March 16th, 2016 | 119 Entries

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119 Entries for “boom”

  1. war
    dead people
    gain another country

    By Kaylee Horton on 03.17.2016

  2. Boom. A loud noise
    shakes the earth.
    they have guns
    Its like horror movie

    By Brittany Turnbough on 03.17.2016

  3. explosion loud big exiting fun muslims war death nuckle bump love boom

    By Damenator on 03.17.2016

  4. Explosion, bomb, fire, ashes, sound effect, death, shotgun, terrorists

    By Alexa Hampton on 03.17.2016

  5. storm,rain,scared,cooking,black,phone

    By Angel Carl on 03.17.2016

  6. the gernade fell and a loud boom was heard 3 miles away thankfully no one was killed in that incedent

    By mackenzie grace URL on 03.17.2016

  7. Boom, boom, boom. The sound reverberated even as I slammed my palms against my ears. Boom, boom, boom. Would it never end? The pain of repetition brought tears to my eyes. How could it be, that in March of 2016, my upstairs neighbour was just NOW discovering dubstep?

    By Chris URL on 03.17.2016

  8. I don’t know the really mean of boom. I think it is about something suddenly and chock, like a band turned famous or market cash

    By Rani Beatriz on 03.17.2016

  9. As I took cover behind the bomb shelter the bomb went boom! Everybody in a mile radius was blasted by blast the bomb made when it went

    By cad on 03.17.2016

  10. I threw the grenade and as soon as it hit the ground it went boom and blew open the door I was trying to get into. The blast also blew some of the dirt with it.

    By cad on 03.17.2016

  11. “BOOM” that was the first word in the story that I was reading at the library. The story I was reading was about a mystery case.

    By cad on 03.17.2016

  12. When he came to his guts held fast although they roiled with disgust on so many levels he thought his innards might explode yet. Meanwhile he was cognizant enough of his condition to recognize the throbbing in his head hadn’t subsided. Bad wine and a night of other cheap decisions had taken him to this painful new beginning, which on the whole was not an unwelcome discovery. His optomism hadn’t died. It was true, like the dark where he found it all blended into one, that here he was a square sum: a total of one. For the pain of it alone, he was happy no one else was there to make things as difficult as he had for himself.

    “I would say I had no pity, but then that’s quite hypocritical.” She said somewhere off in the periphery of his blurred vision. She stirred in the background. Ice clinked in a glass. As condensation made water drip onto the wood floor below periodically.

    “Look,” she drew the curtain and light flooded the room like a bomb made of stardust and crystal shards, “I was told once we’ve a tendency towards self destruction because that is all we do and that is how we will literally meet our end. We’re pre-programmed to, so we accept that we are the architects of our own demise and move onto whatever conclusions we stumble onto until the grave day where we halt completely. Hope for the best as you might, it’s what you chose to do. I don’t know why people pay to hear this said over and over again to them in different seminars or classes or books or printed on objects that conjure the concept, but it seems it’s worth it to keep repeating in the hopes better choices will be made.”

    Then she left the room.

    By Intuition on 03.17.2016

  13. Nothing compared to the sound of the boom as her head hit the floor.he stood over her wondering how long it would be before she got up again because he wanted to hit her again.

    By sean m on 03.17.2016

  14. Goes the weasel

    By Andrew on 03.17.2016

  15. It was a loud thud. Even though I was in the other room, the sound of her falling down the stairs sounded like the rumbling of thunder on a stormy day. Everyone rushed to her to see if she was ok, she sat up and responded to their worries with a smile and a deep cut on her forehead.

    By nom de luc URL on 03.17.2016

  16. There is an explosion that happened next door, but I don’t know what to do. Should I call the police or call the securities? Why do I have to make the choice? I open the door and run outside the apartment so that I can find someone to help me make a choice. There’s no one.

    By A.Y. on 03.17.2016

  17. My head hurts so much by the noise! Boom boom boom! Stop knocking at my door, I need rest. Finally, I decide to open the door to find a delivery man. He has pizza in his hands.

    By Aygirl on 03.17.2016

  18. The word boom reminds me of how explosions can sound. These explosions are most of the time big, but they can be small explosions. TNT and Dynamite is the most used type of explosions. The word boom is very common in Bo3

    By Jose Sulca on 03.17.2016

  19. Shouting muffled through the walls; tense, but indistinct. “Boom,” went the wall. “Boom.”

    By pontificatori on 03.17.2016

  20. pow
    the grenade exploded
    glass hitting the floor
    gun going off
    black ops 3 locus

    By Drew Payne on 03.17.2016

  21. Boom boom boom
    my heart ponds again and again
    beating faster and faster
    I was so shocked and couldn’t believe it
    My heart couldn’t and wouldn’t stop beating

    By Sisley Pryor on 03.17.2016

  22. Boom! the door busted open and a zombie came crashing through the door. the the couple that was in the house screamed in horror as the zombie came and bit out their throats.

    By Abigail Miller on 03.17.2016

  23. There was a loud boom i went to side to see what it was and it was a 5 story building on fire there was cries for help every ware. Then the fire trucks came and put the fire out.

