March 15th, 2013 | 132 Entries

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132 Entries for “overt”

  1. casualty final this is the end caster vast opaque trust leave me along doing nothing wrong this is clever class war simple trust slave untold pain

    By clay on 03.15.2013

  2. the white cloud over your pupil,
    you said, was
    something I shouldn’t have to see.

    By smnthbll on 03.15.2013

  3. I try not to think about how many stereotypes I’m fulfilling when I step into the waiting room. I’m tall, unkempt, dressed accidentally in all black and sporting a faded Nirvana tee-shirt. When the nurse calls me back into the doctor’s office, I feel the eyes on me, all silently wondering what a sullen teenager like myself is doing here. I don’t look overtly sick–not the way that they do. But I am.

    I clutch the book I brought with me tighter when the doctor walks in. “So, you’re here today because of….” she flips through her papers. I try to ignore the fact that she pronounced my name incorrectly. “…for depression. Is that right?”

    “Yes.” There’s really no use in denying it.
    “Now tell me, have you been having any suicidal thoughts?”
    I look down at the book in my hands. I had just started it this morning, and it already seemed like a promising story. Its title was short, evocative, and essentially summed what my life had been like over the past few months:

    Things Fall Apart.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.15.2013

  4. I want everyone gathered here to know that this fur coat is an overt expression of my intention to fully embrace my destiny as a transvestite mad scientist. These matching goggles will also aid in this transition, as will these gauntlets.

    By Ricardo on 03.15.2013

  5. There was a gap in the recording, an overt sign that it had been tampered with. Dave made a beeline for the garbage can, but it had been emptied, and recently too. The chase was on!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.15.2013

  6. The man was looking at the woman’s breasts, they were big and he was not able to stop looking. Eventually she noticed him and pulled up her shirt to hide her clevage and he felt embarrased by the situation. How silly could he be?

    By John Doe URL on 03.15.2013

  7. it was unusual to see someone so overtly out of place on the east side of the market. Here those out moved with their heads down and voices hushed. She moved with fire in her eyes, gaze challenging for anyone who dared to meet it.

    By samantha on 03.15.2013

  8. Ironically I had to look this word up, when it means plain to see.
    I’m always overlooking things. I always ignore whatever’s in front of me,.

    By smorris on 03.15.2013

  9. overt a word that i dont understand. Its hard to understand things sometimes. This is like life because it hard to understand it but its still worth living.

    By Nick Coffin on 03.15.2013

  10. The egg cracked open
    and sizzled conspicuously on the windowsill.
    A fly buzzed too closely,
    in overt observation.
    I suspiciously drew the curtain and
    flipped off the neighbors for good measure.
    Damn kids.

    By Kairn on 03.15.2013

  11. I am not overt, sorry.
    I feel a lot and sometimes
    I feel a little
    bit too much
    but I can’t help but
    not tell you the simplest things about me.
    I’m me and I suppose
    that’s all you need to know.

    By Jessica Tower on 03.15.2013

  12. Is it guileless
    To be bold
    Truth be told
    To act overt is to express
    By tapping into confidence
    No need to be covert
    No need for secrets
    Plain spoken from the heart
    Open from the very start

    By Intuition on 03.15.2013

  13. Overtly recapitulated my memoirs before they were ready. The birds and speaking of parallel things, gravity doesn’t draw attention to them like it does to me. She avoids my gravity, I can’t make anything of it, why should I care?

    By creepestbloom URL on 03.15.2013

  14. I hate this word. It remind’s me of my sociology exam

    By vicky on 03.16.2013

  15. I don’t know how people can be so direct. I’m always dancing around feelings, potentially hurt or shocked or offended ones, ones that could make someone hate me. I wonder what it would be like to say what I mean.

    By Lily on 03.16.2013

  16. I am an overt person. For real, I will punch you in the dick much to the surprise of those around because – hello – overtness. There’s no telling what blatant, heavy-handed malarkey I’ll get up to. Seriously, help me. Something is wrong.

    By Tice on 03.16.2013

  17. his chest was hung with diamonds, his feet were embellished with saphires, emerald-encrusted gold chains wrung around his arms, and one even tinkled down from his velveteen hat on which sat, yes, a tiara made from silver and rubies.
    his clothes a shining example of the artistry of the dye house and tailoring, one piece more pompous than the other, his pants blouted, checkered on one side, striped on the other, were held together by chirping pink satin bands at his knees, which revealed his elegant, stocking clad calves.

    By berenique on 03.16.2013

  18. When you do this part of the script, make sure you are not subtle. In this character everything needs to be out there, it is as if he is living on the outside of his skin. The more overt and proud the better the elements of the character will show up. He walks around like a beacon, shining on everyone and everything around him. He never looks back and he doesn’t questions himself; he is unstoppable and cannot be diverted when he is taken with an idea.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.16.2013

  19. There was an overt amount of pressure on Brenda; Dawn was cruel and demanding. But she had to answer. “No, we’re not!” Brenda cried, stressed out.


