March 19th, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “pained”

  1. I sink lower in my seat, as the pain emits through my bones in my body. the pit of my stomach knots and twists. it hurts everything around me hurts, the walls crash my chest, I try ti inhale deeper, but I fail. and I fall.

    By Lulu on 03.20.2013

  2. She was so pained, she could barely think. How long had it been seince she hab last talked to him? And now he was gone. Forever. S tear rolled down her cheek.

    By Kela on 03.20.2013

  3. the above word “pained” is in the past tense. It relates to the feeling of pain and not to max payne.

    By Gaurav on 03.20.2013

  4. Her leg hurt like hell. Blood spilled out of the wound where she had been hit. She should have been more careful than that. She knew better!

    By Kela on 03.20.2013

  5. I’m pained and hurt. Life wasn’t east after all. who knew that love was so cruel? it’s my fault to think you’ll be true.

    By Raghad. on 03.20.2013

  6. not to use

    By Pradeep on 03.20.2013

  7. Of course. Of all times, Fate conspired that I tell more about a word. Oh no, not merely a word but a feeling.. a present feeling. I know that I may not deserve it. But she did. And I would want to know that her pain will rush out soonest. I care for her.

    By JR Salaveria on 03.20.2013

  8. “It was so hard to see him like that…” said Jolene.

    She’d never seen her father that weak before. In her mind he was always invincible. As tears came she tried to fight them back. They were Robinsons, and they were going to get through this.

    By Cashmoney on 03.20.2013

  9. hurt

    By nathan on 03.20.2013

  10. There was something pained in her as she cried out against him. She didn’t give a shit about what he thought anymore, she knew that, but her retort still held some fragment of grief.

    By Ashley URL on 03.20.2013

  11. I was writing him for only a short time. But it pained me when we stopped, for I felt we would travel far in our life journey across the seas to meet each other.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 03.20.2013

  12. “you have pain in your heart too. I’m not the only one. You surround yourself with allies because you’re lonely, right? That Daniel kid –“

    By Ashley URL on 03.20.2013

  13. Why is it all about the numbers? It has pained me to see students with their heads down and pens writing furiously, for a word count. Whether it is fifty words or two thousand words a day, the focus is on the goal and hitting the target. The content is spurious, specious, leaves me speechless with it’s irrelevance. Words have the finesse of a hammers, to nail down the count.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.20.2013

  14. It pained me most dearly to see on my return home, our young black men wasting they lives away. In their pursuit of happiness they have turn to drugs to offer them enlightenment, rather than to embrace to truth and love of Jehovah God.

    By victor URL on 03.20.2013

  15. It pained me to watch her. The girl’s attitude was nasty, talking back to her mother in a snotty voice. She was completely disrespectful, whiny and self absorbed, expecting other people to give her everything she wanted.

    By rachelzana URL on 03.20.2013

  16. It pained her to see her dreams slipping away, to settle even further into the routine ofa job not loved, the sense of being unfulfilled, that she should be doing more, something else, although unsure of what exactly it should be. Like an ache in her soul, searching, afraid of change. Then, an opportunity – to take it? Far from friends and family but maybe the best thing ever?

    By Ara on 03.20.2013

  17. There as a pained expressing on her face.
    she didn’t see it coming.
    The look in his eyes was too much to bear. She never thought that it would come to this. To say goodbye. Forever. Not now. It couldn’t be the last time. She wasn’t ready.

    By Dearbhla O'Dwyer on 03.20.2013

  18. mental pain and hurt. To be pained by someone. I’ve never in been pained. hehe. But i know people who have been pained before and it is very sad. Bt i am a good friend who shall prevent all such pains from being pained. I am and amazing

    By Natasha on 03.20.2013

  19. When you broke my heart. Cheated, ended, gone, missed, not forgotten.

    By Rhian on 03.20.2013

  20. I saw the pained expression sweep across her face slowly as she began to decide to tell me the truth.
    With every word that popped into her mind, every excuse, every reason, every scapegoat, her frown deepened.
    Her lips parted and the first words out were, “I’m sorry.”

    By original_don on 03.20.2013

  21. Oh my!

    By F on 03.20.2013

  22. pain is hurt, heart break of a girl in relationship sitting on the window sill thinking about the painful memories of the past the painful memories that made her once laugh and now only causes her to be pained as she sits and remember

    By Maz URL on 03.20.2013

  23. It was fast. It hurt a lot. You left me, and got me replaced, like nothing ever mattered. Like we were nothing at all. It never went away, and it seemed like love went with pain.

