October 23rd, 2010 | 199 Entries

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199 Entries for “panel”

  1. The panel of stuffy women judging the pies looked like they smelled something rotten. Could be the finger sticking out of the slice just placed in front of them put them off a little.

    By Vicki Brower on 10.24.2010

  2. I remember being on a panel of teachers who love technology and we shared activities we used in our classes. I also know a panel can be a simple piece of wood.

    By Bell on 10.24.2010

  3. A panel is a type of wall.

    By Dr. Gale URL on 10.24.2010

  4. the panel needed removing.
    The diciplinary panel required me to attend.
    Joiners use panel pins.

    By John Sexton URL on 10.24.2010

  5. I find myself staring at panels on ceilings and floors when I am really bored or can’t move for some reason. I start to count the panels and find out how many there are in all.

    By bob on 10.24.2010

  6. a board of directors and the first person who says soemthign is always right, im sure and the rest of the group just is convinced to attend to this words, his comments, and his sentiments. i am part of this too. we are part of this. a panel. who asks the questions? who gives the answers? are there answers?

    By Emily on 10.24.2010

  7. i draw again and again. crumpled pieces of white paper lift themselves out of my hands and i throw them into the can at the corner of my room. the deadline is too soon. i can not finish this time. my time is running out, and the minutes elapse into hours, days, unfinished storyboards left strewn on my jumbled desk.

    By Ken Erdedy URL on 10.24.2010

  8. I installed panels on the wall and then sat on a panel about poor installation of panels. Then the panel became angry with me.

    By BWoolley URL on 10.24.2010

  9. panels come in many diferent sizes. they can be wide or short or even interdimensional. Had you ever asked yourself if the panel really exists, or if it is just an invention of your mind?

    By Newton on 10.24.2010

  10. need change

    By Eva URL on 10.24.2010

  11. Un panel en el fondo del comedor indicaba el final de la estancia. Se abrió una puerta y apareció ella. Su perfume le había precedido, su presencia llenó la habitación.

    By Ines on 10.24.2010

  12. let’s have a panel to discuss the panelling on the walls. It’s a little too “seventies” for my tastes. It’d be fine if it was actually wood. It looks cool on my station wagon though.

    By oneword URL on 10.24.2010

  13. The panel reviewed my statement. It’s all up to them now. I don’t know the decision they’ll make but I hope it will save him. He deserves a life, a life beyond pain, beyond numbness.

    By Luna Bliss Charles URL on 10.24.2010

  14. The panel in her room had a special place where she could slide her fingers in a groove and unlock a sleeve of wood that would let a drawer come out for her jewels.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 10.24.2010

  15. fry it in the panel make it spick and spanel pretty boy eyes on my cocker spaniel pink and purple whipping panel…. ow

    By seekellygo URL on 10.24.2010

  16. Harry walked into the room, shuddering at the cold glares that stared back. He took a seat in the hard-backed chair, awaiting his sentence from the panel of the Wizengamot.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 10.24.2010

  17. the panel on the wall was lose. what was behind it? peering through the crack I saw a passage way leading down a smooth slope. I tried to open the panel farther open to fit through but was unable to.

    By Mike on 10.24.2010

  18. The panel was hidden, but in it’s depth I saw the length of a quiet skeleton. She whispered to me, but only in the noise did I hear the silence. Hello myself, I said, but only in a passing whisper, as I passed the mirror.

    By Tara on 10.24.2010

  19. solar sunlight lots of people deciding important things wood

    By Caroline URL on 10.24.2010

  20. i dont even know what a panel is. is it like a court panel or something ! ahahahahaha im listening to an amazing some called like we used to by a rocket to the moon. my boyfriend is coming over BYE!

    By kayla on 10.24.2010

  21. A panel once separated us. From ourselves and each other. The world where we were defined and the world where we were true. And you wonder how we could have been so blind by the pa

    By Mac on 10.24.2010

  22. panel, what is a panel… a piece of wood on the wall, or how about what it rhymes with … maybe canal.. not exactly, but ok… panel, wish my walls had panels, and wish this would have given me a better word today

    By paleyh URL on 10.24.2010

  23. I’m not sure how to write about a panel. It’s a segment of the floor. Is this suppose to be deep? Maybe we’re panels on the a wooden floor and all we can do is hope not a lot of people stomp on us. Even though they do. I guess it could be a discussion group too.

    By Alli URL on 10.24.2010

  24. Panel has 5 letters. It is usually an object placed on a wall of some sort. Wow im really high right now….

    By david on 10.24.2010

  25. The thief slowly lifted the security panels front cover away. Below it was the wires he needed to get to. First the red one and then the green one were cut. No alarms were sounding so he thought he was safe.

    By jenn- on 10.24.2010

  26. You watch the cat gallop around the solar panels, and as I myself watch that admiration sparkle in your eyes, I wonder why you don’t look at my own cat that way, the one you say you’re allergic to and, as a result, never come over.

    By Ann on 10.24.2010

  27. Panels are separated but together .They’re glued to the floor and they’re squished and some are scratched and some are dirty. But we’re together. We’re close together and far apart because glue is what holds us and separates us too. It’s thin but it’s always there right when we think we’ve taken a liking to the scratches of the one next to us.

    By Alli. URL on 10.24.2010

  28. I wish I had more panels on my walls, like to make them bigger. Like adding walls. I need more walls. Maybe less walls. I don’t know. I just need more space. Lots more space. Lots more.

    By Kate on 10.24.2010

  29. I wish I had more panels on my walls, like to make them bigger. Like adding walls. I need more walls. Maybe less walls. I don’t know. I just need more space. Lots more space. Lots more.

    By Kate on 10.24.2010

  30. Japanese painted on panels that divided rooms. People sit on panels, panel discussions. Panel seems to have lots of different meanings. It aslo souldsn

    By Ann Stinson on 10.24.2010

  31. A non-structural surface, often decorated, used perhaps for privacy or space separation in dwellings. Or, perhaps, a substrate for instruments (engine and otherwise) in a vehicle.

    By jim on 10.24.2010

  32. The panel on the wall depicted the picture of a city. The panel was quite fascinating. The panel included a cityscape and a beautiful skyline.

    By Marsha on 10.24.2010

  33. The panel of the curtain was hanging freely, blowing in the wind. The cat stared, haunches rocking ready to pounce. Just as he was about to jump, a strong gust of wind took the panel upward toward the ceiling.

    By Tammy on 10.24.2010

  34. i peeked through the panel to steal a glance at you. you’ve changed so much since the last time i’ve seen you. your hair is shorter and you’ve grown too. to my surprise i don’t recognize your voice, but i can’t wait to.

    By abra URL on 10.24.2010

  35. The panel of judges tore our team apart. There were so many cruel and senseless remarks, we questioned the professionalism of the panel. It is unnecessary to mention that we will not return in future years.

    By Erin on 10.24.2010

  36. The panel at the game show use tactical reasons for picking the winner. The panel often choose a person who performs very well while keeping there composure.

    By Misael on 10.24.2010

  37. the panel looked very serious. he thought maybe he had said the wrong things as he looked down at his shoes and felt drips of sweat tickling down his arm. he slowly looked up, his heart racing and said. Well..?

    By Steve URL on 10.24.2010

  38. why does this word remind me of pale? pale as a ghost. pale as Hamlet’s ghost as it seeks revenge for his murder…

    By morgs URL on 10.24.2010

  39. The wood paneling on the door was slowly peeling with age. As we walked closer, we could see slightly in side a young man. He was curled in a ball, shivering in the cold.

    By Luba on 10.24.2010