March 13th, 2016 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “peripheral”

  1. From the left side of my peripheral vision, I saw him. From the right side, I see the other him. My peripheral vision holds the two jail cells of life, that I will have to decide. Do I want to take the risk of freedom, run, and be rejected for life, or do I want to anger one and make the other my soul? I am not quite sure which to choose, but just out of the corner of my eye, I see the third jail cell, only its not a jail. Its my friends, come to save me and give the the love these two could never give me.

    By Ching on 03.14.2016

  2. Sometimes I see it in the distance. Not in focus. Small. Then bigger. Swirling colors, like static on a television. A tornado that overwhelms my vision. I know it, but I can no longer see it. My brain fills in the gaps.

    By pontificatori on 03.14.2016

  3. I couldn’t move my neck at all in the neck brace he put me in. Wide-set eyes? No, I didn’t have them, I would have no peripheral vision for the next 8 weeks. Why did that guy have to run the light?

    By Sully Anderson URL on 03.14.2016

  4. The eye doctor gave a peripheral eye exam to two of his patients today. It went very well for the patients.

    By lucy on 03.14.2016

  5. In my peripheral vision I saw somebody following me around the building but I didn”t know if they were a friend or a foe.

    By Caden on 03.14.2016

  6. In my peripheral vision I was looking at the bowl of delicious fruit sitting there on the table.

    By Caden on 03.14.2016

  7. I had to do a test at my doctors office to see how far i could see in my peripheral vision. The doctor said I could see farther then most people could but he said he didnt know how i could.

    By Caden on 03.14.2016

  8. i don’t know what this means. yet that wont stop i’ll try to fulfill the duties and the resposiblites given to me, because that how i learned to live. to finish the plans given and and not to argue.

    By echodream on 03.14.2016

  9. i could see the boy from afar with my peripheral eyes his light wavey hair his bright blue eyes and now he is coming toward me ill be back…………………………………………………………………..ok im back ohh im excited now he asked me out and before he left he gave me a kiss…..on the lips ok i have to go figure out what to wear im excited im excitateddddddddd

    By mackenzie grace URL on 03.14.2016

  10. She could see what he was trying to do, but she still couldn’t fully grasp the intent behind his actions. You could say that her hunches were still in its peripheral stages.

    By nom de luc URL on 03.14.2016

  11. The shadow hurtled toward her from the left, and through instinct alone she ducked underneath the charging creature. She felt the wind from its passing rustle her hair, but she took no more time than a thought to regain her balance and prepare herself for the upcoming fight.

    By Courka URL on 03.14.2016

  12. A big word that I have no clue as to what the word is, or what it means.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 03.14.2016

  13. Vision. The way you see things, all around you, 360 – the ultimate way of viewing all things there are to see. The ultimate way of viewing life. Bliss. Like God – only better. See people, OPEN YOUR EYES and see.

    By Beth on 03.14.2016

  14. This is the same word as yesterday – or am I going crazy? Maybe oneword is trying to be kinda meta. Like, this peripheral word prompt is in the peripheral of yesterday’s? Either way, I can’t say I’m not disappointed.

    By ME on 03.14.2016

  15. peripheral, on the peripheral on the outside of it, an outsider, you were external to us but we trusted you and boy am I glad we did because you saved us from tunnel vision and without you we wouldn’t have been able to think outside the box.

    By Steve O URL on 03.14.2016

  16. The area is peripheral.
    The peripheral are it’s home are bloke.

    By DD on 03.14.2016

  17. Hazy figures in the corner of your vision — I see you, and everything becomes so sharp, so clear. The colors saturate until I want to squeeze my eyes shut.

    By Tammie URL on 03.14.2016

  18. I saw something beautiful there, something that make me think about what i did with myself. I may chance my life for the wors and nothing could wors what i did. This view changed the way that i saw myself.

    By Bia on 03.14.2016

  19. There are two types of vision. The peripheral and the… not peripheral. Knowing which is which helps in proper processing of ideas.

    By jonah on 03.14.2016

  20. Peripheral, that’s me
    Constantly on the edge
    Never the focus
    Always the wallflower
    People see me
    Out of the corners of their eyes
    But they don’t really see me
    Not ever
    They see my mistakes
    But they don’t see me
    Constantly in the peripheral

    By Kumquat on 03.14.2016

  21. There is so much more to life than what you can see right in front of you. You’ll never be able to focus on anything in your peripheral vision, but you know that it’s there. You can make out basic forms and colours, but need to focus on these things to bring out the finer details.

    By J on 03.14.2016

  22. To the side, always what you can see, but you don’t know for sure, and that is what humans are afraid of, the unknown…

    By Breanna on 03.14.2016

  23. This word again? alright then, Peripheral, i don’t know a lot about this word, i think it means seeing your surroundings or something alike, and come to think of it, everytime i think about you i need to do that. Look at what surronds me because you always, always leave me stunned with one glare

    By Abe Martinez on 03.14.2016