March 14th, 2016 | 107 Entries

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107 Entries for “pan”

  1. Pan stood around on his tiny hill
    Apollo said hey pan want to beat me at music
    No said Pan, last time I did taht I regrated it for eternity.

    By Amanda on 03.15.2016

  2. the pan is so hot ,somtimes not so hot,makes good food and can burn you if your not nice also works good for self defense to your angry wife

    By Landon Jimmerson on 03.15.2016

  3. kitchen, pancakes, cooking, dishes, breakfast, metal, eggs, chef,

    By Madalynn Todd on 03.15.2016

  4. I like to cook my bacon in a cast iron pan because the cast iron pan is full of different flavors. i also like my eggs and sausage

    By Dylan Montgomery on 03.15.2016

  5. peter pan
    mom cooking
    frying pan

    By Zachary Setzer on 03.15.2016

  6. Grandmas pan is old and battered but she still makes amazing food to store inside. When ever we see the pan we know she has a treat for us to try.

    By Cora Martin on 03.15.2016

  7. Waking up and smelling the bacon.
    The eggs sizzling on the metal hottness

    By Andrea Blount on 03.15.2016

  8. that pan on the ground is orange
    why is landon kicking it
    why is there a cliff there
    oh no it fell off the cliff
    the bear is

    By Cameron Payne on 03.15.2016

  9. landon hit joses cat with a frying pan it did not kill the cat. abby wanted to kill the cat because shes into that kind of stuff .

    By Drew Payne on 03.15.2016

  10. I like to cook eggs in a pan
    I hit landon in the head with a pan.
    A pan is shiny
    Camerons hair shines like a silver pan.
    Peters last name is Pan
    Bacon smells good in a pan
    I like pnas

    By Ballislife22 on 03.15.2016

  11. A pan reminds me of a cooking pan that you use to make yummy food. This pan reminds me of how my mom and me always used to make good food for my family and how we enjoyed it. We used to make rice and then steak. This would make a legendary meal.

    By Jose Sulca on 03.15.2016

  12. The silver pan was very good at bashing people on the heads with and one day the pan saw a really annoying person so the pan bashed him on the head and left him without a head

    By Abigail Miller on 03.15.2016

  13. I crack open the large packet of raw bacon and throw it into the sizzling pan. Layering the strips like the top crust on a pie, I start to hear the popping of the delicious meat.

    By Emilia Morton on 03.15.2016

  14. joey had a pan so i ran to my van
    joey was large like a big fat lard
    oh how i ran
    so i would like a jar of sardeans
    da da da da

    By mariah coleman on 03.15.2016

  15. Pan are awesome
    You can cook a lot of things in them
    You can hit people with them
    They are life

    By Sisley Pryor on 03.15.2016

  16. firing pan are cool you can make eggs on it it was delis

    By trevor URL on 03.15.2016

  17. I took the pan from the cupboard, drizzled olive oil and added eggs. I love eggs with olive oil. The eggs cooked to perfection were devoured by my two sleepy kids as we prepared for the school day. I used an odd pan though. It was not for frying.

    By Jordan on 03.15.2016

  18. “The gingerbread cow looked around, and not seeing anyone jumped out of the pan. She ran through the kitchen door under the sofa, along the wall and out the front door as fast as her little legs could carry her. Suddenly there was a shout from the kitchen. “Hey!? Where did my ginger bread cow go?” Without looking back the cow suddenly got a burst of adrenaline and ran faster and faster down the lane.” all the kids gasped, “did she get away?” they asked the librarian, eyes wide and looking up at her, “well i don’t know, we’ll just have to wait and see!” She smiled back at the and continued to read….

    By Maxxnjenny on 03.15.2016

  19. I saw it all
    each step

    Witnesses are crows
    twisted feet
    black holes for eyes
    slit mouth

    Waiting, watching
    for the crumbs to fall

    By gsk URL on 03.15.2016

  20. She hit him across the face with the cast iron pan that had been passed down from her great, great, grandmother. She had a brief thought in that microsecond that perhaps her great, great grandmother had once imagined using the skillet for the same purpose and not making pork chops.

    By Sully Anderson URL on 03.15.2016

  21. I like Peter Pan. I liked any pan but the ones we had to cook in every night; at least, the ones I had to cook in every night. All the way from third grade until into high school, until the old man died and we all went our separate, crazy ways. Michael went to Florida for no reason anyone could understand; he didn’t know anything about Florida except that it was warm and the women barely wore any clothes. Tom split for California, with his bossy bitch girlfriend, which all I could say about was good riddance. We had another sibling; I don’t talk about her because she wound up being a traitor and a liar and she cheated on me with my boyfriend, not because she liked him, but because she thought it was cool to make herself feel better than other people. She stuck around the house until the old lady made her get a job, which she couldn’t believe because she was supposed to find someone with money who would take care of her; who needed a job, she figured. Me, I wound up going straight down, falling and falling and falling and not really getting up for a long time. The pans were gone; I wasn’t acting like a slave to the rest of the lazy bastard siblings I had to put up with. Yeah. It all panned out.

    By rubylubh on 03.15.2016

  22. My roommate does the dishes more often than I do. It’s a constant source of aggravation and conflict in our house. Who’s going to wash that pan? Who’s going to clean up all the glasses you left on the floor. I haven’t cooked food for myself in over two weeks.

