March 16th, 2015 | 60 Entries

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60 Entries for “controller”

  1. “You act like i’m not trying.” he said. She heard his tone of voice, but continued regardless.
    “Just because you try doesn’t mean you don’t fuck things up. You cant do anything right!”

    It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard this before. He knew what he was. The question is, why did he still bother getting hurt over it? For the first time, he said something he normally would not. “I know i’m a failure, you don’t have to remind me.” The words tasted bitter, bitter because they were true.

    When she heard what he said, she was stunned. She hadn’t expected him to sink as low as he did, but what more could she want? She controlled him, and he knew it. Who cares about his emotions when you can control them. She hadn’t wanted a man (boy) with self loathe, but, oh, had she created one. “You can’t fool me.” she spat.

    By Jane on 03.17.2015

  2. I threw down my controller. Stupid game. Stupid rules. Stupid other players. How was I supposed to know, on my first time in the game, what the protocol was when you get near the other team’s base? Or that you weren’t supposed to fire a shotgun into your teammate’s back. Or send the team’s only vehicle rocketing off a cliff – they still didn’t have to call me a “newb” … it hurts.

    By Chris URL on 03.17.2015

  3. i had an xbox controller that fucked uo everything bc it got stuck up my ass and im such a faggot jkjk i love myself but the controller was pre gay and shit so i told it to go to satan but it was like naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah b i aint about that shit and i was like omg im so in love with you then we married and lived happily ever after and gave birth to the xbox one controller.

    By OneWordIsLYfe on 03.17.2015

  4. It’s a good tool, to enable your life and open your imagination! TV TV TV

    By Luiz Magalhães on 03.17.2015

  5. The controller let my life easy, all in my hands.. the world, informations, cultures and musics!

    By Luiz Magalhães on 03.17.2015

  6. She was haunted by the trace of that felony
    Which shook the crevices of every base, in agony
    Her temperament had a distasteful impression
    For her life was no longer in her own dimension,
    The controller had changed,
    It was now guarded by the misery of a lifetime.

    By kyungsoo on 03.17.2015

  7. The controller looked at us and said, “You will stand up now.” We thought it was funny, and we laughed. All of a sudden we were convulsed with a white heat that burned all the way up from our toes to the tops of our heads.
    “You will stand up now,” he said again.

    By John McDonnell on 03.17.2015

  8. The video game controller sat on the table, unused, unloved. Even though it had been just this morning that someone had used it, now it was alone. No one wanted to play with it, because Tom and Tony and Miki were all off at school. Melinda and Jerry wouldn’t want to play with it either, because they didn’t like video games. They weren’t sure why it had been so long, but probably because the boys had soccer practice and Miki had ballet. As far as Melinda was concerned, ballet didn’t have a video game.

    By bryce on 03.17.2015

  9. I am a controller. I help you beat the levels on the video games you like. I turn your tv on and off. I start you camera because I am just that fancy. Please respect me. I Do a lot for you.

    Sincerely, ABXY

    By Jacob on 03.17.2015

  10. Controller… that’s what he was. Someone who loved to take things and control them. He hated it. There was… there was… ugh. People who had known Marong Maruk in his youth would have soaid he could never pull a trick like tihs…

    But Anshong knew better. He stared at the words, so hard to decipher—the hits to his eyes had hurt, many times over the years. And there it was, written as clearly as he could tell: marry Ghiya.

    By Maria URL on 03.17.2015

  11. A gaming controller has progressed from 2 or 3 buttons to a slew of buttons and knobs that kinda look like the controls on a fighter jet. Us older folk have no clue what half the button do.

    By Nicci Hartland URL on 03.17.2015

  12. the long tender hand reaches softly,
    we let it, we allow it, to impede and please.
    She smiles with her elbow tilted outside;
    the controller besieges the bird from flapping about,
    so, we do not intend to flap far, just tout!

    Overmastered by our libido’s temptation,
    how do we yield.
    A sky needs clouds and blueeness,
    men need her wishful love,
    let the heart soar, a straigt-arrowed dove!

    By milad URL on 03.17.2015

  13. An employee, often an officer, of a business firm who checks expenditures, finances, etc.
    A person who regulates, directs, or restrains, or a regulating mechanism; governor.

    By danilo on 03.17.2015

  14. it is in hands controlling everything around us in its grasp but the controller can becomber the controlie it is simple but really there is no controller you are your owne controller and do your best change and do what you want to do

    By ellie p on 03.17.2015

  15. When I hear this word I think of two different things: A remote control (which is sometimes called, in slang, a “controller”) and then, an air traffic controller. Both come to mind – both use technology; I think of hard metal and dark colors when this word comes to mind — again, technical, sleek.

    By PomPalms on 03.17.2015

  16. Game.

    By Amy on 03.17.2015

  17. I was holding a controller in my hand, and suddenly, I felt this weird rumble come from it. How weird it was, holding it steadily– and suddenly, it moved. I actually enjoyed it, even though the event was quite terrifying at first. But I was glad I had such an experience with my daughter this way. I felt like I bonded with her.

    By Dani on 03.17.2015

  18. Zeus blows over
    like the paper house
    of your childhood,
    and it’s never nice
    to see god lose, but
    sometimes he falls
    like a thunderbolt.

    By Pandatry on 03.17.2015

  19. My mind is the controller of my body and I wish my heart was the controller of both. Sometimes I do things listening more to my head than my heart, and sometimes the opposite. I wish I knew how to equal the situation.

    By beatrizcgusmao URL on 03.17.2015

  20. She picked up the controller and started playing the new game she just picked up from the store. Not knowing if the reviews were true or not, she was nervous for the result. The menu for the game loaded and she was drawn into the new world that awaited her.

    By Kristen on 03.17.2015