March 15th, 2015 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “panda”

  1. kjenn376j6

    By rune on 03.15.2015

  2. While sometimes being vicious,these adorable bears are fun loving and hilarious to watch.They roll around and play fight with each other.And in their downtime,they eat bamboo and sleep.Sometimes I just wish I could ruffle their black and white fur and play with them as well.Just seeing them full of joy makes it even more sad that these creatures are slowly going extinct.

    By Rebekah on 03.15.2015

  3. Pandas are very cute animals. They are also a threatened species and this needs to be taken into great consideration, with great care. I also like red pandas. They are pretty darn cute, but don’t look the same as the Giant Panda. These creatures are found in Asia. The only place in the US that we can find pandas is the zoos. I believe the Washington DC Zoo might have the most sophisticated panda environment.

    By PomPalms on 03.15.2015

  4. I was minding my own damn business when this fat fucking panda of a woman eating lo mein comes up and bullshits with my disposition, causing me to anger and want to smack that food out of her hands, snatch those chopsticks and run ’em up her nose as I escort her out in this manner…

    By blahblahchoi URL on 03.15.2015

  5. I’ll never forget the first time I met her. The bar was clouded, thick with cigarette smoke and the chatter of patrons. I had been there quite some time, sitting alone nursing my gin when I felt the presence of someone sit next to me. I turned, and the smoke cleared and the room fell silent for what seemed like eternity. As she ordered her drink, I fumbled for words but none came out. I never saw her again. I only remember her face and the small panda pin on her bag.

    By Jeff on 03.15.2015

  6. All I can think of is how a panda can be the kind of bear you should snuggle with. Think about how much fur they have on their bodies. It just looks so fluffy.

    By Kristin on 03.15.2015

  7. “Panda paw!” my fiancée squeals to me, as she runs her hand across the side of my face, a bizarre yet laugh-inducing gesture of affection. I know she’s doing it to make me feel better – I have had a rough beginning to the year, and all I want to do is actually make money while also continuing to write and sing and work on what I love. Sometimes, it’s all a daunting task. Sometimes, it’s all made lighter by a simple silly touch from the love of my life.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.15.2015

  8. Panda are beautiful animals that live far from here. Are so cute, they are Black and White and generally e eat plants and other natural things.

    By Mariana on 03.15.2015

  9. big black eyes

    By Andrea on 03.15.2015

  10. “They’re so cute!” She whispered, glancing into the clear gate.
    He wanted to tell her that she was the cute one, but even in his head that sounded too cliche. He needed to tell her something to impress her. Something special. Something romantic.
    “Uhhh…yeah…” he finally responded.

    By Angélique URL on 03.15.2015

  11. hahahahah so I have this friend who identifies as asexual and he hates pandas. So once he said, “You know why I hate pandas?” and I said, “Because you guys have the sex sexual agenda?” and he was enraged to realize he was his worst enemy

    By GM on 03.15.2015

  12. She swung her legs off of the chair. She was starving, but the carnage of leftover chinese food containers around her living room made her stomach turn. “What have I been doing for the past seventy-two hours?”

    By aria autumn on 03.15.2015

  13. a black and white animal that probably doesn’t think of the way people see its colors. there is no grey in its fur. people can see this animal in plain view, but other things that are clearly in black and white, they have a hard time accepting. do they not see? do they not WANT to see? hmm.

    By injenuous on 03.15.2015

  14. The great black and white bear swung side too side, his head low as he approached his hunter. The drug making every step slower and harder, till he collapsed, passed out. A gunshot rang out across the forest.

    By Meg on 03.15.2015

  15. Once upon a time there was a panda named Jeff he was no ordnery pander he could fly and run super fast.
    So one day he saw this man called bob and he was falling from a really high building and he chose to save him the young man was very grateful.
    So he chose to join him in his ways and that’s why panders are amazing .
    The End

    By Tom Cubeles Conway URL on 03.15.2015

  16. Domino dummy with a head like a pumpkin
    huggible ursine monster on a chain
    where you call home is man’s retreat
    nothing left for you but what’s on our sheet
    like so many you’re not what you appear
    tear off a face like a grizzly or a cheetah