    By MC on 03.20.2013

  24. It would be easy for me to tell you that losing you has broken me. With a million broken hearts in the world, it wouldn’t be unusual if I were to join them.

    By belonely on 03.20.2013

  25. Her eyes squeezed shut, tears leaking from underneath her eyelids. She didn’t know if she could stand it. The pain that run through her, stabbing in her heart, was too much. Opening her eyes, one could see that she was pained, It was like looking at soembody who had taken too much.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.20.2013

  26. it pained me to imagine a life different from the one i was living. though the one i was living may not have been great—it was what i knew and sometimes—this time–that was enough. never considering that in many cases “different” is good, i fought for same. i fought to rid the pain.

    By Safon on 03.20.2013

  27. I was pained today. I felt inferior in front of the whole class. Pained by my sir’s lack of confidence in me, pained by my bad performance, pained by the downfall of my status. I felt upset. Days had been bad for me lately. I had fought with my friends. I felt like i had no one.

    By anushka on 03.20.2013

  28. I was greatly pained today. I felt inferior, i felt like a nobody. What pained me most was not my fall of self respect, but my sir’s lack of confidence in me. I was heartbroken.

    By anushka on 03.20.2013

  29. It hurt me more to stub my toe than the thought of all those who have died in wars. Does this make me less or more human? What is the emotion of pain if I can’t differenciate?

    By Alex Cassidy on 03.20.2013

  30. Oh dear God. It was so much fun dancing in my pointe shoes today. I only got them on Saturday, and it feels so good to be a real dancer. Before, I was just flapping around in the studio with no real substance, no real emotion to my dancing—but now I can fly, now I can float around the studio like a butterfly. But it hurts. It hurts, but the pain does not matter: I am a dancer now.

    By Isis on 03.20.2013

  31. ow. that hurt. but I guess it hurt alot because it was painful. But this could mean naything. It could mean that I’m taking pains to do something. or it could mean that i’m in emotional pain. or it could mean that I’ve just skinned my knee so i’m hobbling around trying to avoid the sting.

    By Eryn on 03.20.2013

  32. suffered martyrised died sad sorrowful it’s a word we use when we want to talk about those who are in a sort of pain. It’s also common to refer to those who have been struggling in order to deal with something that causes pain or any type of sufferance.

    By Aurelio on 03.20.2013

  33. stomach pain
    heart broken
    family loss
    love sometimes

    By t on 03.20.2013

  34. At first it pained me to see her walking away, closing the door on what was without doubt a fantastic adventure in love, friendship and happiness. I shed a single tear over that thought until the tear sizzled dry on the way down my cheek. Anger engulfed me, i saw red and without even trying, my mind concocted malicious scenarios and scenes of revenge. Hate is a strong word, but pain is stronger, and she would learn this, better than anyone. . .

    By Jason on 03.20.2013

  35. I have so much pain in me. It pains me to look in the mirror. It pains me to look at my weight. It pains me to see myself in photographs. My results pains me. My intelligence pains me. It pains me to eat. It pains me to breathe. It pains me. This life pains me. Maybe, just maybe, one day it will be “pained” me.

    By Kzy on 03.20.2013

  36. I’m so pained. Pained that I’m not enough. Pained that no one will love me. Pained that I am never deserving of what I’ve got. Those girls who are jealous of me? They’ve got nothing to be jealous about. Under the smile that I show off so proudly lies a cold, pained interior.

    By Teigist on 03.20.2013

  37. I was pained after going through a complete total body workout with my personal trainer. I never felt so much pain, ever in my life.

    By Laugh4miles on 03.20.2013

  38. I feel pained today. Why do I stress out when things don’t matter really in the end? Shut up Duncan! This also reminds me of the time when I sang, “Raindrops keep falling on my window pane.” It was “head.” My husband (not at the time though) that it was cute. I used to do cute things…. ::Sigh::

    By Yui_Uzuki on 03.20.2013

  39. My fingers dug at my side, trying desperately to hold my torn flesh together. The blood stained my tan coat and dripped onto the floor around me. I couched, spitting at the feet of the man in front of me. “You can do nothing here, Crowley. Do not lay a finger on them!”

    By Mtwalker on 03.20.2013

  40. my heart my heart it screams and yells and cringes and send shots of agony through my nerves to the whole of my body and I feel that hurt that plunge of sword in every cell. I feel my brain and my heart and my face and my brows all tangling up to a ball of negative energy.

    By Briana Leong URL on 03.20.2013