    By Ashley URL on 03.16.2013

  20. Overt! I don’t even know what this means! Usually I would get a dictionary or something, but I don’t think I have time to do that right now. Oh wait, I know overtly? Is that a word? Not that I know what it means anyway.

    By michaela on 03.16.2013

  21. What am I doing? she wondered. The pain shot up through her arm even sharper. “Fuck!” she cried as she let it fall to the ground beside her.

    By Ashley URL on 03.16.2013

  22. overt, what a strange word. I’ve heard it. It must have a meaning but I know it only vaguely. Out there, so loud, it’s screaming. I think so anyway. It seems like that. The loud “O”, the rough “vert”

    By Tashii on 03.16.2013

  23. it was so overt that you had to be absolutely stupid not to know about it. we all were a part of it, even Jimmy, dispite his conditions. it all started three years ago on the play ground when we were kids and this is our story.

    By Thomas URL on 03.16.2013

  24. We were overt in our thoughts on the matter that were under consideration. however, due to unforeseen circumstances, what we hoped to achieve was not possible. There were too many things against us.

    By victor URL on 03.16.2013

  25. Well I don’t know what the word means it says over with a t at the end.?!??

    By Janaye on 03.16.2013

  26. When I was born my momma had overt legs.
    She said it was so wide overt because my head was so huge.
    When I was 10 I saw my mommas overt legs again
    She said its for papa :)

    By Pahh-Mell-Ahh™ on 03.16.2013

  27. Overt, over pronounced, overachieving. Trying too hard. Grasping for something that is either not worth having or impossible to reach.

    By Emily Avis on 03.16.2013

  28. Sometimes It really just feels like people are much to inverted with the ways in which they go about their daily doings, you know? How different would the world be if we all just let our word vomit out or released the need to internalize and berate ourselves? Perhaps the inverted behaviors serve as some containing social norm, but then again, we can’t all be overtly fabulous ;).

    By tesa Lenee Lubans Dehaven on 03.16.2013

  29. Overt; my manner – I have nothing profound to say, maybe it’s the way we all behave that’s overt. Overtly loud. Overtly affectionate. Overtly jealous. Overtly gregarious….

    By Silvamyk on 03.16.2013

  30. She was as overt as could be when I met her. Not a single secret to be told. Full of life and never ashamed of her actions. But I suppose it probably bored her. For it barely lasted at all. Soon she was in over her head with deceptions and concealment of secrets. She began to fall apart.

    By ... on 03.16.2013

  31. Usually I love words like this. I use them all the time. But I can’t for the life of me recall exactly what “overt” means. I know I’ve used it before. “Shannon did ____ overtly.” But I’m focused on trying to remember what it means, and of course, why would I ever look in a dictionary, right?

    By Serryphae URL on 03.16.2013

  32. One word i saw and felt ,, one day i felt this word and realized its a hidden treasure, of something i longed long time ago, one word that describes the autumn in the middle of the spring and the clarity in the skies of the stormy winter, when to realize more and what to feel less. I realize the one word; the brilliant one, simply the ‘I’ in the ‘You’.

    By Hussein on 03.16.2013

  33. convert into into something overly obnoxious and man i suck at this first thing in the morning flow of thought stream of consciousness blocked. maybe you should have given me a better word. the end.

    By britt c. on 03.16.2013

  34. Sometimes, I think Jake is trying to be a show-off. I couldn’t really agree with him openly dating Billy’s girlfriend like that. Granted, he wanted Billy to suffer, but that’s not the best thing Jake could think of.

    By Erin on 03.16.2013

  35. well that was obvious
    totally obvious
    you would make a terrible spy
    she stuck her hands down down down into the gush and sighed a long and heavy sigh. this was the most interesting thing that had happened all day and it smelled of formaldehyde.

    By Katherine Kibler on 03.16.2013

  36. I watch him from across the classroom, answering questions and acting like nothing ever happened last weekend. I cross my arms and stare at the notes in front of me. This boy, with such an overt sense of confidence, has changed everything in my life, and at the moment, I couldn’t be more confused.

    But I couldn’t be more on the verge of happiness either.

    By Marissa URL on 03.16.2013

  37. Something that I have no idea what it means. Could be some type of animal that only lives in snowy places. Or a messed up ovary. Or a breed of owl. Something like that.

    By Lee on 03.16.2013

  38. It was strange, almost… overt. I couldn’t describe it. I felt so vulnerable, like I was in some kind of sick display case for the world to stare and take pictures with their children.

    By Abby Sutton on 03.16.2013

  39. It was overt, the feelings I had for her. I didn’t expect them to come along so suddenly, and definitely not so strongly. If I had blinked, I would’ve missed her. But I didn’t blink, and now here we are.

    By Christine on 03.16.2013

  40. i’m not really sure what this means but i’ve seen and hear it before. i wish i knew what it meant so i could come up with something interesting and intellectual and thoughtful to say but i shamefully cannot. so yeh. overt. overt, overt, overt.

    By michelle on 03.16.2013