March 14th, 2015 | 45 Entries

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45 Entries for “charge”

  1. I stood at the precipice of the valley, I saw them. All of the monstrous buffalax traversing in a mighty stampede. As I gazed, I saw a lone hunter in the trees. But his rifle was not aimed at the buffalax. No, his rifle was aimed at me.

    I am a wanted man.

    By Jeff Schmidt on 03.15.2015

  2. They thundered down the long, windy stair case. How they could descend down such a treacherous slope so easily was a wonder to me. I placed the last fork down, it was dinner time at the Oakley Orphanage.

    By Alibear on 03.15.2015

  3. The line was about to break. One more charge, and they would have it.
    The captain paced behind his honor guard at the rear of the field, contemplating strategy in his head. A blind charge could break the enemy line, but what lay within the city? What evil had the duke prepared for them?
    One more charge would take the city, but at what cost?

    By M on 03.15.2015

  4. I was the one in charge. I could to anything, could make everyoune go insane or make it a sucess. I didn’t know what I’d choose for. But I would try to make it as goog as possible.

    By Bregje on 03.15.2015

  5. It was there. They both felt it. Some people call it chemistry, others call it excess orgasm. Whatever it actually was, the charge that ran through them caused them to gasp at the sight of each other.

    By Miss Muman on 03.15.2015