October 24th, 2010 | 278 Entries

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278 Entries for “weeks”

  1. Long amounts of time that we go to school to learn. These are seven day periods. There are 52 of them in a year.

    By Willis URL on 10.25.2010

  2. I spent weeks trying to decide which ensemble I should wear to the Christmas banquet. Needless to say, I ended up spending exorbitant amounts of money on an outfit. I ripped the dress.

    By Kevin URL on 10.25.2010

  3. A week is seven days. We have school on five of the seven days.

    By Cooper URL on 10.25.2010

  4. Five of the seven days in the week we use to go to school and learn. These are seven day periods. There are 52 of them in a year.

    By Willis URL on 10.25.2010

  5. A week is seven days. We have school on five of the seven days. There is 52 weeks in one year.

    By Cooper URL on 10.25.2010

  6. I have not been to the bathroom in weeks. I hope that I go soon. If I go too many more weeks, I might explode. I have two weeks to prepare for my final exam. In three weeks I will graduate from high school.

    By Kim on 10.25.2010

  7. too many weeks trapped in this prison when will I get out! Fidel castro anally pronged me with a spiked cucumber and its getting persistently more sore. plus I think I have a hemmoroid

    By Will on 10.25.2010

  8. too many weeks trapped in this prison when will I get out! Fidel castro anally pronged me with a spiked cucumber and its getting persistently more sore. plus I think I have a hemmoroid from sitting on that chair so long, oh god!.

    By Will on 10.25.2010

  9. The time before Thanksgiving holiday and celebration with family. The time is getting closer and closer.

    By DBall URL on 10.25.2010

  10. There are 4 weeks in a month. Some weeks seem really long. The longest weeks are in the winter time when we don’t get a lot of sun. The weeks before Christmas go by fast because there is so much to do and everyone is so busy. The weeks in the summer, by comparison, just fly by. Summer weeks are filled with sunshine and they never seem to stay long enough.

    By rhonda on 10.25.2010

  11. its been weeks since he has died but I still feel so much pain and emptiness. Sometimes I cry at the most random times; then I feel dumb because someone may have seen me. This is what is so hard for me right now.

    By Holli on 10.25.2010

  12. how many weeks are in a full year? Can I have several weeks off to drag race with my friends? How many weeks are there in a month? I only have two more weeks of school before summer. It takes several weeks to complete a science project.

    By tom scaglione II on 10.25.2010

  13. Mrs. Harris weeks was my favorite English teacher. I loved her because my father loved her. She took and interest in me and helped me with my student teaching. It will be weeks and weeks until the snow is gone. I don’t know if I will be able to stand it again.

    By diane huisingh URL on 10.25.2010

  14. Mrs. weeks was my English teacher in high school. She was my absolute favorite teacher. I loved her first because my father loved her. She took an interest in me and that made me feel special.

    By dhuisingh URL on 10.25.2010

  15. it’s been weeks since i last saw paris. a beautiful memory of fountains and food and art museums and a trip in a boat down the river seine. i look forward to seeing it again.

    By jp URL on 10.25.2010

  16. It took weeks to get the iformation that I needed to make my decision. I was supremely frustrated. Why did it take so long. I needed it much faster and they didn’t understand.

    By Dottie on 10.25.2010

  17. sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday it reminds me of the days of the week

    By lexi123 URL on 10.25.2010

  18. Weeks are so easy! I like weeks! I think of school when I think of weeks! I don’t know! I like school! I just don t like one class! Whatever. I don’t wanna mention any names! ha ha

    By Gillian on 10.25.2010

  19. have 7 days
    have 2 week ends, 5 weeks days
    have 4 or 5 weeks in 1 months
    I am going school 5 days in a weeks

    By Sanae Mayer on 10.25.2010

  20. There are 7days have in one weeks.
    weeks have weekend.They doesn’t going school
    and another days going to school or working.We said that “weeks”.

