March 15th, 2013 | 132 Entries

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132 Entries for “overt”

  1. Overt, I see as being open, out-going, something of that nature. As it happens, I am very familiar with this characteristic, as it is prevalent in both my sibling and I. That being said, neither one of us are what you could consider entirely “overt”.

    By Katharine on 03.15.2013

  2. open, teenage girls with open legs, hoes
    Yo momma in bed
    My mom giving birth to me
    men waiting for some open legs

    By Pahh-Mell-Ahh™ on 03.15.2013

  3. His actions seemed innocent but they were overt, deliberate, calculated. He smiled at me but I could see something else in his eyes, hear the change in his voice. His body language showed signs of stress, of irritation, of his losing his game advantage. I knew he was lying–and for the first time–he knew that I knew he was lying. The game was about to change dramatically because the pretenses were dropping, leaving the truths exposed.

    By JDwrites on 03.15.2013

  4. overtly inanimate
    like the pale blue clock that sits on my desk
    and my canary yellow doll from hungary
    overtly inanimate
    like the tiled kitchen sink
    and my leather moccasin shoes

    By Alison on 03.15.2013

  5. (we had moved into this town together–)
    standing in front of him for the first time in a month or more
    his hand lifts from his side to my hipbone, solid through the denim
    he says, ‘you are too thin, let me take you to dinner’
    strawberries an hour ago, i say, ‘i wish i could, but i already have’
    and this is our new relationship.

    By robyn URL on 03.15.2013

  6. Overt. What does it mean? What does it hold? What will it hold? What should it hold? How should it hold this? Honestly, I have no idea what this word means. Introvert? Extrovert? Is it even related to the two? Tell me.

    By Fayth on 03.15.2013

  7. the overt display of love between us doesn’t know how to lie very well; bereft of healthy affection as children, we buried our insecurities within each other so we wouldn’t have the burden of carrying them ourselves.

    By Pip on 03.15.2013

  8. He stared at me overtly from across the room. Even though it was a masquerade, I knew who he was. I knew it was Kiran, and I knew that he did not want to be here, under any circumstances. But he was here for me, because I had asked. Because I had been threatened, and he was the only person I trusted with my life.

    By Kristina on 03.15.2013

  9. Memoir writers – opening up, being yourselves plainly in sight for all to see, how do you bare your soul and do it so beautifully that even while highlighting your failures, you will be applauded?

    By Zizizit on 03.15.2013

  10. Overt, covert, lovert, showvert. This word can rhyme with anything, but what does it mean? We are unsure, or at least I am, and I wish I could know this wonderous word and it’s meaning. Please explain and broaden my vocabulary. Thanks.

    By Alexia. on 03.15.2013

  11. bold and grotesque as a traffic guard’s vest, birds of paradise, parades… i can’t be too surprised the way words slip over the rim of your lips and off your tongue

    By gia.mfgon on 03.15.2013

  12. no se que rayos significa overt. Es la unica palabra que sale. malo gato gato…estoy aburrida. pollito. …suena como obertura….de musicales, o de opera.

    By helena on 03.15.2013

  13. It was obvious that she was lying. Against her friend, who said everything as it was and was the most trustworthy person I knew. What she hid, he expressed. There was no point trying to frame someone who acted so overtly.

    By anon on 03.15.2013

  14. (we had moved into this town together–)
    standing in front of him for the first time in a month or more
    his hand lifts from his side to my hipbone, solid through the denim
    he says, ‘you are too thin, let me take you to dinner’
    strawberries an hour ago, i say, ‘i wish i could, but’
    and this is our new relationship.

    By robyn URL on 03.15.2013

  15. i overtly rejected the notion that the little was enough. it wasn’t not even remotely. i’d hoped that my ora would demand more and i wouldnt have to ever speak of world on it—but hope springs eternal. i look forward to overtly rejecting such a notion if ever it were to arise again.

    By Safon on 03.15.2013

  16. The first spring flower
    coming overtly out of the frozen ground
    testing, making sure it’s safe for the others.
    A leader, not a follower.
    I want to be like that spring flower,
    heroic and beautiful.

    By Calico URL on 03.15.2013

  17. like the ocean around us, freedom is the same.
    we keep thinking our own minds instead of looking out for more.
    universe, endless… as our thoughts.

    By Noah on 03.15.2013

  18. I read in a card with my name on it that I was probably an extrovert. I feel overstimulated. Did I make this all up in my head?

    By Camille on 03.15.2013

  19. Overtly staring
    is the plain, white wall
    the polished, wooden floor
    the empty chair.
    are the old, rusty windows
    the breathing air
    is the dark, lonely night
    as I curtsy and spin.

    By OneJen on 03.15.2013

  20. this word is very overt. I don’t know what overt means but it reminds me of omelets. I almost spelled omelets wrong. It was very humiliating because I’m usually very good at spelling. This is my first time. I am really nervous. I was hoping to get a big word that I knew the definition of but I guess not.