    By Dylan Montgomery on 03.17.2016

  24. boom
    miss hab

    By Cora Martin on 03.17.2016

  25. The boom of cannons sounded and screams of the people on the port bow reached my ears. The opposite ship continued to fire the large intimidating cannonballs until the Captain’s voice rose above all others.

    By Emilia Morton on 03.17.2016

  26. The gun went off.
    The fireworks burst in the sky.
    the colors going EVERYWHERE.
    The bomb was a piercing sound that made my ears ring.
    Boom Shockalocka!

    By Andrea Blount URL on 03.17.2016

  27. boom the lightening struck the tree branch. The branch snapped and the nest went hurdling towards the ground.

    By Cora Martin on 03.17.2016

  28. explosion

    By Zachary Setzer on 03.17.2016

  29. boom goes the dynamite as I throw it at Landons fat head.
    I like big booms,
    When I heard the boom I saw an Indian.

    By Ballislife22 on 03.17.2016

  30. boom i hit the rat with my broom
    i was doomed
    i left the room
    i drooled over the donuts in the dish
    that was my last wish.

    By Madalynn Todd on 03.17.2016

  31. i heard a boom
    i want to the room i heard the boom
    i saw a baby on the ground
    his head was blooby
    i fell down and cryed
    the baby ate ketchup

    By Cameron Payne on 03.17.2016

  32. the lightening cracked sounding boom.
    The flash was as bright as the sun making my eyes see nothing but blur
    when my eyes finally dilated everything ive ever known was gone
    the force of the wind, the strength of the swirling funnel took every thing
    what i call home, what i love, and what i relied on disapeared like a grain of sand through a hour glass of time never to be recovered again

    By mariah coleman on 03.17.2016

  33. Grenade, Love, Hate, Explosion, Sympathy, Sorrow, and Death.

    By Zerak Thomas Brown on 03.17.2016

  34. Hues of red and orange smoke seep through the window as glass fragments rain upon the floor. A bomb has just gone off.

    By B.E. on 03.17.2016

  35. I never heard the sound myself; I thought I had, but later realized I’d only imagined it. I remember how blue the sky was, and how much I didn’t want to be in New York City, driving to work, missing out on one of the last beautiful, warm days before the winter would come and steal it all away. I remember looking up through the windshield of the car, toward the sky, what little I could see of it what with all the buildings. That small piece of sky, so lovely. And then a man came on the radio and said “We interrupt this program for a special bulletin.” Then another man came on, telling us, the people who were driving to work and thinking how crappy it was that we had to work on such a beautiful day, that a plane had just flown in to one of the World Trade Center buildings. Then he had another man on the phone, someone who was right across from the building, trying to explain that a commercial jet had just flown into the World Trade Center; saying it almost as though it had been an accident; trying himself to believe that a plane, flown by a pilot who’d flown for years, that this plane on a clear and beautiful late summer day, not a cloud in the sky, had crashed into one of the tallest buildings in the world. And that was when I heard the boom in my heart, in my soul, in my life. If you were a human being, you knew right then and there that the world would change in ways that you could never imagine. Or explain. Or understand.

    By rubylubh on 03.17.2016

  36. Boom went the day. It was the day my father died. The boom loud noise filled my head and hasn’t gone away. Maybe a little softer but I still feel that “BOOM” that turned my life upside

    By Ana Palomino URL on 03.17.2016

  37. BOOM! The bomb exploded with a loud, sound, and the reverberation was felt in the crumbling concrete structure. Liliya, a young seven your old clung to her mother’s leg, shaking. She jumped at every sound she heard, her tears making grimy streaks down her pale face. All the young girl could see was the gray, shivering supports of the remains of the building she, her family, and many other people, were hiding in.
    “Mother?” Liliya whispered. Her mother turned down to look at her, concern etched on her filthy face. “When will the war be over?”
    Tears seeped down her mother’s face and Liliya gave her weeping mother’s hand a squeeze. Another bomb crashed down on the ground and the concrete building rattled. Liliya pressed closer to her mother, and felt the strong, sturdy body of her older brother. She squeezed her eyes shut and hoped that the next booming sound she heard would be the last.

    By Teeny Duckie on 03.17.2016

  38. I hope you check this regularly now. Because now it’s all for you. I’m gonna try not to ask you about it because I want to know if you find this on your own. I figured out a way to word what I was trying to to set your mind at ease. You were worried that you won’t live up to where I see you. The only way I can think to explain this is a treasure hunter. A man devotes his life to hunting for the treasure of Atlantis. Obsessed with it. He is sure that it’s this city that’s 100 miles around and full of gold. He spends years looking. Never giving up. Faces doubt but never lets it go. And when he finally finds it it’s 50 miles around and filled with gold. Do you think he just leaves and says “nope that’s not the Atlantis I pictured. It can stay down here in the dirt?” no. That’s you. Even if you aren’t what I imagine to the T, you are still everything I want and have worked for for years. And I couldn’t let you go when I tried.

    By whitney on 03.17.2016

  39. Boom, explosions are getting closer, that’s everything i hear inside this ship, i can even feel the vibrations coming through the walls. Oh god, what i am going to do? i can hear the door opening, i can only ready my gun and hope for the best

    By Abe Martinez on 03.17.2016