March 19th, 2012 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “pageant”

  1. Pageants are shows where people compete in certain things.

    By kamator12 URL on 03.20.2012

  2. Ew, Carl was just standing outside in sparkly dresses doing a “pageant”. I’m still scared from the image of dressing my family friend in a bikini when we were younger for a pageant we were doing. Did I forgot to mention that my family friend is a boy?

    By Graxx URL on 03.20.2012

  3. Little girls with crazy parents put them in pageants…there’s a show about this. I think they are nuts.

    By MFeldman URL on 03.20.2012

  4. i dont like those

    By cayle URL on 03.20.2012

  5. All the girls are lined up like pretty little soldiers ready to fight for their mother’s disgusting pride. Don’t know how shit like this started. It’s definitely weird.

    By David URL on 03.20.2012

  6. pageants are for people who like to dress up in nice dresses or sometimes in crazy clothes this is my idea of a pageant

    By lexie12 URL on 03.20.2012

  7. i don’t know what it is.

    By toco lover 1999 URL on 03.20.2012

  8. people that dress up and dress nice to impress or somethin like easter except without eggs

    By DARKHAWK URL on 03.20.2012

  9. i dont know wgat this is cause i cant even pronounce it

    By jdog on 03.20.2012

  10. Pageants are where girls compete.

    By Izzy URL on 03.20.2012

  11. ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(90)_-+=qwertyuiop[{]}\|asdfghjkl;:'”zxcvbnm./?

    By Cody URL on 03.20.2012

  12. PAGEANT There was a book with an ant on the page. Doo DEE DOO LALALALALA Guacamole. FAlalalalalal LA LA LA AL I am singing ALALLALA GUacolmole That is in a pageant. Deck the halls With buckets of chocolate Fa lalalala fa la la la Tis the day-ay to be hyper fa la la la la la la la la.Dawn we now our sticky apparel.

    By Tree URL on 03.20.2012

  13. “Thank you, thank you! I’d like to acknowledge my four cats, two dogs, mother, father…and the lovely jewelers at Swarovski for making this beautiful tiara that is now mine!” An evil grin spreads across her face as she receives her prize for winning America’s Most Beautiful Cat Lady.

    By dertoetenprinzessen on 03.20.2012

  14. The farce of it all, and the comical, over-zealous expressions on their faces; the way they never seemed to shed their grins, or bat an eyelid, or show any kind of emotion that wasn’t painted on. I wished I was like that, I wished I was able to hide everything beneath a mask, because as of late my mask has slipped, and my sleeves are becoming dripping with more and more emotions. Soon they’ll start to peel away and show everything underneath.

    By Michelle O'Connor URL on 03.20.2012

  15. I hate those beauty pageants for kids. I hate how they turn small children into plastic dolls. Children who should be climbing trees, getting dirt on their clothes and scrapes on their knees, children who should have a pool of snot on their upper lip, and rosy cheecks from playing out in the cold, children who should be learning good values from Disney movies and childrens books, who should be bicycling, playing video games, making ugly faces at each other. Parents with plastic minds, with an overwhelming ambition, with their eyes closed.

    By Kirsty URL on 03.20.2012

  16. A pageant is a beauty contest where people show off who they are. it is a weird ritual and is associated with beauty. But a pageant can be like that of life where everything can be seen with the eye of beauty and it ca be appreciated. Live life.

    By Crystal Caralagh URL on 03.20.2012

  17. She walked onto the stage, twisting her hair with her finger – nervous and excited all at the same time. This was her first pageant, and if she didn’t stop shaking, she would be sure to lose it. She sucked in a breath, stood up tall and sauntered out.

    By Lez on 03.20.2012

  18. She arrived at the pageant with butterflies in her tummy. This was a brand new experience in a brand new body. She new that she was beautiful and she knew she was special; but could she win? Could this new body provide the boost that she needed to win the big prize? She walked in to the arena full of antisipation. This was her moment!

    By NIcki on 03.20.2012

  19. I distinctly remember a picture of Jessica from one of the pageants she won. In the background you can see little Haley glaring at her with crossed arms.

    By mamaarachnid on 03.20.2012

  20. arent we all in one? trying to perform all the time but for who? who are the judges, well thats our decision.

    By rememberfriday on 03.20.2012

  21. I dn’t think little girls should be put in pageants, dressed up like they are adults. They’ll grow up soon enough, and those pageant moms wil wonder where their babies went and those girls will wonder where their childhood went.

    By Crystal on 03.20.2012

  22. Freak show pageant and a double agent
    Murder mystery whodoneit?

    By dan URL on 03.20.2012

  23. I was fascinated by beauty pageants as a child. I wanted t be pretty, dressed up, with fancy hair, standing on a stage , being cheered on by hundreds of people as I accepted my crown ans sash. That never happened bu I still cant stop watching a pageant when it comes on TV.

    By Anandi on 03.20.2012

  24. When Julie found out what they had the girls doing at pageant rehearsel, she pulled her daughter right out of there.

    By URL on 03.20.2012

  25. Beauty Queen, dancing in a swim suit, everyone cheers, flowers thrown, you won, your awesome, everyone else better luck next year. I love pageants!

    By seth derich on 03.20.2012

  26. my best friend’s
    a pageant queen and i’m
    her secret weapon,
    armed with
    bouquets of pretty flowers
    and smiles bigger than the sun

    By Iffath URL on 03.20.2012

  27. beauty pagents are for skinny girls who like to wear dresses and high heels. They sing and dance and prance all day.

    By Morgan on 03.20.2012

  28. The children lined up, ready to go on stage the audience waited with anticipation. Everything was ready to go just as planed. This was going to be the best damn Best Christmas Pageant Ever production the school had ever done.

    By Mags on 03.20.2012

  29. Beautiful babes turned into ladies too soon. Their hair and make-up disguise them for what they really are: young children forced to conform to society before they have the chance to grow into a woman.

    By mish on 03.20.2012