    By Catherine Jung on 10.25.2010

  21. It’s the end of the week and Fall Break is here. I can’t wait to sleep in, visit friends in Ohio, and enjoy the last beautiful days of fall! A couple weeks later, we can enjoy Thanksgiving break!

    By Anderson URL on 10.25.2010

  22. I remember the past and what it meant to me, but I don’t know if I still feel the same way about now as I did then. Do I feel it as much? Does as much legendary life-history creating stuff happen now, as did then? Is this just a new time, or am I different? Pencil on paper, I blueprint my life. Maybe that’s the problem.

    By Garrett4 on 10.25.2010

  23. After too many weeks to count, I finally accepted that she had moved on with her life. I’m glad one of us could.

    By Michael on 10.25.2010

  24. How many weeks has it been since I have felt truly rested and happy for a full seven days… Maybe the last time was in the summer, in Maine, with a daily dose of salty sea air. That was a good week.

    By Susan Davis URL on 10.25.2010

  25. 17 weeks until the race. 16 weeks to train. 15 weeks to plan my attack and strategy. 14 weeks to get it all in line. 13 friends with me will travel. 12 vehicles in tow.

    By Emily Mann on 10.25.2010

  26. a numer of weeks have passed by, not a single phone call from you not even an sms or even a misscall.what have come over you,,,,,, you may be very busy or in a situvation where you cannot call me, but will just a few seconds to call me hurt………….. its too bad very bad indeed,,,, its a long long time without any news from your side…………….
    oops maybe i should have called, even i can call you or sent an sms asking how you are….. My Ego

    By neema on 10.25.2010

  27. I like weeks. I like how there is school during weeks. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday!!! I love weeks……. Tee Hee

    By Gillian on 10.25.2010

  28. Today is the

    By JoAnn Jacobs on 10.25.2010

  29. One week. I love the song by BNL. I also am counting the weeks until Thanksgiving break so that I can spend time with my daughter in Florida. Forget Thanksgiving, is it summer yet? How many weeks until summer vacation?

    By Caroline on 10.25.2010

  30. weeks to go before Christmas and weeks since school started – time flies and crawls at the same time

    By kreisinger on 10.25.2010

  31. How many weeks will it take? I predict my sanity will break in 6. My friends say it has already happened.

    By Kizarvexius URL on 10.25.2010

  32. There are just so many weeks in a year. When you think about a week, it may seem like a long time, but before you know it, your week is gone and you must move on to counting months and eventually counting years. So you see, a week isn’ t that long at all when you put it into perspectiVE

    By Safety Queen URL on 10.25.2010

  33. The past few weeks have been hell. The past few months have been hell. What’s ahead? More hell? Purgatory? Limbo? Heaven? Only the coming weeks will tell.

    By Andie on 10.25.2010

  34. It’s a few weeks till I go home after exams and am able to see my family again. and pets and my friends from joburg. I’m excited for it but will miss everyone here

    By Tabby on 10.25.2010

  35. It’s been weeks,
    and the bottle in the corner remains untouched
    like your shriveled heart, begging for formaldehyde
    the way you beg for alcohol
    to stop the decay.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 10.25.2010

  36. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into years…and you ask where the time goes? It slips through your fingers like sand through an hour glass. There is no time. There is only timing. Live in the now, that is all you have.

    By Peaceable on 10.25.2010

  37. Some weeks seem like they will never end; whereas, others seem to fly by. What is it that makes some weeks longer than others when there are exactly seven days included in a week? Is it the amount of things we have to do in a given week or is it when we anticipate something happening? Who knows…I wish the weeks when I have so many things to get done would seem longer to allow for extra time. I often find myself counting down the number of weeks I have until something great happens: a wedding, a holiday, etc.

    By Katie URL on 10.25.2010

  38. I like the Weeks of the year because they are fun. I really like when the weeks go by fast because I am able to go to the mall on the weekend. I like the weeks in christmas because it

    By Maggie URL on 10.25.2010