    By Chase on 03.15.2013


    By Rachel on 03.15.2013

  22. what even is this word like introvert and extrovert except for youre over the top? like you need to dumb down these words geez

    By Emma on 03.15.2013

  23. I could not have been more overt yesterday.
    My none sense.
    How foolish.
    Sincerely too foolish.
    Sincerely has lost it’s sincerity.

    By Chasmine on 03.15.2013

  24. Now should I pretend to be that has transcended me. No, why should I? Should I vilify that which is so opposing? I’d rather prefer to strike up a conversion with my mind’s schism, like Dostoevsky’s protagonist leftie, a voltaire of his time.

    By Eric Harrell on 03.15.2013

  25. But I already wrote about it.
    Do I not get another chance?
    Another word?
    My eloquence is at risk of being a failure.
    That’s what my mother thinks of me.
    Seventeen and lost.

    By Chasmine on 03.15.2013

  26. The sarcasm was of such overt cruelty that the poor fool hadn’t the time nor the will to square his shoulders, to raise his eyes from beyond the circumference of the hardwood floor.

    By Jason on 03.15.2013

  27. Open. Too open outward. Overtly obvious.

    By Sarah on 03.15.2013

  28. It was overtly obvious that something was amiss in my household. The lights were dark, and it was unusually calm outside.

    By Martha on 03.15.2013

  29. Your eyes seem to speak to me, glistening with life and lies and unrequited love. And all of it is there for me to read, a story written in the patterns of stars imprinted on your irises, and I can’t help thinking that I’m plucking wishes out of the sky. Overt. Your eyes give too much of you away.

    By Blaue Rosen on 03.15.2013

  30. i’m so overt in my affections towards them that someday they’re going to put two and two together and i don’t know if i’ll be relieved or angry with myself

    By Cricket on 03.15.2013

  31. Their disdain is rather overt, much more than they likely realize. It shows in their actions and seeps itself into each and every word they utter. It shows in their faces most when they try to hide it with a smile.

    By Big Jim URL on 03.15.2013

  32. overt your eyes Ophelia
    the prince is not decent
    pariahs are we all
    if we believe we must be obedient

    By Dio Foxx on 03.15.2013

  33. Overt operation? Honestly, nothing comes to mind with this word. I mean it kind of reminds me of sneakiness witch reminds me of lying and or cheating, which brings about some feeling of contempt. Not that it’s personal or anything, I just generally can’t stand lies. Or maybe its not the lies, it’s the lack of truth. Or perhaps the lack of knowing. I hate not knowing the reasons behind things, and I really doubt anyone can really do anything without having reason behind doing it. Something just happened recently with me where someone who can completely fallen out of my life unexpectedly came back without explanation. It drove me crazy and I still don’t undestand what’s really even expected of me.

    By E on 03.15.2013

  34. it was an overt gesture,
    just a smidge too much for my personal taste,
    but to each their own.

    By Courtney on 03.15.2013

  35. I wish i could show you how i felt.
    Openly and honestly.
    Wish I didnt have to hide, and pretend there was nothing.
    No more secrets, secret glances, secret thoughts and smiles and dreams.
    Im not overtly good at sharing things though, not skilled at exposing myself.

    By unknown on 03.15.2013

  36. She was confident in her overtly dressed paint smock, with a polka dot sunhat, black and white making a faux pas of the brown leather and neon yellow paint stains shoes. She was always loud and obnoxious, obviously cheesy personality. A definite dork but so quirky you just had to eat her up. She was so wildly different, you couldn’t take your eyes off her. Her wispy dark blonde bangs hanging in her eyes and one tooth, of which some people would call a snaggle, was more like a delicate affirmation of herself. Like a finger print, beautiful and defining but not ugly or what you would expect. Stereotypically.

    By Jamie Krzyskowski on 03.15.2013

  37. I don’t really know what this word means, but I like the way it looks. That’s kinda funny, liking the way a word looks. But since I don’t know what it means, I might as well enjoy the word. I’m exhausted. I already typed this out once but I’ll keep going. Should I overt myself to go to sleep? Oh well! I should stay awake.

    By Abby on 03.15.2013

  38. She overtly paced the tiled floor as naive eyes followed, back and forth as if watching a tennis match. She cried fake tears and spoke false kindnesses, mourning a man she didn’t love, donning blackness, simply for the show.

    By Sarah on 03.15.2013

  39. The overt sense in which you approach me shows that you no longer really need me or want me in the long run, you simply need someone to fill the void you have created for yourself at the particular hour. Overt overt overt. I hate it

    By Vixy on 03.15.2013

  40. he overtly signaled for help, waving his hands over his head shouting,”Hey, I’m right here! please, help me!” his face sunk as the helicopter flew by. The gleam of hope in his eye had become just as distant as the helicopter that unknowingly pasted him. His heart became overridden with dispair, he crawled into the corner of what now seemed to be a prison and began to wimper. He tried his hardest to maintain what dignity he had left, but then his whimper soon became a weep, the weep of a one who’s lost all hope and dignity.

    By Ryan G on 03.15.2013