She came walking up to me and with each step she took she rattled. It was very strange. I took her by the arm and we began to dance in wide circles down the road and all the while she just kept rattling in a very odd manner, so I finally grabbed her and asked what that rattling was.
    “paperclips.” she pulled a handful from her pocket and gave them to me before she turned and skipped away.

    By IsaacNoble URL on 12.22.2010

  39. paperclips are interesting in that they are metal and metal is malleable. I can bend metal to my will in the way that I can bend you to my will but not in the way that i want to, I want to bend you to my will but only so far as you’ll let me. Will you let me? Because I’d like to stare into your eyes every morning when I’d wake up and tell you “We’re out of paper clips, dear” but I can’t, because you’re not mine because your mind isn’t malleable because I can’t bend you because you aren’t inanimate, like a paperclip.

    By Eve URL on 12.22.2010

  40. Fun to use. Fun to untie. Clips stuff together!!! There the best thing in the world… HAHa

    By squirt280 URL on 12.22.2010