    By embr URL on 03.15.2016

  23. In greens and grays he saved the day. A shadowed pal followed always close behind. A twinkle in his eye and by his side as he said goodnight. “Goodnight. Goodnight, ” said Peter Pan.

    By pontificatori on 03.15.2016

  24. I threw the pan across the island, aiming directly for his head. He always does this, pisses me off then tries to play innocent. Not tonight, though. Nope. Tonight he’s going to pay.

    I reach for the butcher knife on the counter in front of me and start to make my way around the island. He’s laughing now, thinking I’m just being silly.

    By BenK on 03.15.2016

  25. pans are very hard, and are great comedy props. Although people may see them as only a cooking tool, there is so much more to it. cooking, frying, grilling, and joys of laughter. its quite insane how useful they are.

    By Kaiya on 03.15.2016

  26. It was natural. She did it naturally. So out of the fire into the pan then grasped by the hand and taken past the mouth. It slides by molars down the throat to the gut where the bomb explodes!
    Hits him like a rolling blast of betrayal. He should have guessed none of it had been meant for him. Food grown for the mind exponentially poisons the pin worm. He drowns he does as his lungs fill with blood. It pours from his eyes and ears and even from the ass, his organs melt, slip right out, you’ve never seen anything so painful as the rear view ablation for an apocalyptic soul.

    By Intuition on 03.15.2016

  27. 1pan = Purveying Attributes Nominally

    By Garz on 03.15.2016

  28. Frying in the pan were a couple of eggs. The flame was too hot, and the eggs were sticking to the bottom, but the shiny-eyed old man didn’t seem to notice or care. He pushed the food around with a wooden spoon, slowly prodding at it while it turned from yellow to a charred brown. Just as a particularly dark piece of egg flew over the pan’s edge, the old man’s pants fell, hitting the floor around his ankles with a soft “phhoooshhh”.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.15.2016

  29. I smell breakfast heralding a new day. My eyes open to the warm sunbeams streaming through the window and I must smile. It’s Sunday.
    We don’t do church, but we do pull out a big breakfast with the kids every Sunday. This is our religion.

    By Kathleen Masse URL on 03.15.2016

  30. She gripped the warm pan handle and watched the bacon sizzle sharply. “I want a divorce,” she said. “Pass the bacon,” he said.

    By Melinda H. on 03.15.2016

  31. I am thinking of a pan of pizza right now. Yeah, right at this moment, this morning. I am craving.

    By Felicity on 03.15.2016

  32. Pans are metal, bright, scalded, light, heavy, weaponry, blunt instrument, food maker, food, baker, provider, divider, inexpensive, beyond expensive. Pans.

    By Etta on 03.15.2016

  33. it reminds me of the word “bread,” bit its translation to spanish. it also make sme think of my grandmother and her neighborhood bakery store. amazig memories that coe to mind. spending an amazing afternnon at home chatting and

    By geovil on 03.15.2016

  34. Out of the skillet and into the fire, that’s what her Grandmama would’ve said.

    Now, her Grandmama would’ve said the whole thing was a fool’s errand to begin with. That all of her wonderful reasons were a crock of bull too. And after she’d spent all that time getting all her little ducks in a row. Grandmama wouldn’t said she had nothing to show for it.

    Just because the situation hadn’t panned out like she expected didn’t mean she’d wasted all the effort. She’d just found another way NOT to win a war.

    By Saya URL on 03.15.2016

  35. “Got myself a hunk of meat,” sang Anna coarsely as she swayed her hips against her frayed apron. “Put it in a pan. Gonna spice it up and then eat it like a man!”

    This was her beloved “I’m A Carnivore” song, one she had made up as a teen, and one she continually brought up whenever we prepared our own steak dinners. I loved it; my father was annoyed by it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.15.2016

  36. Her voice was screaming out to me, an endless sound echoing over and over. “How dare you!” she screamed. She looked truly terrible. The woman held a frying pan in her hands, and her fat rolls creased underneath the nauseating paisley fabric of her dress. She looked feminine, but she was anything but it.

    By Joanne on 03.15.2016

  37. I took the dishes and pots and pans out of the cabinets. It was time to redecorate and get the place looking new. When Lee left, it cleared a lot of the bad memories and I wanted to make sure that nothing reminded me of them.

    By MsShel330 on 03.15.2016

  38. I am a lost boy, and I was found by Peter Pan. Pan found me when I wasn’t looking to be found and yet here I am, in Neverland. I hope to never find myself lost again when I am here. Neverland is home.

    By zpalmer URL on 03.15.2016

  39. Silver flash, the morning light hitting the pan, making its scratched, battle-hardened surface look like a precious commodity rather than the tool that it was. Just for a moment, I pretended that I held treasure in my hands and not a tool. But there was work to be done, breakfast to be made. And for that a tool was a thousand times more useful than some pretty bauble.

    By terradi on 03.15.2016

  40. she then took the frying pan and hit him over and over again until the crimson of his head mixed with the burned borders of the pan. A pan wasn’t a good weapon choice she thought

    By Abe Martinez on 03.15.2016