    By Protean on 03.15.2015

  17. A quick rushed story about Ass Panda, or Panda Boy, aka the cutie I saw at the wrestling tournament, aka Isaac. I think they called that BIFs or something, the tournament to qualify them for states or something. I went there because my cousins was wrestling and she made it to BIFs. We met on a Saturday, maybe the week after Valentines Day. In fact we didn’t even meet each other, he just caught my eye being the jumping jellybean he is. He was jumping up and down, warming up. He had short hair and was wearing a dark navy blue hoodie that had his high school wrestling team written on there, and he had his earplugs in both ears. God, he was cute.
    I watched him. God, I was a stalker. I texted my homie about him, and she urged me to take a picture and send it to her. He wasn’t that close although, maybe twenty feet away? I tried, and when she saw it she replied back that he looked like a panda. Nice one, Kalyn.
    The wrestling tournament went on for more than several hours, if I can remember correctly we were there from around 12 to 4 and left while the tournament was still going. I took a lot of pictures of him, and I spent a lot of time just thinking about how he was going to walk up to me and tell me I’m a cutie and hit on me but, this wrestling tournament was for high schoolers. I was in middle school. Great.
    Around the time we left his last winning match, he was right in front me. Legit, 5 feet away, waiting for his last match. I set his phone down and stood there. My heart was racing, and I wanted to take a pic. He was 5 feet away! But my ipod was dead. Great. And then my parents said we had to go and couldn’t stay all the way, I had to vacuum the house and clean the bathrooms. Great. I’m fine with cleaning, but can’t I watch my cuties last match? No. We left as soon as his final match started. People were cheering “Isaac!”
    His name was Isaac. That was my old crushes name- what’s up with me and Isaacs?
    I sadly went home, and thought of him. Prayed he was a freshmen, prayed he thought of me, prayed he wished he had talked to me before I left.
    Thanks to the small city I live in where everyone knows everyone, on March 1, around 1 am, I found his Instagram. Stalker gaming strong. EXCEPT I FOUND OUT HE WAS A SOPHOMORE AND HIS NAME WAS SPELT IZIK. WHO SPELLS THERE CHILDS NAME LIKE IZIK? WHAT THE FUCK? GOD DAMMIT PANDA BOY.
    Before I followed him, at 1 am in the morning I flipped my shit and texted Kalyn that I found him. She wasn’t awake but that was ok. Ok and then when she was up she told me to follow him and then I did and thEN GOD SENT A MESSAGE. THAT DAMN PANDA BOY IZIK REQUESTED TO FOLLOW ME BACK. Thank the lord. And that is my story about how God is real.
    Unfortunately, he is being a dick face and won’t man up to ask me for my kik or phone number even though I don’t have a phone number, nor has he liked any of my photos or complimented my cute ass selfies. Great. GREAT GREAT GREAT.

    By Shaylan on 03.15.2015

  18. I’m in China, which makes this word perfect to pop up. One of my goals is to see a Chinese panda during my time here. They’re dirty, and stinky, and they roll in the dirt so much that their white fur is no longer white, but they’re also adorable. They are quite smart, and do funny things, and don’t know their own strength.
    Seems like we have something in common.

    By Julie on 03.15.2015

  19. The panda walked along a path of fire. He looked around and said, “Holy shit. Everything is on fire.” The panda is blind. The only fire is in his mind. My heart yearns for him. The black and white warrior. Panda.

    By Wolf on 03.16.2015

  20. I had always loved pandas, there was no special reason as to why I loved them as I did. It was just.. something that happened naturally. But despite that, I never actually got to see one up close with my own two eyes. That is, until today. Today, I was going to the zoo, and today will be the day I’ll finally be able to witness a real life panda; not the ones in books, or videos, but a real one.

    By Tsuki on 03.16.2015

  21. Brings back bad memories.Memories that are bad, but have led to a lot of learning which has led to me taking better and more sensible decisions concerning important life matters.

    By G on 03.16.2015

  22. the zoo was the last place I wanted to see and indeed the large panda that confronted me as soon as I entered only confirmed my belief. However my sons convince me that anyway far away from my home would be the best place to be, given the unpleasant circumstances that surrounded my life.

    By victor walkes URL on 03.16.2015

  23. I always thought of pandas as strange, mysterious, yet beautiful creatures. Apparently, so do many other humans. What is it about them that we find ourselves so attracted to these animals?

    By Shelly on 03.16.2015

  24. There he was not black or white, but both. As the flames spread through the cornerstore he worked at engulfed the livelyhood of his family. The townspeople disagreed with his skin. Not black or white but both. As he cried black and white tears, his parents stared at each other woefully.

