March 19th, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “pained”

  1. This is a hard word. I dont know what to say. Sometimes I am pained by stupid, ignorant people. Stupid people pain me.

    By Katie on 03.20.2013

  2. I was pained after i saw you, i thought u were buried, but you were sti there ad in that moment i ralize 1 thing, you wil be there frever… ):

    By Regina on 03.20.2013

  3. It pained me to see you leave. I was the last one to leave that day. It’s a good thing I did, because I saw you move

    By vicky on 03.20.2013

  4. I’m still waiting for the day when I can say pained instead of pain.

    By vicky on 03.20.2013

  5. So many different ways to describe love. If you have ever loved before you know it is not always a fairy tale as we grew up to learn; it can hurt. But most know that you don’t always only love once, but you find so many people you can love. Not just as a partner but as a friend or even an adopted member of your family. I have felt more pain in love than I have been happy in love; this is the reason I no longer rely on one person to be the fantasy partner I have always expected. I no longer rely on my partner or our love to be just like a fairy tale. The true reason being is, I finally realized I did not need to be rescued. I finally realized I just need to learn to love myself instead of allowing these so-called men to use and abuse me. It was the pure lack of respect I had for myself that lead me to the men that treated me the same way treated myself. Love does not have to hurt and for me it doesn’t anymore. I have learned to love and learned to receive love as I deserve it. For you cannot find love until you love yourself. With this, I found my perfect partner.

    By Kari on 03.20.2013

  6. the last few hours before the death of a moth, it must wonder what the point of spinning around the dim sore-eyes light of a lamp was, and how she had contributed to the world. the looming of death brings such thoughts along with it.

    By sophie on 03.20.2013

  7. He was pained to look in the direction of the island in the middle of the lake. He remembered sitting there in the midst of a storm with her, the water almost boiling around them from the sheer force of the winds. The lightning dancing across several parts of the water, and looking like skeletal fingers.

    By Rmund on 03.20.2013

  8. it pained me to see the look on her face when she heard the news. she’s so young. it’s not fair that a little, cute, scared young girl like her should lose her mother so abruptly. we all grieved for her, and for the loss of our sister.

    By l on 03.20.2013

  9. It pained John to break up with Deborah. He’d seen and taken enough of her ups and down. This was the moment. No other time would be as appropriate as now that she was so engrossed in her work.

    By Laura on 03.20.2013

  10. I thought this was painted. I never used the word “pained” because pain means bread in French and so this to me means breaded ooooo yeah Cici’s Pizza okay I feel like a hibernating bear. Painted hyroglyphics. Bears? No, they don’t have thumbs, silly. If I were made to a maid and mad as a hat I would not care about capitalization, but being as it is, I was born with thumbs. I’m sorry bear. You’re missin’ out.

    By Hali Brooke Mason on 03.20.2013

  11. Lots of pain is involved with The Hunger Games movie, pain, sacrifice, romance, anything you could think of.

    By Noelle URL on 03.20.2013

  12. in the favor of a lifetime, one is not one without another. Pain, sympathy, who needs it? correlation is for those who pay attention

    By molly shaheen on 03.20.2013

  13. Her face didn’t move for several seconds, seconds which seemed like eons in which every lie and omission was weighed and he was found wanting. Her pained cry was stifled by one word, “why?”

    By emmystrange URL on 03.20.2013

  14. Marylou looked up with a pained expression. The apple green paint on the door glinted off her skin. Silently, she turned to the window. This journey she wou

    By sarah on 03.20.2013

  15. I feel pained, just pained. Everyhing hurts, actually I just don’t even know what pained means, but I think it’s means something with hurt.. Right now I’m listening to the awesome Spoon song of AaoOd and that’s awesome, but it finished right now so I have to stop. Byee !

    By Marieke on 03.20.2013

  16. you looked at me with that certain expression.
    your eyes become glazed then, bizarrely veiled by whatever it is that pounds against the walls of your head, trying to slosh out through your eyeballs.
    i came to loathe this look – i fear it, that is.
    nothing frightens me more than when your eyes turn into still snow globes and their silence pierces right through my head.
    there is no worse torture than seeing that you wish to close your eyes in agony.

    By berenique on 03.20.2013

  17. While dancing on stage the dancer started to feel a pain on her foot. She danced with it even though she felt pained. After the perfomance was over she took off her pointe shoes to find a large blister on her pinky toe.

    By Bdances on 03.20.2013

  18. All he wanted to do was die, and at that moment he realized, he was alone. He would always be alone and knowing that pained him more than everything else in this world. He wanted to die. Those words had never sound so scary as for now, because now, he really meant what he was saying.

    By Stephanie on 03.20.2013

  19. you called my sister a /what/?
    you come over here and say that
    to my face, asshole. you talk
    to your mother with that mouth?

    oh, it wasn’t about my sister?
    and she was wearing a very very
    short skirt? never mind then.
    she probably deserved it anyway.

    By isa on 03.20.2013

  20. it’s funny this is the word that comes up. I was just thinking in my head how i don’t want to write about pain anymore. I don’t want to concentrate on the troubles, woes and problems of the world any longer. For once I want to wake up in the morning and just enjoy everything. I know the world is fucked up. I know it is, but my overwhelming guilt isn’t saving it, and no one else cares…so it’s time to have some fun.

    By LNKVAR on 03.20.2013

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    By Mr. Turner on 03.20.2013