    By Forrest J Ahkiviana on 03.16.2015

  25. Alicia shrinks in the corner, hiding in the shadows of the gym. The loud music and strobe lights provide extra cover as she watches her classmates congregate and dance. She wants to dance too, but dancing is for the earth bound. Half-black, half-white, she exists in two worlds, and fears they’ll call her a dancing panda, like they always do.

    By Soft URL on 03.16.2015

  26. why oh why won’t they mate, they are just not attracted to the female I suppose with all the parafinallia its just not sexy any more.

    By Tengo on 03.16.2015

  27. why oh why won’t they mate, they are just not attracted to the female I suppose with all the paraphernalia its just not sexy any more. Put me in a zoo and I’m not going to sit here and perform like some monkey!

    By Tengo on 03.16.2015

  28. Azian fluffy bears tend to hide in trees. Angry men with yellow jackets try to chase them down, but eventually the bears are confident enough to throw bamboo sticks into the air, crossing flagues of wind and falling onto the heads of the hunting men.

    By Sigrid Vanspauwen on 03.16.2015

  29. there was that dream once, when I woke up as a bamboo shoot. growing, growing, growing, so quickly. I was certain that I would reach pass through the sky to the sun. but suddenly…

    By dominguez URL on 03.16.2015

  30. Pandas are black and white. Just like everything else in this world. Black and white. Good and evil. Light and dark. But pandas… they are the symbol of the between. They are not entirely evil yet not entirely good. They possess both strengths and weaknesses, bad and good. That’s the reason behind the sacredness of the creature. Humans are not perfect, yet aren’t entirely imperfect either.

    By Erica on 03.16.2015

  31. there once was a panda. he was not black and white like the other pandas. he was blue and red. the other pandas worshiped him and gave him anything he could ever want. later he came into contact with humans and they wanted to experiment on him.

    By Jessica URL on 03.16.2015

  32. She would cuddle up next to her teddy bear sized panda bear and feel so safe. As she felt the soft “fur” she would forget that her mommy put her in her crib and would fall into a soft and sound sleep.

    By Christine S.Cone on 03.16.2015

  33. Sleepy and lazy, the giant stuffed animal eyes the large jump that would land him in the middle of a plush green comforter. His consideration does not last long. Too much padding would have to be jostled and it was not worth the effort.

    By Mia on 03.16.2015

  34. A plush toy panda, covered in mud and gnarled by the elements, impaled on a fence post for lord knows how long. Welcome to Nowhere.

    By asavas on 03.16.2015

  35. I think panda bears are cute. I have seen them in a zoo a few times. They look so soft. I would love to pet one. Never mind that it would probably think I was a tasty snack and not a cuddle buddy.

    By Bre on 03.16.2015

  36. It’s after me, run James I’m trying your not fast enough oooo it gots me o know what am I going to do now call the cops I don’t have a phone my my it’s all up to God now that panda bear is really getting him.

    By Nathanael Cone WI on 03.16.2015

  37. the panda bear slowly climbed up the last tree. it looked around the empty forest. there was nothing. no bamboo left. just her, and the last tree. she slowly climbed back down and laid down. her last time going to sleep, and she would slip into an endless sleep.

    By danielle on 03.16.2015

  38. Pandas are cute. Well at least that is the impression you get when you see the pretty pictures and welfare campaigns – my experience of pandas is decidedly different. When in China I visited a bamboo forest where the some pandas were known to still live in the wild – we were warned that although they are lazy, (something i then witnessed at Beijing zoo – and on a later date at Edinburgh zoo) when threatened they are violent – like the bears which they are. I never saw any in the wild – but the stories made me see a very not cute side :(

    By insanity rambles on 03.16.2015

  39. In the direction of the moon, I’m loath to point out a face I know. But there they are in the lineup, bandits every one of them. The difference between the milkweed, orchid, and rose is like recognizing the difference in meaning between the panda who “eats, shoots and leaves,” and the panda who “eats shoots and leaves”.

    By Intuition on 03.16.2015

  40. She couldn’t just write about a bear could she? Everything had to be portrayed as some surrealist, pop reference to grammar and other obscure things like paintings and songs from 2010 or whenever. It was like whatever popped to mind became fodder for a symbolic world of texture and interplay, often resembling a labryrinth or a puzzle to the average onlooker not concerned with decoding so many layers. And it was selfish really, for this was her own personal rorschach test in words. Readers are just bystanders anyway. Whatever happened to the simplicity of looking upon a creature from a realist perspective? Zoo animal or wild endangered thing or stuffed toy creation – a panda by any other name is color code for something clearly.

    By Helen on 03.16.2015